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Eddie Cibrian to Ex:

Keep Our Kids

Off 'Housewives'

5/6/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Cibrian is adamant he does not want his ex-wife Brandi Glanville to put their kids on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- and we're told he's ready to go to court over it.

TMZ broke the story ... Brandi will star on the next season of the show -- and according to sources, Eddie wants to make sure Brandi doesn't drag their kids along for the ride ... threatening legal action if their two children make any kind of cameo appearance.

According to sources, Brandi's pissed -- telling friends Eddie is imposing a HUGE double standard ... because he and the kids JUST appeared in a massive spread in People magazine ... with LeAnn Rimes.

TMZ spoke to Eddie's rep ... who confirms Eddie doesn't want their children involved in "Real Housewives" in any way whatsoever.


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go home!    

What a douchbag! yet, he will let leann tweet about the boys ALL THE TIME?! Let this woman make some money since eddie is obviously not able to support his children, being on the show wont hurt the children, they dont focus much on housewives children anyway. Please. Go to court brandy and WIN!

1229 days ago

go home!    

AND If Eddie is going to do this, maybe Brandi should let those certain twitter followers come out publicly with their proof that leann created the witchy33 twitter account and harrassed brandi with it.

1229 days ago


Eddie - STFU! You are the worst of pimps and gold-diggers. AT least one of you should be making real money for your kids instead of living off some fugly ****ry twig...

He's just worried the public will see him for what he really is (and we already know) - a DOUCHE BAG!

1229 days ago


Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!!! Are you serious? What about the photo of you & Leann giving each other tongue WITH YOUR LITTLE BOYS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU WATCHING!!!!! Shut the hell up & concentrate on your slutty wife!! Just remember, when she leaves you for a new boy toy she was never taught "the right way to end a marriage" so it's gonna be pretty painful!! Why don't you & Leann ride off into the sunset on the broom you both came in on & LEAVE YOUR EX & KIDS THE HELL ALONE!!! You made your choice, enjoy it while it lasts...about 1 - 2 1/2 years, if even that...good luck with that karma thing!

1229 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Why? Morality issues? I think that cat left the bag the second you hit up little miss vacant. It is absolutely a double standard. All the sudden he wants to play the righteous father? Uh uh. She should fight this one, although she doesn't need to splash them all over the place like he does. Have some boundaries drawn up in the contract with Bravo.
He's so frigging full of himself. He's a diva just like the rest of the "housewives".

1229 days ago


I say good for him!! Kids shouldn't be on any housewives shows, it changes their lives and its not fair to them they deserve grow up not in the camera Just because the mom wants fame and whatever the kids may not want that

Plus its wrong for divorced parents to use their children for anything, I can just hear Brandi bitching about him right now, she is bitter, and pissed and if she spouts off all her business to the press, then she is spouting off at home

So are all of Brandi's friends commenting on here or is that all Brandi?

1229 days ago


Although I agree that the kids shouldn't be on the show, I also believe that Eddie's skanky new wife should stop tweeting about them 24/7.

If the boys didn't have a mother, it would be great that LeAnn is stepping in, but that isn't the case. She needs to stop interfering and accept that she is not their mom; she is their step-mom (aka glorified sitter).

LeAnn is all about LeAnn, and her interviews are similar to those Jesse James is now giving.

1229 days ago


won't even comment about the right or wrongness of having young children appear in media/reality shows because of their parent's whoring them out, BUT he is being quite the hypocrite. He's had them in several picture spreads for the tabs, has them out for photo ops, and you KNOW if he and Leann got a reality show they would be wanting the kids on it...

1229 days ago


no this isn't brandy or a friend of hers...THAT is to the friend of Eddie's and that slut who wants to pretend she has some morals. she makes me sick...tweeting about someone else's kids. go have kids of your own. Team Brandy all the way. This Leanne skank just needs to have children of her own to realize THAT they aren't playthings or an accessory. Eddie is just a pig. Why Tyler Perry used him of all people in one of his movies is beyond me. Eddie and leanne both are pigs...what's that verse in the Bible about putting gold rings in pigs snouts? it's still a pig. That's Eddie and Leanne to a T.

1229 days ago


He's pi-s-sed and jelous because since he's already divorced from Brandi that means he wouldn't be able to get a chunk of her fees from the reality show so he's using their kids as pawn to ease his anger. Anyway, his former mistress now new wife is richer so he should just chill out and let Brandi do her thing as a mom.

It's a REALITY SHOW so it's impossible not to include family members of those people who star in such shows. He's a total moronic cheater.

1229 days ago


wow all of you have such high morals I am most of you woman wouldn't fall for Eddie if he made a pass at you ..bunch of hypocrites...I wouldnt want my kids on that show either. Also none of you know what went on between Eddie and Brandi in their marriage, or for LeAnn in hers . I guess Brandi will tell all, and then all of you will say what a whining bitch she is and how stupid she was and no wonder Eddie left her..I dont think there is anyway to please any of you.Eddie may have left Brandi but that doesnt make him a bad father, and his visitation rights may have just fallen on Mother's day, and how do all of you know she wont have her kids that day. I have never seen Brandi with her kids.

1229 days ago


eff that loser and is UGLY new "wife" dont worry he'll cheat on her with some haggard bitch eventually.... I'd tell him to keep my kids away from his anorexic homewrecking crack whore wife.

1229 days ago


This Eddie Cibrian bastard is a joke. HE cheats on his wife and kids and NOW wants to dictate what the kids can and can't do? It's probably because the kids will put on air what a duschebag he is and how their new stepmom Leann Rimes needs to eat a biscuit...Their "so in love" media campaign over the past year in not just sickening, its so fake. They'll be in divorce court in five years after one of them cheats on the other again...KARMA...

1229 days ago


Wow sticking up for two cheaters?
Let me guess is this the founder of ashely madison . com???

You are a delusional wh*ore like Leanne if you think all of these outraged comments are from her camp or her. Most people frown upon banging someone who is married. Believe it or not some people have a little thing called morals and a code of ethics. Not everyone is a little co*ck hungry wh*ore or cheating pig. That talentless b*itch is ugly inside and out. How can a union that originated in sin ever be blessed? It can't and won't be. This little effed up pairing will never ever last. Many people will say I told ya so when one or the other decides to trade up for a newer faster model. Leanne sure ain't getting any better looking no matter how many pounds she drops--She's a dog always will be. by Michele

wow nice mouth on you michele...calling others name because their opinion doesnt gel with yours...not nice

1229 days ago


bet the producers of Playboy are very unhappy about jerk Eddie. they know that most of the people watching that show will be women and and gosh darn, Eddie has just pissed off most of them. such a double standard,Leman can say or do anything she wants about the kids on twitter and in mags but the natural mother is only to do what Eddie wants. His father should slap him upside the head. such a douche is right. Producers of Playboy,if he continues down this road, can guarantee that show is sunk before it even gets launched.

1229 days ago
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