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'Gatsby' Producers Drop $$$ On Restored 1920s Cars

5/10/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leo DiCaprio will be rolling around the set of "The Great Gatsby" in several authentic, restored cars from the 1920s ... and TMZ has learned producers dropped a TON of cash to make sure they got the real deal. 


Sources connected to the production tell us ... filmmakers went to the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois last week and BOUGHT a pair of 1929 Duesenbergs and a 1929 Packard -- both intended to be used by DiCaprio's character, Jay Gatsby.

TMZ spoke to a rep from Volo who tells us three cars are valued at anywhere from $800 thousand to $3 MILLION each -- but the rep wouldn't reveal how much cash producers plunked down for the rides.

We're told the cars are scheduled to be shipped out to the movie set in Australia in the next few weeks.

Fun Fact: 'The Great Gatsby' takes place during the summer of 1922 ... so, technically, these cars weren't even on the roads yet ... but they're still cool.


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they ever heard of replicas?
waste of money.

1262 days ago

artie help    

obamacare going in fornt of supreme court, 3 judges appointed, 2 obama nominees and 1 clinton, we don't stand a chance, i pray for us all.

1262 days ago



1262 days ago


Why are they remaking The Great Gatsby?

1262 days ago

harvey is an idiot    

Uh, it says $79,9000 right on the windshield. Either TMZ is dumb (Well thats' a given) or the Movie studio!


1262 days ago


The 'Classic American Novel' is being filmed for the 6th time. Yet, it's being filmed in Australia??? (Oh, Baz Luhrman.)
Is this one going to be a musical, too???

1262 days ago

pap rat    

a old SS car and a american packard that are not historically correct in time starring de`crapREO sounds like the rest of his crap.If your doing a FN history movie hire a FN buff who know WTF should and should`nt be on set on film..I get worn if I have to direct the director`s producers and camera artistes to making a real movie VS a backlot bunky BS`er load of crapolas no one wants to see s F`ed up historically F`ed bunch of smit.Any PBS director can buff up your movie for cheap and make it a the cars the real cars or don`t cast them in at don`t have to run you can push it pull it or blue screen it but make it FN REAL or don`t see me at the movie

1262 days ago


An $800,000 Packard? In your dreams. Maybe if there were a couple gold bricks in the trunk.

1262 days ago


Why are they shooting this in Australia? More American jobs going overseas.

1262 days ago

pap rat    

AND keep that dipsmit sound artist off my know the one who loops the two cycle motor cycle engine in with the four stroke to get more sound A/F in the bliff what a FN dumptasse dipsmit who wants thier head scrwed a-round ackwards with a engine that changes from a two cycle to four while still being a four the whole FN time got`a shut that bad sound dubin dwont has a backwards affect of driving away people not gaining them.Same F`ed up effect in effect for 30 years in the whole industry sucks then sucks now says loser who don`t know a chain saw from a truck motor.

1262 days ago

pap rat    

a duc for about a million and a roadster tall tire four door for about 800,000 sounds about right..BUT they an`t built yet keep them off my FN SET if it ant FN built yest keep it OFF my FN set or I`ll blow it up and run it over with a dozer and you can keep it in your yard ~I~LL ship it4U if it wasn`t built yet or wasn`t seen in that place at those times keep it the F off my sets OR `ill burn it2bits and mail it2u for the rest of your FTUP LIFE!!!!!!

1262 days ago


Why is a Gotti film being made? Just this past Sunday I was watching the History channel on mobsters and John Gotti again was shown. He's finially in prison dies in prison, the typical big funeral no one shows up for (so much for 'respect') and Jr. Gotti, in name only, who is still considered a joke to this day, want's a movie made of 3 generations of Gotti.

Not the godfather or goodfellas.

1262 days ago


Don't tell me that their going to do a remake of that Award winning BEAUTIFUL movie GATSBY???!! That is sickening. Nothing but nothing could top the one made w Mia and Redford. And the setting is the Hamptons, NOT Australia. Hope it's a major Flop!!

1262 days ago


Volo are known crooks. They routinely sell replicas and claim they are original or authentic. Studio likely got bilked. Also, don't forget that this version of The Great Gatsby will be in 3D per Baz Luhrman.

1262 days ago


It takes place on Long Island's Gold Coast and they are doing it Australia? They could have just used the castle and that is authentically the LI Gold Coast. I guess they don't want to be too authentic.

1262 days ago
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