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Charlie Sheen

Borrows $10 Mil

from Warner Bros.

5/17/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen -- who scored the biggest paycheck in TV before getting the boot -- had to borrow a huge amount of money from Warner Bros. during his last season on "Two and a Half Men."

TMZ has obtained Charlie's contract for Season 7 (2010 - 2011).  The document -- dated May 17, 2010 -- requires Warner Bros. to pay Charlie $10 million within 10 days of the date Charlie signed.  Charlie was then obligated to pay the money back during the first 13 episodes.

To repay the loan, Sheen -- who was getting a base pay of $1.25 million a show -- had $769,230.77 deducted from each paycheck for the first 13 episodes.   But then there's this pesky issue of interest.  Under the deal, the interest -- calculated at the prime commercial rate -- would be deducted from the 14th paycheck.

Charlie was fired after the 16th episode, so Warner Bros. got its $$$ back.

As for why Charlie needed the money ... unclear.  With his profit participation, Charlie was raking in more than $2 million an episode, but it seems he was still burning a hole in his pocket.

On the bright side for Charlie, he was doing really well.  We got a copy of his original contract, and in Season 1, he made $160,000 an episode, and under the original deal he only got a 4% raise for additional seasons.  That contract was renegotiated after the show became successful.


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And he has to explain his actions, because??? If someone wants to find out what happens to the money donated to Alabama or Japan, they can contact the authorities there and check. Or better yet...Don't donate if you don't trust.

1193 days ago



"And he has to explain his actions, because???"


Well his "Torpedo of Truth" tour turned out to be a big fraud.

We saw the real Charlie.

So, the truth is, he is a woman abusing, threatening, crack and whore junkie.

Something people no longer want in their living room.

1193 days ago

Melissa S    

Charlie made promises to the people of Alabama. It has been more than two weeks since his visit. The people need help, not false hope. Follow through could make a big difference in many people's lives, including Charlie's.

1193 days ago



perhaps you misinterpreted my comment above @6 hours ago. I was
just saying it was good to hear from you...and that you add spice
and passion to the discussion. I went on to thank the other posters for sharing their various opinions in that as a stroke
survivor reading these views is entertaining to me. I was thanking everyone. Sorry if you took it the wrong way!

1193 days ago



Not to worry, ksis has a perpetual defense thing going.

I too think she adds spice, almost think its a troll getting people riled up and pissed at Charlie.

There are a couple like her on the lilo threads too.

Every time they post it reminds me whats f'd up with these folks.

BTW good luck on your recovery and good to see you on the boards!

1193 days ago


@SIM - Well like you I thought it more of a hostage situation - to get their loan back they had to keep him on staff - the thing that got me about Warners contract for season 9 was that 200 people are on the production so when "the warlock of muck" acted out he jeopardized 200 people and their families - I have no pity for this guy - his party lifestyle should assure him a place under a bridge somewhere - His ex-girlfriend Bree has a better sense of managing finances than he ever did. I'd almost place money on previous contracts with him having huge loans in place before he'd continue also - these things usually have a consistency - I'd bet he was holding Warner Bros. hostage for quite a while. He's a bottom dweller for sure in my mind!

1193 days ago


Maybe he flipped his gourd when they said "NO" to one of his latest demands.

Those 7 gram rocks will roll you right out of your socks!

1193 days ago


Well Chaps - Charlie is all about Charlie - he's got no empathy for anyone else but I bet it's going to be a long time before he sees any of those big paychecks again - dirtball's made his bed now he can lay in it.

Think about it - he writes a $30,000 cheque to a hooker and gives $325 to charity - I think he just might have cash flow problems -

1193 days ago



Think about it - he writes a $30,000 cheque to a hooker and gives $325 to charity - I think he just might have cash flow problems -

Well I think that just proves that he likes doing hookers more than doing charity...

1193 days ago


Chuckles has been watching too much cable.

After seeing that commercial by JG Wentworth he called Warner Brothers and exclaimed:


1193 days ago


he he

Word was, both girls were given 30000 a month credit cards - and he said he spent millions with Heidi Fleiss' stable of hookers.

And his marriages are even bigger drains on him. I think he is going to be running in the red fast, if he isnt already.

1193 days ago


Well Chaps - Warner Bros likely saved his life by stopping the enabling that financed his hedonistic lifestyle choices. Anytime you borrow against future earnings it's a sign there are some cash flow problems -
Now that he's clean he has a chance to rebuild a life - for his and his kids sakes I hope he makes some wise choices rather than destructive ones.

1193 days ago


@Loic - LOL....I think you are right! But when you are borrowing huge amounts of money on future earnings it does signify cash flow problems. Not a worry though - in many ways Warners did him a big favor - they likely saved his life as it was only a matter of time before those 7 gm. rocks turned him into a vegetable or had a worse outcome.

1193 days ago



Yeah, I'm glad they pulled the plug on that hack... Waited too long IMHO.

He kept asking them to jump and eventually they got him on top of the building, and they left him there with the door to the elevator locked.

I think its gonna be a rough time for Charlie - with nobody left out there willing to front him millions for his lame performances...

1193 days ago


Chaps - I was thinking about the insurance Warners would have had to have on the loan the premiums must have been high - when borrowing big money the banks usually say - "So what happens if you get hit by a bus?" With the way Charlie was acting out and all the publicity the insurance company could have been the first one to say we won't insure the production.

I think even Charlie's buddies will have doubts fronting him big bucks for future earnings. It would be hard to trust the guy no matter what he says.

Well I look forward to the CBS lineup for the fall - it should be great viewing!

1192 days ago
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