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Kat Von D vs. Ex

Tattoo Turf War in Hollywood

5/10/2011 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von D's ex-husband is launching a not-so-secret plot to defeat her tattoo parlor -- in fact, he tells TMZ, he just opened his own tat shop nearby ... and he's determined to beat her at her own game.


TMZ spoke with Oliver Peck -- who worked alongside Kat for years -- and he BLASTS his ex, telling us, they "make real tattoos" at his new place ... unlike Kat's "gimmicky tourist tattoos" a few blocks away at High Voltage.

Peck doesn't stop there, insisting, "Nobody gets a good tattoo [at High Voltage]" -- and urges ink enthusiasts to stop by his place instead ... "We're a real tattoo shop."

Oliver took over ownership of True Tattoo in Hollywood this January -- where they also filmed a handful of scenes for"Miami Ink" -- but the shop didn't open 'til this week because of remodeling.

This is what happens when you look like a cartoon super villain.



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Go Oliver! All of the respected people in the business understand what you're doing and support you. You taught her everything she knows and she's due for another lesson. Don't give up the fight!

1264 days ago


go oliver!

1264 days ago


Hey, Kurt is right. Her face does resemble Rumer Willis'. Ew. I just don't understand tattoos. How do they ever feel clean?

1264 days ago


Good for you Oliver! Now go get back with Stevie Stress and form another band!

1264 days ago


I'm with you Ginger! People covered like that head to toe always look like they need a shower. And ya, Rumor Willis comparison is right on.

1264 days ago


I could care less that she even has tattoo's, to each their own and so be it that they express it on their skin, but Kat VD is just gross period, inside and out. Whoever said her ego is her biggest problem is SO RIGHT on spot.

1264 days ago


This is what happens when you're jealous of your more successful ex-wife.

1264 days ago


Hmmm, do I want to be tatted up by a hot babe or some greasy loser with a terrible moustache? Gee, tough choice. Maybe not such a great business plan dude.

1264 days ago


Can't wait to see these punks in their 70s and 80s sporting those tats. They will look like they were survivors of an ink factory explosion.

1264 days ago


I love tats and have them proudly. Anyone who has a ignorant opinion about tattoos can eat my shi&. I know lawyers, doctors, tons of people from all walks of life who have them and its a matter of taste and choice so keep your stupid closed minded opinions to yourselves in that regard! As far KAT, she has an ego bigger than kim K's AS*S and most tattoo artists ive met are complete MORONS. Fortunately, my artist is normal but wow, what a bunch of low lifes! They think because they do tattoos for a living that theyre too damn cool, now thats sad. Diss the individuals who are like that, not the ART itself.

1264 days ago


KatVD always looks filthy/smelly. My pack-a-day Grandmother's voice is more refined than this tranny's. "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig"....applies here.

1264 days ago


I've known people that have been tattooed by her and the art doesn't hold up. She's overrated and overpriced. As for her ex, I've known people that have been inked by him and no complaints. He seems like a DB and no wonder him and Kat were marrried. If you want a real tattoo go to the great Bob Roberts shop on Melrose, Spotlight Tattoo. Now that's a tattoo shop!

1264 days ago


Oh please. No one on the planet can do portrait tattoos like Kat Von D. Nobody. And I think people know this.

1264 days ago


I thought Miami Ink was filmed in Miami also. Remember the hurricane episode?

1264 days ago

Gabriel T$F    

I've gotten several tattoos at True Tattoo BEFORE this dude bought the shop. True Tattoo is fantastic, many of the L.A. Ink employees used to work there, including Kat.

Shout out to T.T. artist Jeff Page!!

1264 days ago
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