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Justin Bieber -- I'm Doing Japan No Matter What

5/6/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is going to Japan this month no matter what ... TMZ has learned -- despite his crew staging an outright mutiny ... and refusing to go with him.


The Biebs is scheduled to perform across the Pacific in two weeks -- once in Osaka and once in Tokyo -- but as we previously reported, many of his crew members are flat out REFUSING to take the trip ... because they're afraid of the cancer risks from the recent nuclear disaster.

We're told the crew is still locked in stalemate over the concerts -- but the Biebs has decided ... he's hitting Japan with or without his crew.

If Bieber doesn't have the manpower for stadium gigs -- we're told he'll take on whatever smaller venues he can ... all the way down to homeless shelters.

See? Good things happen to those who Belieb.


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chris gault

what a bunch of ignorant comments. you don't like his music ... fine ... don't listen to it. this kid is the hardest working kid in america ... he works harder than you.

he recognizes the situation in japan sucks and that for 2 hours he can make thousands of screaming teenagers forget how much it sucks ... for him to say i'm playing no matter what shows intelligence and integrity. Something the commenters so far lack.

he could sit down with his guitar and microphone and do the concert acoustically and the crowd would still love it.

this article and the attitude of his crew just shows america needs to open a science book a few more times in school
Agree with you 100%! Well said. Just a bunch of jealous grown ups acting like big ass babies. I commend him for sticking to his guns and wanting to keep those kids happy. He has never had a sex, drug or alcohol scandal-that says alot about him. Most kids that famous his age have already been to rehab.

1273 days ago


Day by day he gets uglier

1273 days ago



Good luck on the Japan leg of your tour. I heard a rumor once that if you bathe in radio active water you grow facial hair, your voice will get deeper and your balls will drop. You should try it - let me know the outcome.

1273 days ago


Little queer wants a young Japanese boy.

1273 days ago


oh let him go to Japan, he'll be a big help there with that ugly hairstyle.

1273 days ago


He neesa to make them free concerts if he goes at all.

1273 days ago


I lived in PA closer to the 3-Mile-Island disaster than he will be performing to the Japanese nuclear plant. Guest what? I'm not glowing or sick. He's doing the right thing and showing love and respect for the Japanese. Maybe you clueless haters should get rid of all your Japanese cars and gadgets. After all you might get contaminated.

1273 days ago


i've heard terrible things about how he treats his crew -- he's super cheap -- even tried to make the crew PAY for their own lunches & catering when they were on tour with him. Live Nation put a stop to it. He's Usher's protegee so I'm not surprised he's cheap and treats crew like crap. i'm sure there are big cancellation fees he'd be on the hook for with japanese promoters that he's not willing to incur despite making an estimated $300K per night. he'll sit in a hotel room until he goes on stage -- the crew will have to be working their asses off for days being exposed. if it's a union show, they should intervene.

1273 days ago


Does this kids' ego know no bounds? Does he not have enough money and attention that he and his management team feel the need to try and get richer off a country that is not only still suffering but in mourning as well? What a disgusting little puke.

1273 days ago

a mere mortal    

You're all a bunch of F***IN IDIOTS!!!!
-J. Morrison.

Seriously, I'ma cynical, burned out leftover metalhead refugee of the late 80's...

There isn't just HIS money to be made...there is a LOT of LOCAL REVENUE generated by a big show like, venue staff, ad reps.....vendor sales...are you all DUMB or WHAT???

This kid going over there is a shot in the arm for the local economy....**** THOSE ******* who won't go, because their lack ability to MAN UP, SEE THE BIG PICTURE, and DO THE RIGHT ****ING THING just cost them all thier ****ing jobs.


A little Nipponese kid can sit there and wallow in it,
but you can't take it for a few days, you big *******??

Explain that to your kids,
when you tell them why daddy can't buy them that bicycle,
but hey at least you didn't have to go to Japan.

1273 days ago



elilan 30 minutes ago i've heard terrible things about how he treats his crew -- he's super cheap -- even tried to make the crew PAY for their own lunches & catering when they were on tour with him.

OMG! making them buy their own food is treating them badly? many other employers buy their staff meals all day every day..not too many. Shows how baby like the crew are...not him

He's doing the right thing to show support to Japan, help the economy and keep his promise. The crew can suck it up or quit and then complain where their next unpaid meal will come from.

1273 days ago


hey if he wants to go over there and get radiated by the leaking plant and get hit with dozens of earthquakes per day then i say let him....maybe he will go away...hes obviously too stupid to realize whats going on over there so one less idiot in the world the better...hes destroyed music as it is so just let him go...he will learn the hard way and wonder why he has cancer in 10 years.

1273 days ago


Hey Justin, just call on your Canadian comrads, we will go down and work as your crew in japan.. no prob.. Im in Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia.. send me a ticket out of Sydney N.S.

1273 days ago


seriously Justin start eating lots of iodized salt now
see you in japan

1273 days ago

I Chinee    

If I was his crew members I would not go either. But Justin can go and please let him stay there in Japan. DO NOT LET THIS CANADIAN BACK INTO THE USA! So sick of him.

1273 days ago
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