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Justin Bieber -- I'm Doing Japan No Matter What

5/6/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is going to Japan this month no matter what ... TMZ has learned -- despite his crew staging an outright mutiny ... and refusing to go with him.


The Biebs is scheduled to perform across the Pacific in two weeks -- once in Osaka and once in Tokyo -- but as we previously reported, many of his crew members are flat out REFUSING to take the trip ... because they're afraid of the cancer risks from the recent nuclear disaster.

We're told the crew is still locked in stalemate over the concerts -- but the Biebs has decided ... he's hitting Japan with or without his crew.

If Bieber doesn't have the manpower for stadium gigs -- we're told he'll take on whatever smaller venues he can ... all the way down to homeless shelters.

See? Good things happen to those who Belieb.


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Justin, sweetie, radiation takes time to do it's job but it will eventually win. If you are exposed at 16 I'd say you will have a much shorter life span. Read up on the matter. Don't listen to those who just want the money. Your crew are the smart ones in this stalemate.

1205 days ago


This kid is so full of himself. The concern is not over a political threat and he is taking a stance for patriotic or moral reasons. This concerns a viable threat to everyone's physical health, and if he personally still chooses to go, it should be without any resentment toward the crew who opted out and no threat to their future employment with him.

Was he going to donate the profits from this Japan tour to its disaster relief? Actually, how do you hold a benefit concert in the place where they need the charity and expect their suffering populace to attend and pay for the ticket? Bieber should hold a benefit concert somewhere else and donate the profits, and where all members of his crew could be included in the gesture. Seems to me Japan could use that sort of help rather than his actual presence at this particular time.

1205 days ago


Are these people even worried about seeng a darn concert? They are still dealing with more important issues. This little talentless punk needs to disappear. And where do they play his songs, cause I have never heard one on the radio.

1205 days ago



1205 days ago


hay you guys should SHUT UP he has his oun live!!!!!!!!

1205 days ago


He is too young to even understand what radiation is !!!

1205 days ago


Good for you Justin. Hopefully your concert will lift their spirits.
The hatefulness of some of the other posters is just heartbreaking. How sad that we have become a Nation of sad, bitter and heartless whiners.

1205 days ago


Hey, I dislike the kids music as much as the rest of you, however I have to take my hat off to the kid for sticking to the plan. No matter what is said, Japan needs and wants the kid over there right now. So kudos to you Beebs for having the juevos to go.

1205 days ago

Tall Blonde    

Really smart - grow a beard Jr.

1205 days ago


He's a true showman!!

1205 days ago


Maybe he wants his growth stunted permanent?

1205 days ago

chris gault    

what a bunch of ignorant comments. you don't like his music ... fine ... don't listen to it. this kid is the hardest working kid in america ... he works harder than you.

he recognizes the situation in japan sucks and that for 2 hours he can make thousands of screaming teenagers forget how much it sucks ... for him to say i'm playing no matter what shows intelligence and integrity. Something the commenters so far lack.

he could sit down with his guitar and microphone and do the concert acoustically and the crowd would still love it.

this article and the attitude of his crew just shows america needs to open a science book a few more times in school.

1205 days ago


Oh please his crew are being a bunch of ignorant whiners about the true radiation dangers in Japan. If they refuse to work, then fire them. It's really that simple. It's not like there is a shortage of professional roadies who are eager to work and travel to Japan, even seismically ravaged slightly radioactive Japan.

The real areas of danger are localized and far far away from any venues that a tour bus will be pulling up to any time soon, like Tokyo and Osaka.

It's 2 friggin' concerts. His roadies need to man up because right now JUSTIN BIEBER (of all people) is making them look like a bunch of p*ssies, which they are.

1205 days ago


He looks like an overgrown midget. Shouldn't he be taller by now?

1205 days ago


I've got to say, I posted my first comment without having read the other posts first. With that said, now that I have read the others... I am convinced that there are a whole lot of weird and sick people that make inane posts on TMZ. For the love of God guys, leave the kid alone. He is doing the right thing here.

1205 days ago
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