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'Men' a Go

Ashton to Make

Way Less than Charlie

5/13/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher has officially signed on to "Two and a Half Men" ... and TMZ has learned he'll be making more than half of Charlie Sheen's base salary ... but less than $900,000 an episode.

Ashton Kutcher
Sources tell TMZ, Charlie's base pay on the show was $1.25 million an episode.  We've learned Ashton will get more than half -- more than $625,000 -- but less than $900,000.

There are reports Charlie received upwards of $2 million an episode, but that includes his profit participation.

And TMZ has learned, CBS honcho Les Moonves has already signed off and he will announce the show is coming back for Season 9.

And sources say the remaining cast -- including Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones -- will be coming back.

We're told Ashton spent time with creator and Executive Producer Chuck Lorre and the two got along great -- something that was essential for Lorre, who was at war with Charlie.

Ashton will NOT be playing the Charlie Harper character.   He'll be playing someone new, who comes into the "Men" Malibu house.


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I guess he will play the stupid guy who hangs out too much!Because lets face it.. THATS all Ashton can play... THE STUPID GUY... yeah... that gets OLD!!!! : (

1258 days ago


Can't speak much for looks but my wife thinks Ashton is really hot and Charlie looks like a creepy old man. Ashtons a really good actor, if the writing is good it will be great if not it will bomb.
I'll bet we start hearing from Charlie 5 times a day again, he's going to lose it now.

1258 days ago


PUNK'd!! This story is a PUNK set up! Charlie is coming back!

1258 days ago

pap rat    

Phat fookies and magblackhairs-2.5 CBS DOA mondays again CBS will be fireing the writers next and cartooning from fox will takeover.Canned laffs with a ashton moocher on top of the lame cake cokie cutter just suckstass soo bad that the TV just left the building put that crazy nutty trump cake yourt fired red rump thrump now your presidentia 2.5 charie carzy mean froma UF the F O gamma VFR TROLLER scan the hughes Manny~O

1258 days ago


How will they write him in? considering the malibu house on the show belongs to Charlie? How will they explain Jake and Allan living with him... did Allan officially turn gay? Is he a relative? ... i dont care anymore...

1258 days ago

Rolex sucks    

Ashton sucks, never liked the guy didn't watch 21/2 men either so my opinion is worth 2.5 cents.

1258 days ago


I think AK will be good. They are not replaceing Charlie's character. They are creating a whole new character, so to compare it to Charlie is apples and oranges.

1258 days ago


Just let the show die, this is going to flop!

1258 days ago


Awful choice ...Lousy actor! Show should be cancelled.
If they do continue , send Jake to Iraq or college . He is a funny as a dish rag .
Alan is great , but he should not play second banana to Ashton .
By the way , did mommy Demy give him permission?

1258 days ago

steven katona    

bravo! now hollywood will see the differentiations between characters eh? eh mr sheen don't worry. in this multi-polar universe there's more opportunities from which fame and fortune can present itself once again! who cares about television. i know that cash cow has dried up like a...(omg i was going to use a bad joke about japan and milk and radiation but i prevented it due to 'social constraints' however i do want the public to know that this tragedy can be used as a metaphor for completely losing it/destruction to give scope to a presentation or speech or some sorta non-formal arena/setting/chat. like sheens career is as washed up as...) eh charlie? there's no 'meltdown' here. maybe sheen needs this. maybe he needs to do a major hollywood production too or maybe we need to wear 'radiation suits'. eh charlie? bask in the 'radioactivity' of your behavior now. now you see the 'wake of destruction'. sheens career is the metaphor of the japanese disaster. side by side they are both tragedies. eh mr sheen? there is no plan b. ashton's browridge and nose look similar to sheens. his zygomatic arch and mantable also are similar in look. to the billions of hominids on the planet they won't notice the difference. puff another one charlie and start crying (whens ashtons drug testing? i heard cbs/warner does mandatory drug testing now on all actors!?). cry and let it out charlie. i passed statistics but you didn't pass the cbs/warnerbros/chuck test. you failed now look. look for new opportunities hot shot! 3D! the sheen shines but under that vineer needs character and depth that's more than hooker skin deep which can add breadth to this stars dimmed hopes at a comeback. now mr sheen has taken the steps in redemption. i've seen him walk a mile now i bequeath all that listens to give this single father another chance as he's eaten a piece of the humble pie and deserves to fade out into glory as a superstar that he is. this is a slap in the face to mr sheen. something he didn't deserve. now a new script must be written. sheen knows the score. take two asprins and call your daddy in the morning!

ps to all the japanese people suffering i live on the west coast and i'm kinda glowing too. the tragedy gives immensity to a situation when used as a metaphor for something else. its what duck boy was doing but screwed up. with more than ten thousand dead we don't need more disasters used as metaphors for crappy careers so i want all the world to know that any more meltdowns better be the radioactive kind cause to all you drug addicted actors/actresses are on notice. your replacements can be easily found. just ask charlie sheen.

pps...japan is a nightmare that needs epic support i encourage everyone to donate something. the robots have given more evidence of a total meltdown. it'll take years to 'fix'. so don't worry charlie. there's bigger issues at stake on this planet than you. you were right. we aint interested anymore. all this fan cares about is winning and money. to hell with you cry babies! this radioactivity is good for me just ask coultier. that right camp wannabe said the radioactivity is good for me charlie? just like crack? crack and radioactivity go hand in hand now in hollywood. so does doin business with the devil. just like the nuclear option you takes your chances when you deal with cbs/warner/chuck. now that their saving some pennies i'm wondering how many pieces of silver did they all get for dumping sheen and going for the unknown unknown. only the public will care as the opinion polls are usually right within a few standard deviations within the mean. eh charlie? those 'z' scores aint keeping you within that 'confidence interval'. looks to me you'll be using the negative 'z' table and hoping for the best in the future. tmz should interview charlie for his reaction and get it on video. thanks!

1258 days ago


Charlie you dodged a bullet with this one, If cbs would of gotton hugh grant or someone who can act the show prob would of done great charlie used his warlock powers to curse cbs!!! Ashton go back to doing more shows of punkd ohh I forgot it was Canceled and sucked!! ps you sucked in the The Guardian and every other movie you have done.

1258 days ago


Charlie - "WINNING!...ah...Dude, where's my efen job?" "What?!? Givin' it to Demi's husband?!? I'll make her my biyotch, too!"

1258 days ago

I don't think so.....

1258 days ago

I don't think so.....

1258 days ago


I am thrilled! I love Ashton Kutcher, he is fabulous eye candy!
Sorry Charlie, but the show must go on! Congrats to Jon Cryer, Holland Taylor, Berta, and Jake!


1258 days ago
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