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Kim Kardashian

The Great Altered Butt Debate

5/5/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The great Kim Kardashian butt debate rages on ... all natural or altered? Should it be worshiped or reviled? Thanks to new photos one thing is 100% clear -- we need a closer look ... much closer.050411_TV_kim_still

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Women and their self esteem issues, theres nothing wrong with Kims body, theres alot of sisters with worse bodies but wear the skimpiest outfits to the club and get no where near as much as kim gets. You ladies talk about uplifting each other but tear each other down just as fast. Dont hate Kimmie got cakes and you got flab and stretch marks. LOL

1244 days ago


I don't think it's fake. But does it really matter what anybody thinks? I wish people would leave the child alone. It's her ass, her business.

1244 days ago


**** comes out of that!

1244 days ago


i think these girls "loosly used " asses are disgusting. i would not touch them. i would have to be o drunk to **** one of them i would have to be in a dlack out drunk.

1244 days ago


Ok, thats where i left my keys.

1244 days ago


The ass looks fake to me. It is not a natural shape. A woman with a big ass usually also has bigger thighs. It is out of proportion with the rest of her body. Her facial cheek implants also don't look natural and distort her face. She also needs to reduce the amount of makeup she wears.

1244 days ago


Her ass looks worse in the clothes she wears (too tight and too small).

1244 days ago


fake or not, imagine where it will be and what it will look like when she is in her late thirties?

1244 days ago

real deal    

I know some people go ga-ga over that big ass thing, but looking at her body, it looks like someone attached the ass of a morbidly obese 200+ pounder. Like a butt transplant that just doesn't quite match. Maybe the original donor backed out and they just took the first thing that plopped along.

If it is real, she is a complete genetic freak. However, she is such a piece of plastic, more Barbie doll than human, that I'm sure it is not 100% hers.

1244 days ago

Khate sucks    

OF COURSE the bitches ass if FAKE! NO ONE asks if J Loes butt is fake! NEVER!

1244 days ago

Khate sucks    

That girl is TOTALLY plastic and that butt is FAKE! It was not that big when she was in that porno that she sold to Vivid! I have NO CLUE why this HOE insists on lying about all of her surgery! Her nose is HALF the size it used to be! WHY LIE about it??? It's SO obvious! Just tell the truth! She constantly lies to everyone including her family! No wonder Bush left her nasty ass! Even RayJ said she was plastic from head to toe!

1244 days ago


I understand how everyone is attracted to something a little different; however, how shallow. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of guys like thick asses.

1244 days ago


flattest airbrushing I've ever seen. airbrushed. and badly airbrushed at that.

1244 days ago


There is no way that's real. I am a HUGE Kardashian's fan. But honestly Kim, your ass was gorgeous au natural. There's definetly work done on it. I saw the photo and I couldn't stop staring. F-A-K-E.

1244 days ago

Who Am I?    

Can you imagine all of the rich Black guys that have banged that booty hole and peed on that plastic face? I bet this h0's headboard says, "Billions of Rich Black Men Served."

1244 days ago
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