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Ex-MTV VJ Sued -- He USED Me For My PlayStation!

5/15/2011 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former MTV VJ Brian McFayden is being sued by his ex-girlfriend ... who claims the 34-year-old is a jobless deadbeat who USED her so he could play her PlayStation3 on her 72 inch TV.


According to the lawsuit, McFayden's former flame -- Kristin Lancione -- claims Brian "fraudulently represented to [her] that he planned on asking her to marry her, but could not find a job to support himself."

Kristin claims McFayden begged her to support him -- so she paid his rent, utilities, phone bills and even gave him cash whenever he asked for it ... assuming he would pay her back when he got a job.

But Kristin says Brian "had no intention of finding a job, and wanted the cash flow so he could remain unemployed, stay at home all day, and play [Kristin's] PS3 videogame system on [her] 72 inch television while [Kristin] was at work."

Kristin claims Brian owes her more than $86k ... including $1,200 for the therapy sessions she says she needed to deal with all of the BS.

Calls to McFayden have not been returned.


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Wasn't this a movie with French Stewart?

1256 days ago


She should be embarrassed for this lame lawsuit.

She needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions and stop acting like an innocent victim. She's making women look bad.

1256 days ago


She really must be crazy if she's suing him for her therapy sessions. The problems with this broad feeling the need to support men probably began way before she hooked up with McFayden. Her mama should have taught her the game.

1256 days ago


This is how chicks will do you.

1256 days ago


This just proves that chicks are as dumb as guys -- men are always accused of thinking with their penises, but in this case, Ms. Lancione is guilty of thinking with her ****oris. He's a pretty boy who took advantage of you. Your loss. Be smarter next time.

1256 days ago


Holy crap! Thats me right now!

1256 days ago


Chicks will believe anything, then be surprised when the truth that they new comes about. Therapy won't help if they shun the truth

1256 days ago


You don't win a lawsuit cuz you dated a loser and now you want your money back! Besides, even if you won, how is he going to pay you??

1256 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

Hey Brian, doesn't the new mortal kombat kick asss?

1256 days ago


She should have gone with Jessie Camp.

1256 days ago


Was having a bad day! This story made me laugh!

1256 days ago

Allen Ridak    

This case has been on Judge Judy hundreds of times. Sorry honey, you lose!

1256 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

I was thinking the same thing about similar cases on "Judge Judy". She had no contract - only wishful thinking.

Judge Judy would say that's the lesson she pays for being stupid enough to trust him. Otherwise, every time a relationship went sour, one of the parties would sue the other for various expenses such as meals, vacations, and gifts. She continued to pay for his share of rent, food, an utilities even though he had no job. That's on her and she doesn't get that back unless he chooses to pay her.

Paying for voluntary therapy? Not going to happen.

1256 days ago


She has no one to blame but herself for being an idiot who can't seem to get a boyfriend without paying them. She's going to need a lot more than 1,200 bucks' worth of counseling.

What an utter idiot. The fact that she can't just go "duh, that was stupid of me..." and move on is the real sign that she is a total idiot. How is it his fault if she willingly gave him cash because she bought his BS? Should girls sue every time a guy manages to have sex with one just for saying "I love you" and then disappearing the next day? This has been happening since the dawn of's called being smart and not handing out 86,000 bucks to some dude you barely know over a bunch of promises. I don't really see how him promising to marry her would warrant her giving him money, anyway.

1256 days ago

keeping it real    

She's the stupid A*S for doing it in the first place. So she can eat Sh*T! and he was a loser from day one! And he's ugly 2!!!!!

1256 days ago
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