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Charlie Sheen: Kelly Preston Shot Herself

5/3/2011 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen claims he did not shoot Kelly Preston ... and that it was Kelly herself who caused the gun to fire and injure herself in the infamous 1990 incident.

Sheen gave his version of events during his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth" stop in Vancouver Monday night.  He says he was downstairs drinking coffee, when he heard a shot from upstairs. 

Sheen says he then saw a naked Kelly Preston at the top of the stairs, covered in blood.

Charlie explained Kelly had picked up a pair of his pants in the bathroom -- when a revolver that was secreted in his pocket fell to the ground and discharged. Sheen claims the bullet hit the toilet and either shrapnel or a piece of porcelain from the toilet ricocheted and struck her.

Charlie says at the time he knew he'd be blamed for it.

Kelly and Charlie broke off their engagement shortly after the incident. So far, no comment from Preston's camp.


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This is the story that came out after the incident when police announced evidence indicated it was accidental and no charges would be filed.

1236 days ago


That's not all that discharged.
Wow, that is hot.

1236 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

when's tmz hire all the censorship nazis? heil nitpitchers... we all sticking to the line exactly these days, or what????!

1236 days ago

Angel of Destiny    

I dated a coke head at one time. A gun came into play and it went off too. ALL ADDICTS BLAME all their downfalls on someone else! And they are awesome con artists and story tellers.

1236 days ago


@Miss Red,

Yes, I caught that, too. He was laughing when he said it so maybe it was his idea of a joke. If so, that was a pretty tasteless joke - but what else would we expect from him. If he was trying to deflect blame by making her out to look like a nut case, well - again what else would we expect from him.

Miss Red 6 hours ago
Wasn't he kind of insinuating that she was suicidal. When he said '' she finally did it '' ? Did anyone else catch that ?

1236 days ago


Charlie Sheen Tour Ends Tonight in Seattle With a Whimper

05/03/11 7:39pmRoger Friedman0

It began in Detroit with boos and exits. It almost ended last night in Vancouver the same way. Tonight, Charlie Sheen‘s “I’ve Lost My Job, I’m Desperately Out of Touch with Reality and Owe Millions in Child Support” tour comes to an end in Seattle. It’s been six long, fun weeks of hecklers, delayed openings, and audiences running for the exits. And even though Live Nation fronted the money for Sheen, this was no record breaking U2 tour. Sheen’s bizarre theatrical adventure has been a disaster. What did he gain from this but the enmity of audiences? And who cares in the real world that Sheen has lost his $2 million a week job? If any regular person in his audience had dealt with an employer in a similar fashion, they would have been fired a long time ago. Drug addiction, missed work, rehab, inability to perform on the job– hello? And still people paid over $100 a ticket only to find that the Warlock had no clothes. And no clues. And no jokes. Many theaters were half full. Many tickets were free, and if not, then half price. Many people left before the shows were over. And now Sheen faces life after this adrenalin rush. “Two a Half Men” will go on without him. But he’s still stuck with Brooke, Denise, and four kids, and at least one goddess to feed.

1236 days ago


well of course it's not his fault. didn't you all know that he's completely blameless for everything (good or bad) in his life?

1236 days ago


Kelly Preston's current thoughts about Charlie Sheen:

"My heart just goes out to him and all of his family," Preston told the magazine. "He's such a good person underneath all of it. He really is."

"I think there's a way back for anyone," she said. "I always have hope and my prayers are with him."

1236 days ago


Bwahahaha! This guy is a riot! He thinks if the words simply fall from his mouth then therefore, he should be believed. He lies as easily as he breaths. Just watched a guy on a show about forensics & someone was on trial cause well..."the gun just went off"! This guy drops, slammed, kicked; everything he could do but the damn thing didn't go off. An expert later spoke about this on the show & said that "no, guns don't just go off" without applying a certain amount of lbs of pressure to the trigger. This is not an act that could be mimicked by a gun falling to the floor he said. Charlie was drunk as hell, wasted out of his mind standing there in his underwear probably ranting at Kelly about being the king of his castle or some equally stupid **** & he accidentally pulled the trigger. case closed.

1236 days ago


Whoa, looks like Charlie's got a real-life Rose on his hands...

1236 days ago


Ron 4 hours ago

Modern revolvers (say, made after the 1960......s) have a transfer bar or similar mechanism that makes it impossible to fire unless the trigger is pulled. You can drop it on the hammer all day and it will not hit the firing pin because there is a barrier that isn't removed unless the trigger is all the way back. Unless the gun was ancient, the story seems really unlikely. If we knew the make and model of the gun, we could prove this conclusively.


In that video he did say that it was a small 5 shot revolver that he carried in his back pocket, so it wasn't a standard gun. I guessing with him being a actor and this happening 20 years ago he was carrying some type of antique Derranger type gun that didn't have all of the saftey features that guns have today.

1236 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a well known liar, of course Kelly Preston can not talk about it now and per her settlement. He probably did shoot her accidently or not, she went after him legally and therefore received a settlement for his dumb actions, which will require her to keep her mouth quite since she accepted the settlement for the damages he caused her.... so she is legally binded now to not talk about it although he can blab and make all kinds of lies up as he likes, knowing full well she can not say anything since she is bound by her settlement and agreement.... he is a sick man....that troll follower is how it works isn't it Charlie? sad but true, you find your sick loop holes to exploit to your advantage everywhere you go.

1236 days ago


I've seen reports stating casually that "he shot Kelly Preston" so he has to comment on it. Honestly, I don't think shooting someone is his style. Whatever happened was likely a foolish accident and we'll never know the true story. If he'd shot her I'd say she'd have an obligation to reveal it long ago. The fact that she didn't is good enough for me.
Charlie might have some faults but this doesn't sound like him.

1236 days ago


As much as I dislike this man, the only story I have ever heard about the shooting is that it was accidental and not by his hand.

I am not going to put something on the crackhead if he didn't do it. As it is, we have enough material to work with without the gun story.

1236 days ago


come on if kelly said she accidently shot her self she accidently shot her self!!!! I mean if charlie wasnt charged by the cops and im sure the cops did a big investigation on this incident. yes charlie was very irresponsible for leaving a gun in his back pocket no matter what and we also dont know the events leading up too it and why the gun was in his back pocket and she didnt know it was there but even with that it's still his fault the gun went off. I cant believe the media paint the picture that he pulled the triger on her while he was messing around with it while on drugs thats pretty ****ed up by them. Im glad he told his side and I also never heard him devert the blame to her I mean he never said im the only one to blame either but he def didnt say Its all her fault. I mean I heard him say ohh **** there gonna blame me but I dont really think thats code for its only her fault or am I just wrong???

1236 days ago
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