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Navy SEALs -- The Beer Guzzlin' Celebration

5/2/2011 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A bunch of Navy SEALs based in San Diego celebrated their faces off last night ... toasting the UNBELIEVABLE raid carried out by their fellow SEAL brothers by reveling at a S.D. bar ... a bar which happens to be owned by a retired SEAL.


TMZ spoke with American bad ass Greg McPartlin -- owner of McP's pub -- who told us when the news broke, SEALs from the nearby Naval Base Coronado quickly packed the house ... many carrying American flags.

We're told the soldiers went through 8 kegs, 15 cases of beer and TONS of cocktails in just four hours ... while leading the bar in several "USA!" chants.

McPartlin tells us, "It's great -- Osama was expecting his 72 virgins, instead he got 24 Virginians!" (The Navy SEAL team that executed the mission is based in Virginia.)

FYI -- the Naval Base Coronado is the home of the USS Carl Vinson ... the ship from which Osama's body was dumped into the North Arabian Sea.

A media relations spokeswoman at the base tells TMZ there are currently no celebrations taking place at N.B.C., in part because, "Our boys had a lot of fun over at the Irish pub last night!"


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There is not a carrier located at that base and never has been.

1236 days ago


Just in time for re-election, too!

Where's the proof? Never believe what the White House tells you especially after making up a phony birth certificate.

1236 days ago


My problem is I don't believe one word that comes from the Obama administration. Sorry, just don't.

1236 days ago


For the sake of not looking like the terrorist who drag the american bodys through the street after they have killed them...or the images of them cheering when they have done another terrible terrorist act...can the people of the USA NOT stand around and chant!
Everyone can understand the heartfelt joy of seeing such an evil man destroyed...but what does the chanting do to your enemies...what did it do to you when you saw them chant in the streets and burn your presidents picture or flag...incite you to anger!
Please control your jubilation and have some sense of right versus wrong here...when we become just like them...are we any better??
Jubilation is better in private! Not in front of a TV camera, it is not New Years Eve people!

1236 days ago


THESE are the REAL heroes in this world! They don't bask in the limelight like the Hollywood idiots. You never see them and don't know who they are, but they are right there protecting US 24/7/365! Keep up the good work.

1236 days ago


Keep a lid on it? The only lid that needs to be put on is your damn mouth. Great day for America killing that bastard. I agree the whole burial is a little shady, but at the end of the day that piece of **** is still fish food at this point. As far as the OPs go if you dont like the info. thats being made public, join our military and get yourself in a position to be privy to such information. Until then keep your ****ing mouth shut and continue to ride the coat tails of the men and women of our armed forces that keep your ass safe at nite. Semper Fi bitches:)

1236 days ago


Now I lay me down to less terrorist this world does keep...with all my heart I give my those in uniform of every serve our country and serve it well...with humble hearts your stories as I rest my weary eyes...while freedom rings our flag still give your all, do what you must...with God we live and God we trust....Amen

1236 days ago


One person they had to show body. They showed other dead bodies and they did not and burial at sea .What something in a cloth if they show it ?? I think they killed him in the bombings years ago and after the attacks never saw a picture just heard tapes on him on TV and how real were they?? This is just to get the ratings on the president up. Seeing slipping so bad

1236 days ago


TMZ, SEAL's are in the Navy, and therefore Sailors. Soldiers are in the Army. Airmen would be Air Force, and of course Marines are called Marines.

1236 days ago


You got to be kidding putting the location of the Carl Vinson we're jeopordized the ship??? And exactly what Navy does Al Queida have? A john-boat with a sling-shot? You couldn't get a pool raft within 10 miles of that ship without it being blown out of the water. Armchair warriors...stick to your silly video games.

1236 days ago

Real n the field    

i dont do politics, but got to give credit to all involved in getting rid of bin if only jesus would come and really clean up all the evil in the entire world, because man is self destructive.

1236 days ago

Valari Garcia    

Thanks for ROCKIN it last night Uncle Greg!!!!!
Celebrating with the SEALS at the pub.
Wish we could've beenn there with you!

1236 days ago

from nado    

the owner of mcp's, greg, was at anti war rallies after leaving vietnam.... the seal team shouldn't be supporting that guy. he is playing up his "seal team" affiliation for cash.... way to go

1235 days ago


Usama needed to be erased for many reasons. I don't think it's prudent to keep showing Americans celebrating this publicly. Let's take solace that the right action was taken, and celebrate privately and move on.

Prudent my ass. Did you not see OBL & the Taliban whooping it up as they watched the video of the towers falling? Does these extremists NOT take every opportunity to campaign publicly in the streets of their homeland burning AMerican flags & desecrating pictures of our presidents they carry around on those big sticks?? How many videos have we seen where some hostage is being held in a room with several cloaked/masked figures right before they take a sword & chop off their head then proclaim how 'meaningless an act' it is to them, that they 'feel nothing about the death of another American'. This man led an evil campaign of terror in MANY COUNTRIES & he did it for decades. Killing innocent men, women, & children with people who loved them. Their deaths meant SOMETHING TO THEM! **** 'prudent'. This is our one opportunity to do this, it's taken 10 years & we've EARNED IT WITH THE BLOOD OF OUR COUNTRYMEN. I'll tell you this: I DO NOT believe in the death penalty & normally I would say that to repay a death with a death is simply a waste of MORE human lives but when I heard this man had been shot in the head & saw that bloody floor & bed I FELT NOTHING. No 'loss of human life', no 'feeling for his family & children', I had absolutely no emotion whatsoever except "Good Riddance" & "Finally"! This man was the closest to pure 'evil' as any one person I've ever witnessed in my lifetime. He was also a psychopath & megalomaniac who cared NOTHING about anyone or anything. He existed purely on human misery & needed to be wiped from this earth like wiping up a rat turd.

Yeah sorry, we've definitely earned the right to celebrate. No, it shouldn't go on for days & days & HELL NO! There definitely should not be young children at these gatherings! What in the hell is wrong with their parents? To not see how completely inappropriate this is?? Damn. However it's earned us at least a day of reveling in the streets!

1235 days ago


And then they all drove drunk and went home to beat up their wives.

1235 days ago
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