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'Bad Girl' Issues Apology Letter -- Odd Delivery

5/14/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Bad Girls Club" star Christina Hopkins is trying to pull the email equivalent of "Some of my closest friends are black!" ... by writing a letter apologizing for the racist rant TMZ posted on Friday ... and emailing it to an African American TMZ staffer she has never met or had any contact with before.

Hopkins says in the letter that she was "egged on by anger and alcohol" but says the takes full responsibility for her "inexcusable comments."

But rather than get in touch with our publicist -- or the TMZ tipline -- she somehow obtained the email of an African American staffer and emailed it to directly her.

Although she went out of her way to contact the staffer, she ended the email by asking for all further communication to go through her publicist.

Some friend.


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Not true! Never in my life have I spouted off racial slurs when angry! If you see people only as people and don't separate by skin colour etc. that will never happen!! More parents need to teach their children that all races are the same. Good and bad in both and not because of their damn skin colour!!
Sick of hearing everyone says stuff like this! Bullsh*t!!

1261 days ago


Hand her another shovel.

It's beginning to get deep.

Watch reads 14 minutes...

1261 days ago


Whats the big deal, blacks are only 13% of the population and most probably don't watch that show anyway.

1261 days ago



Disagree!! Not everyone is the same as you Muppet!! How many times in your life have you said things out of anger you wish you could take back?? I'm not saying this is right (because it's obviously not) but to consider this girl a racist on one video when she was drunk is ignorant!! If anything this was a good life lesson for her to go through that will help her grown to be a better person.

1261 days ago


Just prior to the video she was mugged by several black women who physically beat her and hurdle racial slurs toward her and she's the one apologizing? Now she's trying to pull a Dog the Bounty Hunter and make believe she's likes black people so she can get back on tv? Stupid.

1261 days ago


So... what's Christina's email??

1261 days ago


Thank god for TMZ and their heavy duty loyal fans to get hysterical when someone has an over-the-top pc incorret moment to make my friends and I have a laugh for the day...especially from the well knowledgeable/serious/TMZ "journalists.
Bottom line Christina was wrong but for TMZ "journalists" and fans to get tweaked...please. We all know that this well-versed show/site is the best in being shallow and flashy, so why should anyone take their anger seriously when something upsets them?

1261 days ago


i bet its the fat black girl from tv hahahahahahahahahaha

1261 days ago


It would be a shame that this episode would be blamed for ruining Christina Hopkins' career instead of the fact that she has no talent.

1261 days ago

e-media:an experiment in de-evolution    


1261 days ago


I wish all racists suffer long and hard before death, and HELL thereafter there is no redemption

1261 days ago


what a stupid girl. shes not sorry she said it, shes sorry she got caught.

1261 days ago

Shane D.    

"and emailed it to directly her."

Come on TMZ, you guys are a professional, famous blog- unacceptable

1261 days ago


Note to everyone: TMZ is right. If a racist is caught saying something racist, their first response is, "I'm not really racist, all of my best friends are black/Hispanic/etc!" And that this woman found a random African American to send her explanation/apology to, that's downright stupid. Does she have a publicist?

1261 days ago


If anyone has seen this show, then they can't be surprised or shocked!
That's all they do is talk **** and fight!

Some friend, indeed!

1261 days ago
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