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Kentucky Derby Champ -- Horsing Around at Day Spa

5/11/2011 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The horse that won the Kentucky Derby last weekend is kicking back IN STYLE -- in fact, we're told, the thoroughbred will undergo a special daily spa treatment to help it gear up for the next big race.

The horse's trainer Graham Motion tells TMZ, now that Animal Kingdom is a champion -- he'll start daily saltwater spa treatments to help aid muscle recovery after the race. 

The 25-minute process includes submerging the horse up to its knees in cold saltwater -- and Graham insists ... it feels wonderful ... for the horse anyway.

But that's not all -- Graham says AK's bed is getting a makeover too ... telling us, the entire stable will be packed with "a lot more straw for a very cushy bed" to maximize comfort before AK's next big race.

Of course, of course.

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sick of it    


1240 days ago


I love horseracing, but why is it that "now that Animal Kingdom is a champion" he get treated to spa treatments and is afforded a "comfortable" stall? Um...these horses make tons of money for the owners....they should be treated that way from day 1.

1240 days ago


this horse won me $77. he deserves all the pampering he can get!

1240 days ago


Hey TMZ! Who has the biggest schlong? This horse or Steven Tyler?

1240 days ago


A real reporter would know where he was staying and getting this lavish treatment done to him. Ahhh, Fair Hill, Cecil County Md. He's prob got the shortest trip to Preakness over all the other horses. Only 45 mins. away from Baltimore. Guess he's our "hometown" favorite now. side note for you horse racing enthusiasts: Ramon Dominguez is also from Cecil County.

1240 days ago


Wouldn't it take more pressure off the horse if it's submerged to about half it's body? That's like standing in shallow water and trying to do water exercises for disabled people. Hook the horse up so it can be weightless and have less pressure in its joints.

1240 days ago


And let's hope they continue to treat Animal Kingdom in style long after the limelight is gone and not the way of Ferdinand.

1240 days ago

Dave Creaturo    

The Jockey who won the derby was just found DEAD!!!. Any details

1240 days ago

cynical me    

Dave Creaturo 7 minutes ago

The Jockey who won the derby was just found DEAD!!!. Any details

It was the runner up Jockey...probably offed himself because he lost.
The horse racing world was in shock today after a leading U.S. jockey who rode this year's Kentucky Derby runner-up Nehro to its maiden win earlier this year was mysteriously found dead in his car.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1385819/Michael-Baze-dead-car-Churchill-Downs.html#ixzz1M338q2F6

1240 days ago


MAYBE.. and I'm just sayin', but if they treated the horses that way to start with, maybe they'd do better in the races altogether? I mean, these horses are pretty much raced for life and I have NOTHING against it or anything, but with the amount of money these people make, these horses should be pampered and treated well from the get go!

1240 days ago


What????? another Sarah Jessica Parker story????? Enough already!

1240 days ago


Michael Baze, the jockey that died, was not even in the Derby.

1240 days ago


Our dressage horse went to Fair Hill for rehab after an injury. Love it there! He loved the sal****er spa. All the workers called him "Grandpa" because he is 17 years old and was surrounded by 2 and 3 year old racehorses!

1240 days ago


Oh, heavens. The jockey that died was NOT the Derby winner or runner-up, he didn't even ride in the Derby. As for the article, this isn't special treatment for the horse but instead regular treatment of all racehorses. It's a rather silly article, but at least it made TMZ, a rarity for the sport of horse racing.

1240 days ago


All racehorses should be treated better. Racing is horrible on their bodies.

I liked racing until I watched a horse snap it's leg in half (leg was left dangling by a tendon below the knee) during a race. Poor horse was scared and had to be put down on the track in front of everyone. Pretty traumatizing. I did more research on this and found out horrible injuries and being put down is shockingly common on racetracks.

Animal Kingdom is an amazing animal and I hope he is not pushed too far.

1240 days ago
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