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Maria and Oprah Rip Arnold During Finale

5/17/2011 9:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby drama exploded ... Maria Shriver was in Chicago with Oprah Winfrey for the taping of her farewell show -- and together they took a blatant shot at Arnold ... to the delight of 20,000 fans. 


Maria walked on the United Center stage tonight with Oprah's bff Gayle King -- and declared O had always given her "love support, wisdom, and most of all the truth."

Oprah backed that up by emphasizing, "THE TRUTH!" Our spies say everyone in the arena understood it was a message to Arnold -- and the place exploded with applause.

Other guests at the show -- Aretha Franklin, Halle Berry, Simon Cowell, and Jerry Seinfeld ... and Usher closed the show as confetti rained down on the crowd.


Not shockingly, we're told Chi-town hero Michael Jordan got the biggest ovation of any of Oprah's guests.



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I love Maria but dayum in that pic she's looking like Bobby in a wig.
I suck, I know.

1191 days ago


Maria should not let ANYONE take her photo or publish a still from tv. Man that woman always looks drunk or high as hell!

1191 days ago


The fact that she went on TV like that makes me not feel sorry for--not the classiest move. She is going to milk this situation for all its got.

1191 days ago


oprah is so quick to involve her self in others private and sexual situations, but at the same time doesn't have the ability to even admit her lesbian love for bff gayle king. She should not worry so much about others sex life until she can quit living in denial about about her own sexual perversions.

1190 days ago


Oprah need a face life or something around the eyes with her money she should not have those bags under her eyes.All the hours she put in is showing.

1190 days ago


glad to see her go

1190 days ago


OMG Oprah a racist? she has more whites working for her and on her show than any other race. Alot of folks are mad she is rich and overweight. LMAO Pathetic

1190 days ago


It's funny sitting here reading all these hate comments made by men, when Oprah makes way more money than of you losers, and she dedicated her life to a purpose, while you sit in front of you computer b*tching like you're PMSing while jerking off to that housekeeper's image.

Sad.. I feel pity for you losers. Just imagine if the Buddhists were right, and reincarnation is true. Good luck living in agony as a woman who gets cheated on constantly by her man in your next life, or better off, you might reincarnate into a donkey that gets butt raped. haha!

1190 days ago


Arnold is addicted to sex and Maria to fame. Rich people invite trouble into their homes by not taking care of their own responsibilities. The maid didn't belong there and got confused about her role because it is wrong for one woman to be in another woman's kitchen; let alone bedroom. Arnold should have been cutting the grass instead of out "cutting a rug." I don't care if he was Governor of California. He has so much energy that he can bring in 2 women overnight, then he should have been weed eating the state capital. There shouldn't be any child not welcome in the family because it is what it is and what's done is done. She doesn't need to hug Oprah; she needs to hug her kids and if that includes their half-brother, so be it. She picked A. And now that she made him into somebody he ought to glue his britches on. But they'll probably scrap their marriage because it is all for show and doesn't look perfect anymore. Poor people cook their own oatmeal.

1190 days ago

Big ZUDA    

Plz tell me Oprah didnt have anything 2 say towards Arnold Swazz-something (however u spell that ****). She should secure her own house b4 commenting on someone else's... wait, that's how she made her billions, with senseless and selfish drama. @ PhiL, man that would be some cool **** 2 see!! LOL

1190 days ago


Well what can you say I agree with Susi's comment and would just say that Maria Shriver lasted with Arnold longer than I thought she would and she pushed herself to live up to his bench mark.( I think she did ) anyway.
That man has a driving ego or had.If this is his idea of a kudos,he's sick in the head.
He got what he wanted with Maria Shriver his foot into America's only "Royal Family" obviously it wasn;t enough and he sort consolation in the fruits of the forbidden flesh.
No class at all.What can you expect from a man who would not put his bodybuilding ambitions on hold to go to his own father's funeral.Sic!

1189 days ago


Leave it to Oprah to capitalize on a friendship to make high ratings on last show. Maria don't let yourself ever be used again by anyone!

1189 days ago


Understood, you are hurt. How is this keeping your family stuff private for your children. You can't have it both ways . Give me sympathy than use your celebrity friends to skewer your husband. Hypocrite.

1189 days ago


Did Ohphatprah rip Jesse Jackson when his love child was revealed? Forgot about that didn't y'all?

1189 days ago


oprah needs to finally shut the hell up. she is the biggest waste on tv. she has no right to even say anything about arnold. look at the hell she put stedman through. and she denies a lesbian affair with gayle. oprah is an overrated publicity hound. thank god her show is off the air and her own network is in the dumps.

1189 days ago
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