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Eddie Cibrian to Ex:

Keep Our Kids

Off 'Housewives'

5/6/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Cibrian is adamant he does not want his ex-wife Brandi Glanville to put their kids on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- and we're told he's ready to go to court over it.

TMZ broke the story ... Brandi will star on the next season of the show -- and according to sources, Eddie wants to make sure Brandi doesn't drag their kids along for the ride ... threatening legal action if their two children make any kind of cameo appearance.

According to sources, Brandi's pissed -- telling friends Eddie is imposing a HUGE double standard ... because he and the kids JUST appeared in a massive spread in People magazine ... with LeAnn Rimes.

TMZ spoke to Eddie's rep ... who confirms Eddie doesn't want their children involved in "Real Housewives" in any way whatsoever.


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1269 days ago


I'm pretty sure it's no secret that all three are bad parents.

1269 days ago


Oh yeah, this guy really has cause to take the moral high ground.

1269 days ago


It's ok for LeAnn to constanly tweet about the boys.

It's ok for the children to appear in People's magazine.

It's ok for the boys to spend this coming mother's day with LeAnn instead of their biological mother.

But god forbid for the boy's to make an appearance on a tv show!

Eddie you are an arse!

Do you really think that your children will grow up and NOT ask you why you treated their mother with no respect?

Why you allowed your horse of a wife to insult their mother?

Do you honestly think they will look up to you as a father and a husband?

Brandi: earn as much as you can from Housewives and start fighting back. Show your boys that they cannot treat a woman the way their father has treated you and get away with it.

Good luck!

1269 days ago


Eddie knows the kids have the goods on him! Ha!!

There are usually 3 sides to the story; his, hers and the truth lies with the children.

The grass is not greener Eddie. Your new "woman" has a nasty mouth on herand shes's two faced.

Brandi seems classier.

1269 days ago

Do you have eyes?    

He is just jealous the reality show was offered to her and not them. Unlike LeAnn, people sympathize with his ex.

1269 days ago


What a hypocrite this guy is! He's already "secured" his financial future. Now he's trying to stop his ex-wife from making a decent living. What he has done to his kids already with LeeAnn is far worse than any impact being on a tv show would have. Hope you had a prenup, LeeAnn. If he cheated on her, he'll cheat on you.....eventually.

1268 days ago


I'm on the fence. Actually, I don't think they should be in magazines or tv shows - let them live as normal a life as possible.

However, Brandi is right that there's a total double standard. Also, he's a disgusting and slimy cheater.

1268 days ago


Shut up Eddie. Go back to boning your anorexic new wife. Cheaters deserve each other, because we know there will be more cheating ahead. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

1268 days ago


Eddie is pi.ssing his britches because he knows a whole lot is going to come out about his affair with Leann and the way he treated Brandi. This is just his wimpy attempt to keep his name and reputation clean.

Eddie -- NEWSFLASH! It's too late. You're a cheater and a lousy father. Keeping the kids off the show is just your way of still having control over Brandi. It's really very telling about your personality. And if you don't want the kids being exploited, stop flashing them around with Leann. You dolt.

1268 days ago


This guy is SUCH a pig. Cheats on his wife with an anorexic horseface because she has money. (DUH!) then marries Horseface and pimps out his kids, but when it comes time for his x to pimp them out, he's suddenly concerned about them. Well, Horseface married a jackass-PERFECT!

1268 days ago


Oh yeah, you are such a great father, Eddie! Such a paragon of virtue! You have done more than enough to your ex-wife. Let her make a living as best she can. You are p*ssing your pants with fear over the continuing bad press you & that ugly faced skeleton you married will keep getting.

1268 days ago


Eddie Cibrian.... Like you gave a S*#t about your children when you were out cheating on their Mother! What a F*#%ing Loser!

1268 days ago


F HIM. he parades his whore around constantly..

1268 days ago


Jealous much Why shouldnt the kids grab a buck for college

1268 days ago
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