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Charlie and Denise FACE OFF Over Their Kids

5/11/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards went to battle at an L.A. lawyer's office yesterday over a custody agreement regarding their kids ... and TMZ has learned the Warlock did NOT emerge victorious.

Charlie Sheen Custody
Sources connected to the negotiation say Charlie wants his daughters Sam and Lola for weekends ... but Denise has had deep concerns about the welfare of the children and under current circumstances, she does not want Charlie to have the kids.

When the two faced off yesterday -- we're told there were "neutral third parties in the room" who agreed  with Denise that Charlie should not have the kids.

We're told the matter is NOT going to go to court ... and right now, Charlie will not get the visits he wants.


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angeleyes worte:
"Since from reports this started in his teenage years I'm wondering why there has never been any report of his mother advising, supporting or consoling him in regards to the issues with his marriages and divorces and children - Could this be the underlying issue he's battling in regards to the treatment of the women in his life?"

I wondered that too, especially since the show, "Two and a Half Men" was supposedly based on his life style, and they had that factor presented a lot about his mother's negative influence on & in his decisions concerning women. It may have been his relaying his feelings about his own mother's raising of him that shaped some of those shows.

1224 days ago


Looks like Charlie bought a house yesterday. I wonder why TMZ didn't put this story up? I guess he still has plenty of money.

1224 days ago


They had the information about him buying this house posted here a long time ago. March I think.

1224 days ago


Mairzee_dotes - I took the shows "mother" to be comedic rather than factual, in fact I often wondered if it was not more about the writers issues with their mothers than the actors that we were seeing. My guess though is that although the show's initial idea was based on a reprobate bachelor and his brother and son, that the storyline developed with the writers ideas rather than on the actors real lives.
From what we can read the "real" lives of the actors was very different from those portrayed on the show.

1224 days ago


I feel the we arent use to a celeb doing things there own way and we are so use to the celeb listening to their publicist and doing a huge fake public apology that they really dont mean then going into rehab and not staying clean for very long if at all. Thats one of the main reasons I like charlie more then ever now because he's not being fake but I do understand it hurts him in his career too . If charlie wouldnt of been fired lorre prob would of been able to finish the last 4 shows and then they could of figured all this mess out after the season was done I know there where alot of factors in why the season wasnt fished some charlies fault and some lorres and wb fault.

1224 days ago



You're welcome. That was my take away from reading Janet's email as well. Plus, if you noted the description of the email, "blistering, all caps" that reminds me of his anger and dramatics/histrionics.

So, in relation to your question of how he treats women as an adult based on his relationship with his mother, here is one view.

His mother is an enabler/defender. He expects all the women in his life to be an enabler/defender like mom. As long as they are, all is well. As soon as they start to confront him about his issues, or make demands on him to have a more adult relationship with them, that's when things go south.

That view is consistent with the remarks that I have read him make about women in relationship with him - as well as a few remarks from women who had a relationship with him. Could explain his rocky history of brief relationships. But, its probably an oversimplification at any rate.

1224 days ago


SIM - regarding ego - I've read some literature regarding the effects of ego some years ago but not delved into the various classifications at length -
My life experience has been that ego (or a belief in self) is necessary to have the courage and confidence to accomplish goals however when excessive ego is on display it often is a detriment to others and the person who displays it -
I'm sure there are most complex ways to describe what I mean by this - Drama queens IMO have excessive egos - perhaps that's your super ego mention.
Also those who need to put down others to feel good about themselves seems to be excessive ego displays although I also feel this is overcompensating for their own perceived inadequacies.
I guess whenever I have witnessed violent personal verbal attacks on other persons I have equated that to over inflated egos at work - the net result has been a decline in my respect for the attacker.

1224 days ago


"Also those who need to put down others to feel good about themselves seems to be excessive ego displays although I also feel this is overcompensating for their own perceived inadequacies.
I guess whenever I have witnessed violent personal verbal attacks on other persons I have equated that to over inflated egos at work - the net result has been a decline in my respect for the attacker."


Interesting. You really think so? Then let me ask you this, and I am actually interested in your opinion about this so please, don't get defensive because none of this is against you.
What do you think about people who drag out personal information, very PERSONAL and painful information, about someone else's PRIVATE LIFE and share it in public, without the person's consent, in order to vilify, bash and mock that person? And they do it only because that person doesn't share their opinion about something, has her/his own opinion, shares it and doesn't feel intimidated by them?

1224 days ago



I get what you mean. Here's a brief but informative article if you're interested:,_ego_and_super-ego

My brief understanding is this: Id is what we see in babies and little children whose primary purpose is survival. The Super Ego is what society expects from us as good citizens. The Ego is the mediator that allows us to be more than an immature, self -indulgent brat but less than living only with regard for social expectations.

The Ego is what allows us to be personally fulfilled, authentic people who adapt well to society at the same time. Being true to ourselves does not imply total disregard for the rights and feelings of others.

Good ego strength equates with healthy self esteem and positive self image - well integrated self. When that healthy ego is missing or damaged, what we see is an exaggerated compensatory projected image aka narcissism. Masking the sense of emptiness inside where a healthy core self would reside.

Further trauma is sometime called narcissistic wounding. Narcissism is from an early stage of life where the Id predominates. What's normal behavior at that stage is not normal at later stages of life.

Basically, just another way of saying what you just said :-).

1224 days ago


aaaaahhhhh....a turning point!

5 hrs without anyone even posting about cs on tmz......what a mile-marker.

the silence is deafeningly the real world.

1224 days ago


While waiting for angeleyes' answer (maybe she won't answer after all), I will just show to the rest of the posters why I asked the question to begin with.
I APOLOGIZE to all the posters here, because this is a thread about Charlie, but this has to be shown. The nastiness of those that take higher moral ground has to be shown. These are the posts they are writing about me on the forum that until today was all public. Now they either closed it or made it private. Too little too late.
I don't care anymore who reads those things about my private life anymore. It is more important for me to show what pieces of trash you people are dealing with here. Some of these things were known only to a few people on the net. I don't know who has given them the information and I don't care.
No one is going to throw sh it at me without consequences.

Ellen aka Spring_in_Michigan

RB aka Roast_Beef

Hi all -

I have some information to share with you. First I want to stipulate that I was given this information in confidence. I have permission to share this info with you here within limits. Even though some of the info is in the public domain, I'd like to request that we keep our knowledge to ourselves here - at least at this time.

And, its sorta funny to me to discover that I had already run across ksis online when I was first doing searches on Charlie. I even think that when I was first commenting at TMZ that I recognized her handle - but then forgot as time went by. IF memory serves at all, I just decided that it wasn't important and I didn't see the significance for commenting at TMZ since I really hadn't learned much about her. However, I had noticed before that she IS in Poland. I wish now that I had remembered - but - oh, well.

Geez, my brain is getting old or maybe just lazy in retirement. I DO try to keep it sharp so maybe its just old age creeping up on me. Whatever.

Anyway, I have ksis's Twitter account and you might just find her Tweets interesting reading. If you do, try reading all the way back to the beginning of the Charlie Tweets. You'll notice that she writes in a personal fashion like Charlie is actually writing back to her. The source of this information assures me that IF Charlie had ever written back we'd ALL know about it.!/JessicaLan_ksis

Ksis does however, have a Twitter exchange with Natty Napalm. You'll also note that she talks about TMZ, the haters, and how she is Charlie's number one defender there. Raymond even gets a mention. To her credit, she doesn't appear to talk about any one of us by name or mention our exact comments. If I am wrong, or have missed something there, please let me know.

My comment was - the Big Prize goes to the folks who said that ksis is a "Charlie goddess wannabe".

The picture that is forming is that ksis is having a fantasy love affair. Evidently she has undergone some changes to her behavior online since the whole Charlie madness started for her 3 months ago. She tried sharing her love interest elsewhere online in a discussion setting where she is a member, but NO ONE would join her. No one agreed with her about Charlie. Rather than get embroiled with her in argument, everyone just quietly left off discussing with her. So, that may be one reason why she spends so much time at TMZ.

Also, when she is posting elsewhere where no one will talk with her about Charlie she is evidently exhibiting more of her former/alter personality. She has been observed making more vulnerable comments away from TMZ and then immediately following those comments with aggression at TMZ. I have more information about ksis as a person and will share that in another post. It helps to understand why she does what she does about Charlie.

I'm not suggesting that we all get "understanding" and touchy feely about ksis. I am also not suggesting that we go on the attack with this info either. I just find it helpful to keep situations in perspective. I thought it might be helpful to you as well.



Evidently ksis IS telling the truth about who she is, and actually shares quite a bit about her personal life online.

She is in her late 20's. She is not especially attractive. Has small eyes and a large nose. Appears to suffer some sort of seizure disorder which impacts her self esteem. Is a school teacher in Poland. Has taken some advanced courses in her teaching field. She is an only child. She lives with her father. He is a typical non-communicative Polish male. Her mother is dead. She died of a massive heart attack at home and ksis was present. I don't yet have a date on that event. Her mother suffered from depression.

So, the image that I have of ksis is that she is well on her way to being an old maid school teacher in a culture that still regards people like her that way. She is probably intelligent but may not be regarded as such by others around her in Poland. She has few if any romantic prospects. May be facing caring for an aging father by herself. May be traumatized by her mother's death. May be prone to depression.

Really, having an escapist fantasy isn't a stretch, you know? Being Charlie's number one defender gives her purpose and meaning. The thrill of the battle makes her feel alive. Like that.



Oh Wowie! Interesting stuff, Ellen! Thanks.
The masterpiece unfolds to reveal the flaws!
I would guess that she has NO LOVE interests.....and if anything,
is rather the one-night-stand kinda girl!
Overall it's rather sad.....but despite that, I won't be feeling much sympathy
towards someone who CHOOSES to mean-mouth others for their opinions. She's
obviously not a dummy and knows the rules of good etiquette. IMO, she drops her
defences and becomes ''softer'' when she NEEDS something from someone - like
validation -- but hikes them up again with insults to avoid being challenged.
I would love to read and comment more......I'm just home to pack a little lunch
for my road trip so OBSESSIVELY HAD to take a peek on the latest. lol!
Have fun everyone! Chat with you all later!


Well, it looks like to me that she is once again dredging up that old comment. There MAY be new stuff that I am not aware of - but at any rate her description fits the old story. And, aren't we all - maybe me especially - glad that we have this safe bunker to retreat to sit it out and watch. Maybe angeleyes won't bite & ksis won't get a response. That would be the best tack, IMO. But we'll see what happens.

And, the "someone" who is the focus is obviously once again lucky me. Right?

I feel like she does this stuff for several reasons. (1). She really dislikes me. (2). She really wants to discredit me - for what I assume are obvious reasons. (3). She loves the attention. (4) She loves "revenge" - as she has stated herself in her tweets. (5). It keeps her relevant when she has nothing else to say. (6) She loves making Charlie haters mad - once again as she stated in her tweets and at TMZ. At TMZ she also said that made her happy to think that she was raising their blood pressure as well. (7) She probably gets stuck on the past and dredges things up like this in other places and over other events. Not necessarily in that order of priority.

I see ksis as basically a vindictive person - which is another way to say "an eye for an eye". She is easily offended. She makes reasons to be offended when there are none. So, other people have to do more than walk on egg shells and bend over backwards to avoid offending her. She is unforgiving. And, she derives PLEASURE from dishing out payback by her own admission.

But, hey, did ANYONE here really think that she was going to suddenly stop trying to provoke fights? She has ALWAYS baited people like this who are trying not to engage with her. So, I am going to just sit here and wait and watch. I had already made my own response to angeleyes and posted it before seeing ksis' comment which must have been submitted at almost the same time. So, I have nothing left to say until/unless someone again asks me what I think or otherwise initiates a discussion with me. Which is fine by me.

Its at times like this that it would be gratifying - perhaps in a petty way - to see her have to eat her own words. I was thinking that an anonymous "new" poster making a single post containing the more pertinent tweets from her account would be effective. She's scream "troll" and "stalker" and make other fuss. But, she DID make those tweets publicly. And, she DID start it.

Am I being mean or just self preserving? Anyone want to offer some feedback here?



Just reading her tweets last night sorta saddened me, but the other info posted here made it worse. She is definitely fixated on Sheen, to the point that you can almost see the imaginary conversations that take place. She posts relentlessly, points to her "accomplishments" at TMZ, and basically takes credit as being one of his only TRUE fans.

The fact that she occasionally goes off to attack other Twitter users for their comments indicates that she will vociferously defend him no matter what ANYONE says. I can only wonder what's going on in her daily life - and how her peers are handling her obsession. Judging from a couple of tweets, they don't understand it at all.

It's just a shame that she choose this one, pathetic, egotistical, people-using low-life to attach herself to. There are so many other celebs out there who truly give back to their fans... why she is fixated on this dork is anyone's guess. Maybe she thinks that she can offer him the unconditional love and support that no one else does??

Regardless of the amateur psychoanalysis, it's obvious that the poor girl is in need of some help. Not knowing what the conditions are like in her hometown, I'd be hesitant to guess at whether or not she has a chance at getting any.

1224 days ago


YOU posted the information in public places, sweetheart.

YOU left it out there for others to find and see.

YOU chose to make it public here.

No one else made that choice for you. No one else here would have known things things if YOU hadn't chosen to BLURT IT OUT THE THE WORLD.

Stop trying to place blame on others when YOU were the one who left stuff all over the internet for others to find, read, and comment on.


Put on your big-girl panties, sweetums, and suck it up.

YOU SCREWED UP - BIG TIME - visited a private site set up by others for others, thinking you'd find some dirt of your own to dish, only to find that you were the subject.

Eavesdroppers never hear good of themselves, whether the "eavesdropping" is done via reading or listening.

OWN UP TO YOUR OWN SHORTCOMINGS AND DROP IT - then maybe others will too.

1224 days ago


PSSTTT.. ever hear of PUBLIC DOMAIN?

You put stuff on the 'net, it's in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Everyone and their brother has a right to read anything posted in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and comment on it.

No one put that stuff here but YOU.

So, drop the self-righteous crap and grow up, srsly!

1224 days ago


If it was private I wouldn't be able to visit, would I? And it makes no difference where it was posted. Here or there. It was posted publically and you had no business doing it. Setting up a discussion group where 90% of conversation is about me? Sick.
Actually...Thank you for proving how right I was about you all;) I don't care of you drop it. Just be prepared to be exposed.

1224 days ago


OH! And one last thing...

I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to post this on every single article that deals with Sheen from here on out. I will follow you to every single one to point out what I did above... YOU SCREWED UP BY LEAVING THAT INFORMATION IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. You have no one to blame but yourself.

YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY and I seriously doubt that you're going to garner any brownie points with anyone by posting things that were said in a forum that was intended to be PRIVATE from the beginning. Yeah, it SAID PRIVATE when you went to the site, didn't it, dupa? But, since it WAS accessible through a glitch, you sucked it right up - MAKING YOU NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.

I will not apologize for anything I said, since I meant every word of it. I seriously doubt anyone else will either. And, for your own overwhelming stupidity in not only leaving the information laying around on the 'net, but for POSTING IT HERE as well, you deserve no sympathy whatsoever.

1224 days ago
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