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Lindsay Necklace Case -- No Contest Plea Tomorrow

5/9/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will officially plead no contest to misdemeanor theft tomorrow -- TMZ has learned -- but Lindsay won't be showing up in court.

Lindsay Lohan Plea

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lindsay wants to show up for the plea, but the cost and craziness associated with a Lindsay Lohan appearance is just too much -- what with extra Sheriff's deputies, court disruption, etc.

So Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, will appear before Judge Stephanie Sautner to enter the plea.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will plead no contest, and in such cases it's routine a defendant can serve the sentence with an electronic monitoring device at home, rather than doing jail time.

As we first reported ... both Sheriff's Department and the Probation Department sources tell us ... Lindsay would be eligible to serve her 120-day jail sentence with electronic monitoring at home.

Judge Sautner has made it clear ... she's treating Lindsay like any other defendant, so it's likely the judge will allow her the electronic monitoring option.

And, a defendant who serves time at home with an monitoring bracelet gets the same time off for good behavior and jail overcrowding as someone who serves time in the pokey.  And we're told 120 days translates into 14 DAYS.   So 14 days with a bracelet and she'll be off the hook with the necklace!

TMZ will be in court tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


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I just wonder when this spoiled self-absorbed brat is going to have some real consequencs for her actions. I also agree with the others, why get time off for good behavior if you’re sitting around your own apartment. How is that punishment? Most of call that a vacation.

1262 days ago


the Seeker less than a minute ago

Linnocent bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How does crow taste HATERS sea hags ,witches and cat ladies ??

LILTY, dumb ass! She's pleading "No Contest", Tick tock, jail is right around the corner.

1262 days ago


The avatar is the cat from the comic swtrip, "Get Fuzzy"

1262 days ago


Hey Harv: Actually, when an inmate chooses the electronic monitoring option, not only do they have to pay a daily charge for its convenience, but they generally are required by the jail to do a significantly larger percentage of their sentence. Usually closer to the 2/3 (2 days gets 1 good time day) that would be required under the state. Of course, if you can prove to the monitoring service that you have business obligations and community service, you can generally leave your house for most of the day, your just stuck in at night. So while she has to deal with it a lot longer, she gets some semblance of freedom. If she does only do 14 days on electronic monitoring, something is not right. Ask any inmate that has chosen the option, you do longer time than sitting is the crappy jail.

1262 days ago


A size 10 IS NOT fat. I was a model years ago and sometimes wore a size 10. I'm 5'8". However, if you are 4 feet tall, then, yes, a size 10 would be fat.

1262 days ago


How is she innocent? No contest is a GUILTY plea, except that the admission of guilt cannot be used against her in a civil suit.

As for court costs. All those folks are on salary. Is she finally ashamed of herself? THAT would be progress.

1262 days ago


Shocking that California property is so expensive with all the criminals running around! And the reason she doesn't want to be in court is so that she doesn't have to be the one to say she's changing her plea to 'no contest'. She hasn't learned anything.

1262 days ago


I thought she insisted she was innocent? A no contest plea = admitting guilt.
That = probation violation. WHY is she not going to prison!?!?!?
And 14 days? Why not make her serve all 120? It's at HOME. I thought the 14 day reduced time was due to jail overcrowding - but she WON'T BE IN JAIL! So why not the ful 120 days at the VERY LEAST!?
Celebrity justics BS. All she's learned is that being a celebrity gets you out of jail 99.9999% of the time. Again, that is ALL she has learned. Stupid skank!

1262 days ago


Bree O about a minute ago

Possesion of Cocaine
Grand Theft
Skipping court dates

And she gets no jail time, I think thats a first in the history of this country.

misdemeanor petty theft and the cocaine charges were dismissed.

1262 days ago

Hot Farts    

This can only be determined by the judge and Shawn Holley cannot have the disposition until sentence is imposed. The DA reccomendation was not mentioned in this...wonder why. In a no contest plea there will be time added to the sentence in most cases but it is served concurrently so 120 seems like the max in this case.

1262 days ago

Julia M.    

I forgot to add that I don't know why in hell she's pleading anything. This case is full of reasonable doubt. If all she's charged with is a misdemeanor what is she gaining by pleading guilty to the charged offense? Seriously, though I am loathe to criticize her lawyer without all the details, I worry I'm seeing lazy lawyering here. She should be going to trial.

1262 days ago


At least she's finally admitting that she's guilty of stealing the necklace.

Now all the enablers can eat crow!

1262 days ago

Pony Princess    

Lindsay wants to show up for the plea, but the cost and craziness associated with a Lindsay Lohan appearance is just too much -- what with extra Sheriff's deputies, court disruption, etc.


Boy, what a hero LL is.. Thinking about the ordinary people of California and the costs they pay in taxes to get her ass in court.
Such a darling, thoughtful HERO in all our eyes.

1262 days ago


you need to hold your horses you will not know until the judge says so. harvey is not in charge of this case. so wait that garbage above is not carved in stone. remmber she still has CS she is not doing good at

1262 days ago


That is stupid. 14 days even while at home? No wonder she continues to do whatever she wants.

1262 days ago
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