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Oxygen Network BANS 'Bad Girls Club' Star

5/13/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Bad Girls Club" star Christina Hopkins has been BANNED from appearing on the Oxygen network EVER AGAIN following her vile, racist rant ... TMZ has confirmed.

A rep for Oxygen tells us, "Oxygen condemns those comments… she will never appear on Oxygen again."

TMZ broke the story ... Hopkins unleashed a disgusting, racist rant directed towards an African-American woman last month -- dropping the N-word 12 times in less than 90 seconds.

0513-christina-hopkins-sm-launch_v2Hopkins later apologized -- saying the rant "wasn't meant in a derogatory way."


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Racism is very much still alive in this country:(

1257 days ago


What's most interesting is how a person like this with know talent for entertaining people in any way, get on any tv show to begin with. She's not attractive (usually the minimal requirement), she has more instant tan lotion on her than what you will find in a case load. She's incredibly dumb and has a friend film the whole rant. Publicity stunt? That's how dumb she is and is trying to extend her 15 minutes of what, fame? Nobody knows her and one day you will see her dating some big black dude. She's disgusting as she talks while eating saying those moronic racist words. She's lucky no one would know who she is on the street or she would get a good beat down. She clearly has no talent and as such no money for security which she would need if in fact she could be recognized which is unlikely. I would be she's estranged from her family and is generally a miserable person. Her hanger on friends are just as bad as her since they laugh and film this tirade.

She will wind up working at the fast food drive through and no one will know who she is. Who would date this skank?

1257 days ago


karen darvin 45 minutes ago

OK, here's what I think being a white person...#1 she was drunk and she was probably at a black out stage, and yes you can eat and talk and function and be in a blackout.did she mean it? somewhere in us all is the ability to know the right words to hurt someone, that happens to be one and yes, it is in danger of popping out at any moment cause it's in all of our heads.Most of us try tonot be racist, but at some point find ourselves doing or saying something hurtful to another person, maybe some who is fat or too skinny or an addict or mentally ill or has red hair and everyone thinks it's funny and do i think calling a person a ****** 20 t imes while drunk is ok? no I don't.But am I perfect? no.have i said stupid things in anger or when my feelings were hurt?yes."do I know white people can't say ****** but "black people" can? while I find all of t hese reality shows embarrasing trash they seem to proliferate weekly.Do I want friend like this girl? no.but having red hair and freckles I have bulllied my whole llife, and only now will really get back in someones face, cause it makes me mad.I have been dealing with it my w hole gt as angry as you want, i wasn't there, i'm not sure what the story is, she probably was sincere in her apology when she remembered what she did but it doesn't change her basic self.There's a beast in her, and it's in all of us.

Thank you Karen you've said this perfectly!!!!!! Nobody and I mean nobody knows what it's like to be bullied until you've been bullied and I have too. Now I don't but when people do it to others I'll give them a nice taste of their own medicine. Two wrongs don't make a right but NOBODY does anything to the initial bullier!!! Amazing... Keep your head up!!

1257 days ago


This girl really is clueless to it being 2011, I bet the same dumb a$$ girl listens to hip hop and idols beyonce, I am so glad this girl is gone, who is the N word now BIOTCH!!!

1257 days ago


Bravo to Oxygen and bravo to TMZ for doing something constructive for change. Like I sis earlier all you lil punk ass racists can exercise your 'freedom of speech' but it will follow you everywhere - famous or not. And then you WILL be condemned. Just ask the Trumpster - he still does not know which way the wind blew him. He read too many TMZ comments and figured there were enough racists to buy the bs he was selling. He was sadly mistaken... and so are you! Make those tapes and giggle...u will indeed be 'famous'

1257 days ago


Mikey lol u r so sad. You THINK blck ppl do not have thoughts about you lot? hhhhhaaaaaa

1257 days ago


@ Humans - you re cool person...I wanna b r friend too lol. Lol I was laughing because I did the exact same thing with friends..and I am black. When it comes to defending a cause though, I gotta stand with my people lol. You re right. We just need human power!

1257 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Good! The stupid girl needs to go hide out.

1257 days ago


poor white trash again

1257 days ago


Sad day when adults(?) take name calling more serious than 3rd graders...

1257 days ago


I have one thing to say I DONT WATCH REALITY T.V its gross!!!and so are the people in it!!!!!!!!!

1257 days ago


what a worthless excuse for a human being

T R A S H.

why is the person holding the camera laughing? ****in stupid

1257 days ago


HA HA!! Dumb bitch got fired! She should have known Oprah was her boss paying her dumbass to be on TV!

1257 days ago


Mikey about an hour ago

Things black people don't know: While a small percent of white people do look for the shortest checkout line in the store, the majority of white people look for the shortest line with a white cashier.

Wrong, racist dumbass! Most white people just want to get out of the damn store in the quickest amount of time!

1257 days ago


I really didn't see anything wrong with what she said. What's the big deal?

1257 days ago
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