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Katie Couric On the Verge of

$20 Million ABC Deal

5/5/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric and ABC television are on the verge of signing a $20 million deal, which would give Katie her own talk show, as well as significant involvement in ABC News -- and the big casualty could be "General Hospital."
Sources connected with ABC tell TMZ -- under the deal that is in the final stages -- Katie would do specials for ABC News, "20/20," and do a significant amount of fill-in work -- including anchoring.

ABC would also give Katie a 1-hour, 5-day-a-week syndicated talk show, that would begin in September, 2012.  Our sources say ... one option ABC is considering is giving its affiliates back the hour where "General Hospital" airs to make room for Katie.  In other words, ABC would axe the third longest-running soap in history and the last one standing on ABC.

ABC is also realistic, believing that one of its two new 2011 syndicated shows will fail, leaving room for K.C.

We're told ... when the dust settles and ABC's daytime schedule gets rearranged, Katie would probably land in the 3 PM time slot.

BTW ... we're told Matt Lauer will NOT be part of Katie's show.

As for the moola, our sources say the entire package for Katie and her partner, Jeff Zucker is a $20 million GUARANTEE for the syndicated show -- and that's just for the the first year.  We're also told Katie will get a "nominal amount" for her work in the news division.


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Someone needs to start reading these comments on the Internet. She is finished. Her time is over. She is NOT the next Oprah; don't think anyone is because it's time for major programming changes. People getting sick of trash TV; Oprah at least knew when to get out.

1268 days ago


katie will fail again.

1268 days ago


Leave GH alone.....that is the last thing daytime TV needs is another talk show/cooking show. I WILL NOT watch especially Katie Couric. ABC is losing it's viewers, DWTS has turned into a joke.The View has turned into a forum for the Democrats and President Obama's personal defenders.Due Barbara Walters actions and political onsidedness on the The View will not watch anything she has anything to do with. Nothing on Primetime worth watching on ABC except Desperate Housewives and for how long with they keep that???? ABC think twice about cancelling GH. 40+ year viewer of GH.

1268 days ago

moe l.    

Poor ABC - grasping at straws...Couric is a loser...

1268 days ago


ABC will lose alot of following if they take General Hosptial off and replace with her.... I will not watch ABC if they do this....I dont care what they show....I WILL NOT WATCH ABC...

1268 days ago


abc you are one stupid desperate network. 20 million to katie couric. she can't even speak clearly. that so call big smile gets in her way. she is old, overweight and so not a good interview. what were you thinking. no one really watches 60 minutes any more, can't stand oprah so katie to replace her is so not good. to put it in a nutshell. you are throwing away 20 million and she wipes her a** just like everyone else. to be so stupid to do this i hope you do lose your a**.

1268 days ago


Big mistake, ABC...Huge! (But, maybe you deserve it, for the cavalier way in which you preempt popular programs, thinking we'll always come back.) Yeah, go for her, ABC.;)

1268 days ago


You can certainly get someone way more interesting and qualified for way less money. She is overrated and way over paid. Let her stay home.

1268 days ago

jealous of kate    

WHAT IS IT WITH THESE NETWORKS AND CABLE STATIONS???? They act just like regular STUPID little tiny business owners!!! For example, going back to the '80s when VCRS came out, rental stores opened up. AND OPENED UP AND OPENED UP. The 1st few were fine, but when you had 1 EVERY BLOCK!!!! Then it was Nail Salons, ALMOST EVERYBLOCK OFFERING ACRYLIC NAILS! and NOW, THEIR BACK! Cell phone stores, etc. Networks are acting like tiny STUPID business owners. GLUTTING THE MARKET! HOW MANY 'NEWS' SHOWS DO WE NEED? And really, when we get down to it, how much is REALLY NEWS? Look at the Morning News shows-cooking, fashion, stupid stories about what the (President, vice, senator, candidates did on Vacation, over the weekend, on a meeting, etc), AND THEIR 'NEWS' coffee causes, doesnt cause cancer, and ever other food too. then some SOB story about how some GOV't entity, or Landlord, etc. did this person WRONG, but of course, do we EVER GET THE FULL STORY? No, because there are at least 3 sides to every story. But Katie Couric, I do not like her. I did not like how she treated Palin, Not that she was Hard on her, but because Couric is not HARD ON LIBERALS SHE LIKES. COURIC IS SO LEFT, it is pathatic, and as a journalist, you are supposed to leave your VIEWS, YOUR FEELINGS AT THE DOOR. She doesn't, and it is so evident.

1268 days ago


You have to be kidding. To take off General Hospital would be a mistake and who in the hell want's to watch Katie anyway. NOBODY WATCHES HER NOW...just check with CBS.!! She is one of the worst people on the news today. Give me a break!!! Some people must just have money to waste and she's not woth half of that. HOW STUPID!!!!

1268 days ago


Are you kidding me? She is so yesterday. Her time is up. Get someone new and fresh that you can pay a lot less for ABC. She was NOT right for the news at CBS and she is not right for a talk show either. She's got enough money to retire on now. She is NOT worth anywhere near $20 million.

1268 days ago

Miss Bu    

LMAO I guarantee both of those idiotic shows will fail ABC, you bit the hands that feed your stupid a$$es.

1268 days ago


ABC, forgive me (not really) but you are a bunch of jackasses and I will never watch ABC again. I am done with all the political, money hungry, power tripping bull**** you are doing and throwing at/to us, the ones that have supported you for so many years.
Think twice if you think the viewers will suck it up and watch what you throw at us. I would not watch KC if you paid me a 100 dollars and I sure as hell will not watch your new crap! SUCKS for you ABC, this is the begging of the END of YOU!!

1268 days ago


I wouldn't pay her 20 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!

1268 days ago


seriously, if ABC takes GH off the air, I will not watch any more shows on it!!!

1268 days ago
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