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23-Year-Old Makes $100K Off Osama's Death

5/6/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Osama bin Laden's body was barely in American custody -- and one savvy New York kid was already making t-shirts to commemorate the bastard's death ... pulling in over $100,000 in less than 2 days.


23-year old Maurice Harary tells TMZ, he made a beeline to his NY apartment as soon as he heard the news of Osama's death -- and started building a website to sell his "OBL is dead" t-shirts.

Maurice claims the site went live at 3:30 am on Monday -- and by Tuesday evening, he had already sold around 10,000 units at 12 bucks a pop ... meaning dude raked in approximately 120k in less than two days.

Yes, we know ... you had the idea first. Stop whining.


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That's an awesome and simple idea.
People are just angry cause they don't even have 100k, and may not ever see that money. lol

1236 days ago


He has made MORE money. FML

Bin Laden Assassination Nets 23-Year-Old Entrepreneur $300K

1236 days ago


That’s all great for him but who owns that picture of OBL. I hope he got permission to use it.

1236 days ago


YAY, Now Uncle Sam will take most of your money in taxes!! ISn't it grand!

1236 days ago


They aren't even made yet?

Won't the whole thing be over by the time people get their shirts in 2 months? Oh, and he has to pay for the blank shirts. Pay someone to print them.? Pay a team to pack them. Pay a team to print the shipping labels and ship them out. Buy the printers for mass shipping labels. Rent a warehouse to store them.
Looks like the 12.00 bucks per shirt is going fast. I think he is going to lose money on this one. Maybe a follow up story on how he made it to the poor house in 2 days. Even if he went the
Cafepress route, He will be losing money. 2 color shirts there cost 18 bucks.

1236 days ago


i think this so so ignorant and immature , people really need to grow up and act their age not their shoe size .

1236 days ago


MAN! I wish I would have thought of that! Good for him! He should have charged a little more, but good for him!!

1236 days ago


s*** bag

1236 days ago


oh good another douchebag selling a useless item to more douchebags who think they are cool. AWESOME... How about donating proceeds to the families effected by 9-11?

this is why everyone else in the world HATES Americans.

1236 days ago

Total Moron Zone    

And you come to this website for maturity?!?

1236 days ago


Good for the guy, but the way he made it was sleazy.

1236 days ago


TMZ should censor his name, better yet, take down this story.

Some crazy Islamic extremist has just jotted down his name, looked up his address, etc and posted it in some terrorist message board with the subject "kill the infidel!" etc.

I would go into hiding with the 100K if i was this kid.

1236 days ago


Seriously! I wish I thought of it... do you think 'Osama is Dead' mugs would sell? haha

1236 days ago


I'm sure someone is already out there selling Osama toilet paper. Keep those terrorists stirred up.

1236 days ago


@zzkinnardzz 12 hours ago Wow, the government should take all that money... shouldn't be able to profit off him.

You CANNOT be serious, right?? F**k Bin Laden! He absolutely should be able to make money off of HIS idea. WTF are you talking about?!?!? What a moron. Hell, I'm mad I didn't think of it myself! And to Cartman for saying he's not really making that much profit..stop hating! It costs no more than $1 to mail a f**king t-shirt and it's not like he's buying them at American Apparel. I'm sure he's getting a pretty decent return on his investment. It's certainly more than you're getting! LOL

1236 days ago
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