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Hasselhoff's Ex -- I Wanna Carry Zsa Zsa's Baby

5/4/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Hasselhoff's ex-wife Pamela Bach is aching to put her uterus on the line for Zsa Zsa Gabor -- at least according to Zsa Zsa's husband ... who's standing by to give Pamela a fertilized egg injection.

Prince Von Ahole and Bach met for lunch in L.A. Monday -- and the Prince tells TMZ they talked about his and Zsa Zsa's quest for a child.

Prince says Bach was so pumped about the potential baby news -- she offered up her oven for the future bun ... that is, if Von Ahole ever manages to find one of Zsa Zsa's still-viable eggs.

Prince hasn't accepted Bach's offer -- but he tells us, he hasn't turned her down either ... yet.

UPDATE: Apparently, Pam and the Prince weren't on the same wavelength ... a rep for Bach tells us, "We refuse to acknowledge the delusional ramblings of this man who clearly has done nothing more than plant a fictional tale in a desperate attempt for attention."

The rep adds, "Our sympathy to Ms. Gabor who is an innocent victim of his shenanigans."


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Is this woman crazy??!! I can understand why her husband left her--she's out of her mind.

1238 days ago


Is there a Z list in Hollywood? Or some list lower than low for these people?

1238 days ago



1238 days ago


What is wrong with all these Hollywood people?!! They're ALL losing their minds!! Furthermore, isn't she to old for that?

1238 days ago


How can they call it "Zsa zsa's baby"? She 94 years old, bed ridden, can't talk anymore AND it's not going to be her egg! So at best it will be a baby that Zsa zsa looked at. I doubt she'll be up for midnight feedings and diaper duty. The whole idea is ridiculous and so is everyone that is involved! This should not be allowed to happen.

1238 days ago


All i can think is that he still wants access to her MONEY after she passes.

AS OLD as he is this should be considered CHILD ENDANGERMENT> and my NEXT question would be : Who would be responsible for the child after they are both gone?

He seems to want to keep her alive by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Is that because her money will go with her?

1238 days ago


He is crazy and she is looking to make money!

1238 days ago



1238 days ago


A Von Ahole "...fertilized egg injection" Oh YUCK!!

1238 days ago


Pathetic attempt to gain more control of her money, and if Bach is really considering this she must be on something.

1238 days ago


With her age and her history of drug/alcohol abuse, this is sick. Then throw in Von A-hole and a 93 year old woman, and this is mental hospital sick.

1238 days ago


That made me throw up in my mouth, Thanks TMZ!

1238 days ago


I try to approach every situation with a kind heart and a Christian spirit, but haven't they ever heard "for everything there is a season"? ZsaZsa's season passed about 70 years ago. What are these people thinking or are they?? Why would you even suggest bringing a child into the world now? They very well could both be dead by the time this child is born, then what? Idiots!

1238 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Bringing a child into this world when you know it is almost a sure thing that you cannot care for the child properly, should be a crime. What child should be planned just to have to be adopted or play in the kiddie pool while the great-grandfather aged daddy sits in a wheel chair with a blanket covering his knees, wearing a depends, and thinking they are looking at television.

1238 days ago


The prince may be crazy like a fox... He is well aware that Zsa Zsa is close to death and if he can do it he will be creating a living heir by blood to her fortune which is worth millions...It will insure that he can over see the childs part of her fortune until he or she is of legal age because he has a blood connection...Has no one considered why he is so determined in his efforts? Duh, Good one V A Hole!

1237 days ago
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