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Matthew Perry -- I'm 'Going Away' to Focus On Sobriety

5/12/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew Perry tells TMZ he's making plans to "go away for a month to focus on [his] sobriety" ... as a proactive measure in his battle with substance abuse.

Matthew Perry

The "Friends" star issued a statement to TMZ ... saying, "I’m making plans to go away for a month to focus on my sobriety and to continue my life in recovery. Please enjoy making fun of me on the world wide web.”

We're told Perry has not suffered any sort of relapse -- but has planned the trip as a proactive measure.

Perry has struggled with substance abuse in the past -- checking into rehab for a prescription pill addiction in 1997 and again in 2001.


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Jack DaCarup    

KUDOS to Matthew for manning up and admitting he has a problem & needs help. God Bless!

1224 days ago


Good for him to take the steps to better mental and physical health. Wishing him well.

1224 days ago


anonymous 12 hours ago 90% of you posters need rehab for your DENIAL wake up and smell the coffee.. are you buying this crap????? matthew perry is an addict that has fallen off the wagon, and is denying it, and wanting to have you all believe how greater than thou he is..he is NOT..he is going into treatment because he has been using drugs and alcohol AGAIN, AND HE IS AN ADDICT, AND HE HAS A, all you people that say atta guy,,,go for it...great going,,,good going...get realll...the guy, cant stop...get matter what is at stake.this is his THIRD TIME...AND HE IS REALLY YOUNG...LETS SEE HOW LONG HE MAKES IT AT THIS RATE.

Chill out man (woman) who're anonymous behind your shield of a computer screen. Do you not have any problems or faults in your own life? We all do. People are saying "atta guy" because he is the minority of people that actually say "hey i have a big problem, it hasn't been solved, i acknowledge i need help...again." What's so horribly bad about that? If he fell off the wagon, ok...he's making the effort to get back on it. He's an addict, not a murderer deserving of humanity's disgust and criticism. Please don't use "we" in postings when you are merely posting for your own free opinion....

1224 days ago


James- like the way you a few others think.
The rest of you sheeple disappoint, especially you MightyMad.

1224 days ago


Anybody that has been in recovery should know relapse happens way before picking up. Alot of times people will see the warning signs and ignor them thinking they will be ok. Whatever the cause for Matthew to go to rehab doesnt matter . Good for you Matthew for loving yourself enough to get extra support. Who cares who laughing because your winning.

1224 days ago


Good for you Matthew . Addiction dont care if your Rich or poor. Its a lifetime illness that needs treatment for life. Maybe coming out with your recovery will open others eyes to keep getting treatment even after rehab.

1224 days ago


i wonder if he will come out with a "fresh and rested look" as he works on his sobriety.

1224 days ago

Throwback kid    

I thought he went away years ago, is he still acting?

1224 days ago


umm he's not admitting to replacinging even though we all know he did. I like matthew perry alot but dude dont think we are dumb by saying Im going away just to take proactive measure man up admitt you used again and go on with your life it doesnt make you a horrible person that you used again. Sobriety is never a easy thing and people rarely have a straight path to it.

1224 days ago

Terra Firma    

Good for him to be proactive, but does he really need to trumpet his intentions?

1224 days ago


I think it is wonderful that Matthew Perry is addressing a problem that he has thereby, doing the best he can for himself. Addiction is not a choice it is simply DNA Some of us extremely fortunate and we do not have the proclivity to become addicts.

As to Kathy's comment all the money in the world does not cure nor help anyone with an addiction. We should all become more enlightened regarding addiction.

I wish him the very best of luck in his treatment. Far better to help yourself, than walking down Charlie Sheen's path to nowhere

1223 days ago


Matthew if you read the moronic comments some evil and heartless people made in here fell sorry for them you got were they will never be. and you will be back you are a dam good actor

1214 days ago


he looks so old dam drugs- Matthew you will beat your demons
and you will come back and show some people that you are better than them God Bless you

1214 days ago


I wish him the best of luck. I could NEVER make fun of him.

1202 days ago
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