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'16 & Preggo' Mom -- My Baby Daddy's a Coke Head

5/4/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 17-year-old mother who was introduced on MTV's "16 and Pregnant" last night claims her baby daddy has a cocaine problem -- and now she's begging a judge for SOLE custody of their daughter.


Jamie McKay filed court docs in North Carolina ... claiming 18-year-old Ryan McElrath is "not responsible and not in a position to provide a stable environment" for their 7-month-old daughter.

In the docs, Jamie claims Ryan has a "history of driving while under the influence of alcohol" and a "history of cocaine abuse" ... and Jamie believes he's been up to no good "even after the birth of the child."050311_pregnant_mtv_still

Jamie wants Ryan to be granted supervised visitation at the local Family Visitation Center -- a court-monitored facility.

Jamie also wants the judge to order Ryan to complete a parenting class and "submit to appropriate drug and alcohol assessments and testing and to comply with all treatment recommendations."

The couple is set to face off in court on June 13.

TMZ spoke with Ryan ... who told us, "She's doing this just to cause problems ... it will all clear out in court."


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I agree with you, she is a straight A student who did something stupid, but she is staying in school (yes actually going to school not sitting at home working on a GED), her ex is stupid I can't believe he was saying she was keeping him from his daughter becuase she would let him take the newbord home!! HELLO can he breastfeed the baby?? Not one time did Jamie or her mother say he could not come over and and spend time with the baby, in fact they had a plan already in place for him to stay there and help, but he chose to party instead. I hope she gets full custody of her daughter!!

1164 days ago



I completely agree. Most of the people posting on here haven't even watched the show! To call someone trailer trash or a "cokehead" for getting pregnant is a HUGE judgement against someone that they don't know. She is a very smart girl who made a mistake. It happens. You can't say that as a teenager you didn't make any dumb mistakes! Most of us have been fooled into being falsely in love. I was a teen mother, I made a mistake. I'm not a cokehead. Never touched drugs, made straight A's as well. I live in an upper middle class home with my husband and my children, that are in school, are straight A kids. Never touched welfare and both my husband and I have college degrees. To make an assumption about someone you don't know just shows your true character. And frankly, it's offensive! This girl shows how smart she is by taking him to court for custody! He was constantly hungover and he wasn't even 18 at the time! He's not a responsible parent!

1164 days ago


You'd think with all the sex education these days and the birth control that's available there wouldn't be any teen pregnancies. There's no cure for stupidity and that's the real problem.

1164 days ago


This show is so incredibly stupid. I really do not care about seeing 2 idiot teenagers ****ing the life up of a new born child. I really don't. People can say all they want its showing their struggles and preventing other teenagers from having babies too young, but i think its provoking it. Saying "Hey if you're an underage mother, we will slap you on T.V and you'll become famous!" It just came out the other day that apparently one of the mothers got pregnant on purpose just to be on the show, so i dare you to tell im in wrong.

1164 days ago


This is how you get Obama voters....These stupid and moronic kids keep inbreding and destroying the fabric of our society. This is how the US will fall one day.

1164 days ago


Don't care about these two but feel sorry for the child!!

1164 days ago


I watched the episode and was upset at how the mom treated this boy ok your upset that your daughter got pregnant so you put the blame on the bf??? once you knew she was sexually active you as a mom should have placed her on birth control secondly neither one of you have the right by law to keep him away from his child with out a custody order. as a mom who raised two girls alone why would you be so quick to deny this man the right to see and care for his daughter??? it seems only when the daughter found out that he had a new girlfriend and may have cheated that she went for custody I am a women but I do see why some men run after having babies because the women tends to have any and everybody involved in a situation that should be between she and the childs father he seemed to be really hurt that he could not spend time with his child and mom seemed to be happy by that the boy was partying thru the whole relationship so what made you think it would change because you got pregnant? mom really needs to grow up because if she does not want her daughter to go thru what she had to she needs to face the facts that she screwed up as well as her daughter and stop displacing her hurt from what her daughters father did to her off on this boy because on the reunion we will be hearing how he isn't involved in the babies life but you all are denying him that right

1164 days ago

rich va    

Whats with his hat and it not on straight? Makes him look like a clown to me.

1164 days ago


And she didn't know this about him BEFORE getting knocked up by him?

1164 days ago


AH 12 minutes ago And she didn't know this about him BEFORE getting knocked up by him?

Of course she did! She's just waking up to the fact that it's not all fun and games and she can't change or control her boyfriend with the baby. Now she's bitter and going to make his life hell like so many teen Mom's do.

1164 days ago


@ Jimmdog, The guy can't even wear his hat straight.
Trailer Trash....KIDS, go figure.

1164 days ago


Thats not the way to treat a person with a addiction. Beating him down will only make him want to use more. He needs to get support from his family and counseling and time to grow up.

1164 days ago



1164 days ago


Umm, so why did you F him, slut?

1164 days ago


Is Ryan even old enough to have hair on his balls, much less to 'knock-up' a fish??!!!

1164 days ago
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