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Katie Couric On the Verge of

$20 Million ABC Deal

5/5/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric and ABC television are on the verge of signing a $20 million deal, which would give Katie her own talk show, as well as significant involvement in ABC News -- and the big casualty could be "General Hospital."
Sources connected with ABC tell TMZ -- under the deal that is in the final stages -- Katie would do specials for ABC News, "20/20," and do a significant amount of fill-in work -- including anchoring.

ABC would also give Katie a 1-hour, 5-day-a-week syndicated talk show, that would begin in September, 2012.  Our sources say ... one option ABC is considering is giving its affiliates back the hour where "General Hospital" airs to make room for Katie.  In other words, ABC would axe the third longest-running soap in history and the last one standing on ABC.

ABC is also realistic, believing that one of its two new 2011 syndicated shows will fail, leaving room for K.C.

We're told ... when the dust settles and ABC's daytime schedule gets rearranged, Katie would probably land in the 3 PM time slot.

BTW ... we're told Matt Lauer will NOT be part of Katie's show.

As for the moola, our sources say the entire package for Katie and her partner, Jeff Zucker is a $20 million GUARANTEE for the syndicated show -- and that's just for the the first year.  We're also told Katie will get a "nominal amount" for her work in the news division.


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Why? She is so boring.

1175 days ago


i can't stand her! she is just another moron liberal who isn't even a good reporter and she looks 10-15 years older than her actual age! GO AWAY!

1175 days ago


20 mil? Did you say 20 mil? She ha got to have someone by the short hairs to be as lousy as she is and still command a salary like that.

1175 days ago


20 mil? Did you say 20 mil? She ha got to have someone by the short hairs to be as lousy as she is and still command a salary like that.

1175 days ago



1175 days ago


This little bimbo is all washed up! let her go write a book or take care of her kids but keep her off tv.

1175 days ago

Right back at ya    

Does ABC really need the ratings, and do they think Viewers want yet, another Talk Show? I DON"T THINK SO! Just another CRAPPY reason to remove the one TRUE lousy Soap Opera on ABC.

I've heard two reasons why OLTL and AMC were canceled:

1. Extensive research was done, and the findings showed that Soaps are generally watched by Women, and most are now in the workforce, and not home during the day.

2. The times have changed, and most people are looking for new shows, such as Cooking, Interior Design, Fashion, etc.

My response to this is, well, it's a bunch of bull! Yes, there are more Women working now then years ago, when the Soaps first started and became popular. There is also a large population of viewers who are Home during the day, for more than one reason, such as, Mothers, Seniors, Unemployed, etc. And many who work, tape the Soaps.
Cooking, Fashion, Talk and Interior Design Shows? I don't think so! Most People have Cable, where these type of Shows are aired; even the regular channels have a selection (i.e., Nate Berkus, Rachael Ray,etc.).

And why the need for ABC(in So. Calif.) to have eight hours of News; does the Network think that Viewers are interested in watching that, more than the Soaps? And yes, I know there's a huge difference in the budget for News versus Soaps, but even so, who needs to hear/see repeats, of what was telecast earlier in the day, let alone, from the PREVIOUS week? Waste of money!

General Hospital should be the Soap to go; the story lines deviated from what was once centered around the Hospital Staff, years ago. Sonny (Gangster) is the center of attention, for the most part, glorifying killing, bullying, cover-ups, etc. What the hell were the Producers and Network thinking, when they allowed this to dominate GH? Crappy Writers, as well.

Brian Frons should be fired as the head of Daytime Programs!

1175 days ago


Let's see now - uh, CBS saw their rating plummet after she took over. They went down every year. She's a loser. And NOW ABC wants her? ROFLMAO - This woman is looks and sounds like a nervous yappy little lap dog.

Can't stand this woman. Go to YouTube and watch some of the videos as she's getting ready to "read" on air. She's an absolute idiot.

1175 days ago


That is one heck of a payday! $20-million? Will Couric and Zucker be the Walters and Geddie of the new millenium? Will Couric occasionally replace Baba Wawa on "The View"? Hmmm... Seriously, I'm wondering about all this. I understood "The Chew"
with Batali and Symon and the dietitian whose name escapes me at the moment and "The Revolution" with "Project Runway's" Tim Gunn were to be additions to the network schedule. If Couric's gabfest were to be syndicated, network affiliates that are not owned and operated could air it at any time...perhaps as a double bill with "Live with ______ amd Kelly". Would she only contribute to "20/20" or replace one of the anchors(but whom...Cuomo or Vargas)? Would she sit in for Diane Sawyer on "World News Tonight"? (If John Daly of "What's My Line?" fame was still alive and in charge of ABC News, as he was in the 50's, what would he think?) I didn't know Zucker was a free agent these days after leaving NBC/Universal(must have liked the severance package after seeing the merger with Comcast looming over the horizon)...

1175 days ago


This about says it all:

1175 days ago

Jackazz flatts    

Get that mutt off my television

1175 days ago


Anyone willing to pay that talentless hack $20 Million has lost their minds. She is so stuck in the 90's it's not even funny.

1175 days ago


OMG!! Really!! Please leave General Hospital alone! Everything is turning into talk shows, doctors shows and realty! At least with by watching general you have 1 hour you can just escape from the real world!!!

1175 days ago


ABC, are you effing nuts?! That cow is a has-been, washed-up COW. Gods, I'm so sick of that biotch! Make her go away, already - NOBODY watches/listens to her. WTF?!

1175 days ago


ABC, what the FU$K??????? First AMC, and now you're talking about getting rid of GH?????? Eat sh*t! Katie Couric is the most boring thing EVER born on this planet!!!! Your executives are IDIOTS!!!! You get rid of shows that have been on OVER 40 years to try something new? Her show will last 2 seconds! You don't think the people who watch the soaps have brains? UGH! This pisses me OFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!

1175 days ago
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