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Maria and Oprah Rip Arnold During Finale

5/17/2011 9:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby drama exploded ... Maria Shriver was in Chicago with Oprah Winfrey for the taping of her farewell show -- and together they took a blatant shot at Arnold ... to the delight of 20,000 fans. 


Maria walked on the United Center stage tonight with Oprah's bff Gayle King -- and declared O had always given her "love support, wisdom, and most of all the truth."

Oprah backed that up by emphasizing, "THE TRUTH!" Our spies say everyone in the arena understood it was a message to Arnold -- and the place exploded with applause.

Other guests at the show -- Aretha Franklin, Halle Berry, Simon Cowell, and Jerry Seinfeld ... and Usher closed the show as confetti rained down on the crowd.


Not shockingly, we're told Chi-town hero Michael Jordan got the biggest ovation of any of Oprah's guests.



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Meh... this was to be expected.
Hey, Maria... your husband F'd the maid. What does that tell ya'?

1252 days ago


Is that a photo of Oprah exploding into confetti?! Now that would be cool!

1252 days ago


Jordan also cheated on his wife. Only in America are we hypocryitcal like this. Men are wired this way. It does not matter how hot a woman is, they will cheat no matter what. Kobe, Arnold, Barry Bonds, Jesse James the list goes on. No wonder why Europe makes fun of the USA so much. In America, you Must be married to be in politics, in America, we are don't want sex on tv or foul language but violence is ok. Celebrity marriages are a sham and a complete joke.

1252 days ago


I just had an 'AHA' moment - F*CK OPRAH!

1252 days ago


In June, Oprah will be done. FINISHED! what! Don't let the door hit you in the @$$ on the way out.

1252 days ago


Arnold did the maid in their house? Simply amazing. Are there photos of the lovely lady before the love child? So i guess the whole Governor thing was all a fraud as well. Family and all that crap, right Arnie. You smoke cigars as well....hmm. Did you pull a Lewinsky? Definitely top 3 on the Douchenator list!

1252 days ago


No that's not Oprah exploding into confetti. If it was there'd be a LOT more confetti.

1252 days ago


Is this Maria's idea of focusing on and protecting her children?

No man would have a family with the big O so she doesn't know the first thing about kids and what they are going through right now.

Both of these women are selfish pigs.

1252 days ago


No surprise, Oprah will rip anyone who has sex.
I'm Sooooooooo glad Oprah will Finally be off the air! tired of her raking in millions off of others peoples drama.

Maria's not surprised, don't let her fool you. She's just now going to exploit this like a virus and see how much money she can make -- calmly, caring, 'issue sensitive'.. and while suing the crap out of Arnold.

Celebrities are such greedy bitches... atleast Arnold took Care of his women ;)

1252 days ago


After what she did to James Frey and the pathetic attempt at redeeming herself as the queen of humanity????.....SEE YA
Also....the hypocrisy of cheater Michael's the flavor of the month on Oprah. Good pickup Joe.

1252 days ago


So Flava Flav has like 8 kids from different women. There are over 50% of black families where the black father got a woman pregnant, then split and the kid will never know who his black father is. Even Michael Jackson had 3 kids out of wedlock and didn't marry the moms of the kids. Tiger Woods, Kobe, Michael Jorden, Shaq, etc but Oprah is cool with them. BUT as soon as a white guy does what tens of 1,000s of black guys do, this makes the Oprah show. Amazing. Arnold is taking care of his kid. He is trying to do the right thing (after he did a stupid thing of cheating), and that makes Oprah. Well Oprah, I thought you were the only one who isn't a racist. Guess I was wrong !

1252 days ago


I didnt realize Michael Jorden and Usher were guesta on this show. They get praised when they cheat on their wives, but white guy Arnold gets made fun of by Oprah. Please explain that Oprah. Wow, OPRAH = RACIST !!!

1252 days ago


@ Me and Evil Promise

The selfish pigs seem to be the two of you. How utterly disrespectful to imply Maria will be exploiting the implosion of her marriage..Evil Promise you sound like a bitter chauvenist pig who would probably love to be patting Arnie on the back right about now. You do not know what his wife did or did not know and shame on you for rejoicing in her pain and basically blaming her..she has something you are quite unfamiliar are a lowlife who seems to have a hate on for women so maybe instead of ranting on a blog you should consider anger management about your own deep rooted issues. Shame on you

1252 days ago


Europe and other countries laugh at america because of one sided bigoted buttholes like you and most of these bloggers who commented here.

1252 days ago


This is just a big ego trip for Oprah. She's like, "see all the celebs I can get for my finale." Oprah has skeletons in her closet. She's no saint.

1252 days ago
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