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Maria Shriver -- Pampered Lady

5/14/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former First Lady of California Maria Shriver decided to take her mind of things and treat herself to a mani/pedi at a salon in Beverly Hills yesterday.

They did such a good job, she told the ladies, "I'll be back." *rimshot!

We spotted Maria on her way out, and asked her if she was open to taking Arnold back ...


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Spell check TMZ, you take your mind ofF things...

tsk tsk tsk...

1260 days ago


I bet she needs it, Maria should get her a younger man, like 40 or 45. She seems like she seems young at heart and funny. He seems like a total creep.

1260 days ago


Oh God that's gross!

Sorry, I wasn't expecting to see human remains on TMZ. How about a little warning next time, TMZ? M'kay?

1260 days ago


Is it just me? Why have strangers touching her on her arms and legs like that? Maybe because I live in the Midwest?

1260 days ago


The place probably doesn't serve any food. That's why she's in there. FEED THAT WOMAN A SANDWICH, PLEASE!

1260 days ago


EastCoastChopper about an hour ago
What I see is a white woman exploiting poor asian sad!


That's funny. What i see are a couple of hard working Asian women talking sh*t about another rich white bitch in their native tongue, while smiling to her face.

1260 days ago

jeff p    

I've seen elephants with fewer wrinkles.........

1260 days ago


For the record, a mani-pedi is so inexpensive; I get them all the time and I'm certainly not a "spoiled rich white woman".

By the way, try to find a nail salon where the employees aren't Asian. It's damn near impossible.

1260 days ago

two cents    

LOL @ posters that have never had a mani/pedi. Really, try to get out more.

Girl doesn't need a mani/pedi. What she needs is for someone to give her a sammich. She's too thin, she looks gaunt and unhealthy. Put some meat on those bones Maria, bigger boobs will be a benefit of a few extra pounds. :)

1260 days ago


Cut the crap about the Asian women. They have free will in this country. They're doing what they're doing for their own reasons and they are very good at it.

1260 days ago


To East Coast Chopper, Molasses, and Pro Us:

Why are you making Maria getting a pedicure and manicure a racial issue? The Asians in those nail shops are glad to get customers of any race so they can take care of their own needs for themselves and their families. You have no idea whether Maria sends money to charities that help Asians or not. How about you? Do you do anything to help Asians?

1260 days ago


You notice the woman next to her is NOT getting a massage of her shoulders or arms, just a plain old manicure/paint&run job. It's only because Maria is who she is, that she is getting this type of treatment. I go in and ask for a mani-pedi, I get my feet soaked, buffed, some lotion rubbed onto my lower legs and feet and then get my toenails painted, my hands get soaked, rubbed with some lotion and painted, NOONE ever rubbed my shoulders, legs and hands all at once like Maria is getting. Yet I bet she paid the same price we all pay, plus tip. And Yeah I am jealous!

1260 days ago


EastCoastChopper.. Not exploiting at all, don't be ridiculous! I get this done all the time and all the employess are Asian people. They have a nice business, and they want our business. Ya know if it weren't for us ' white ' women , they wouldn't be in business.

1260 days ago


To irish35, that's quite the leap you're making. Looks to me like she is waiting. As for whether the services are cheap or not, well I haven't seen the bill. Not all nail shops run by Asians are discount. The one I go to is very nice and gives great service. The clientele is upper middle class and higher. The women who work there make more than a school teacher just on tips. Technicians line up whenever they have an opening, which isn't often. I realize there are some shady shops out there and people should try to avoid them. As for Maria's weight, all the Kennedy women are thin like that. Especially as they age.

1260 days ago


Looks so relaxing! As for the Asian gals working on Maria, I have my nails done once a week and always leave over 20% for a tip, I'm sure the "poor" asian girls are well compensated for their time. Jealousy is an ugly trait.

1260 days ago
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