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Dead Reality Star's Suicide Device Hits Auction Block

5/13/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dead VH1 reality star Ryan Jenkins hanged himself on a coat rack nearly two years ago -- after he was accused of murdering his wife -- and now, the very same coat rack could be yours ... for $1,750.


And that's just the starting bid ... in an auction hosted by a website that specializes in selling serial killer memorabilia -- like locks of Charles Manson's hair, Ted Bundy's tire iron, and John Wayne Gacy's license plate.

As we previously reported, Jenkins -- who starred on VH1's "I Love Money 3" -- was accused of brutally murdering his model wife Jasmine Fiore back in 2009 ... and hanged himself in a motel a week later, after fleeing to Canada.

The bidding is already underway. Swing by!


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first of all he didnt "hanged" himself he "hung" himslef....and i agree with ME anybody bidding for these things should be closely watched. wat kind of a sick mind do you have if you pay $1700 for a coat rack that a cowardly murdurer used to take his own life to avoid being convicted for killing his wife? People nowdays make me sick on how desperate they get for money and fame and the limits they go to.

1229 days ago


Here is an explanation on why the use of "hanged" is correct:

Hanged, as a past tense and a past participle of hang, is used in the sense of “to put to death by hanging,” as in Frontier courts hanged many a prisoner after a summary trial. A majority of the Usage Panel objects to hung used in this sense. In all other senses of the word, hung is the preferred form as past tense and past participle, as in I hung my child’s picture above my desk.

1229 days ago


@Leslie: The article is right. The correct word is 'hanged'.

@Irma: He was on BOTH shows

1229 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i say the motel could use a couple extra thousand bucks! i'm definitely bidding on that one. hang in there, fella!!

1229 days ago


"swing by" ?!?! this is awful, as is the bidding...people make me sick...

1229 days ago


I hope if I ever hang myself they would tell my story using the word HUNG and not HANGED :x

1229 days ago


The actual correct word is hanged...but thats neither here or there....dont let a little thing like grammer throw you off of the important fact......dude killed his wife and it's being glorified and profited off of......this world is a sick, sick place

1229 days ago


Did he actually win the Megan show and that's why they pulled it so quickly (yes, it was abominable, but VH1 keeps lots of equally abominable shows)?

1228 days ago


He was on Love of Money season 3 but VH1 never aired it. According to some sources, he won the show and was going to receive $250,000 but even with that money, his wife did not want to stay with him.

1228 days ago


That is disturbing!

1226 days ago


I thought the show was Megan wants a Millionaire

1226 days ago


^ finds it odd that so many people jump to soo many different conclusions sans any pertinent and verifiable information, essentially condemning people for their personal tastes. even if they are a bit odd for the rest of us. hopefully none of you vote. what every would us Americans do without the TV telling is what our reality is.

1210 days ago


This is coming very late in the game, but the correct word is "hanged". "Dived" is also correct rather than "dove". Neither is rarely used, but correct nonetheless. Signed: Your resident journalism major.

1205 days ago
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