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Arnold's Love Child

Nicest Kid You'll Ever Meet

5/18/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child with Mildred Patricia Baena is a studious, athletic, fun-loving, charitable, yes-ma'am-no-ma'am kind of kid -- according to the boy's neighbors.

People who live next door to Patty and her son tell us, the boy "is the type of kid you just want to be around. He is so sweet, funny, and handsome."

But that's not it -- we're also told he is extremely well-mannered and smart, loves sports, and is even involved in door-to-door fund-raising for local charities.

The apple falls far from the tree.


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Keepin It Real    

I love you TMZ but giving away the identity of the mother makes it easy to identify the kid. Now he has to answer to EVERYONE and run from all the crazy paparazzi. It is so not his fault his mother is a hooker but now he has to pay her price.

1222 days ago


Schwarzenegger has taken financial responsibility for the child "from the start and continued to provide support," (Times) Over a year ago he bought Ms. Baena and her son a home in Bakersfield.
And Maria knew nothing of this?

I think the maid is going to get a bad rap in all this, and she probably doesn't deserve any worse judgement than Arnold. I blame Arnold and Maria, more than this woman. She came to work for them, and no doubt Arnold coerced her, seduced her into having unprotected sex with him in his own house, with Maria and the kids present in the house, just for the thrill. Either that or he loved her for some reason, and they kept her around for 20 years. Just too weird.

1222 days ago


My heart goes out to Maria and ALL the children. Obviously, Mildred knew she was getting involved with a married man (which is her Karma to bear) but Maria, her children, and Mildred's "love child" are all innocent in this and deserve respect. This is a heartbreaking and trust ****tering revelation and I wish all the innocent parties strength during what must be a very difficult time. And, although I know it's not right for an outsider to judge (which I'm doing anyway), shame on Arnold and Mildred for breaking their wedding vows to their respective spouses!

1222 days ago


According to ROL, she came forward cause Arnie fired her after 20 years of faithful service according to a close source of Baena. Other tabloids say she retired after 20 yrs. I never trust the unnamed "close" sources.

She kept quiet for 14 years. When asked for an interview, she declined. If I were her, I would lawyer up real quick and NO Gloria A. PLEASE! She needs to protect herself and her son from the tabloid trash, unnamed sources trying to make a buck off her tragedy, and if she did threaten to expose Arnie for firing her after 20 years? I say, "you go girl!

1222 days ago


The ONLY thing anyone needs to remember is that Arnold, the steroid using,Calif. killing, lying , cheating DIRT BAG has a child with his wife that is the EXACT SAME AGE as this wh**e and him have.

He was having unprotected sex with his wife, who became pregnant at the same time he was BANGING the HELP!.

This is a new low for anyone in the public eye...PERIOD.

Hope Maria takes this SH*T BAG through the cleaners!

1222 days ago


Poor Maria - she doesn't deserve the humiliation and she must be the most humiliated.
Not an Arnold fan anymore.....

1222 days ago


Everyone who writes comments about how awful this story is, and should not be reported

1222 days ago


People who live next door to Patty and her son tell us, the boy "is the type of kid you just want to be around. He is so sweet, funny, and handsome." .......AND rich.

1222 days ago


The mom is fugly, everyone agree to that. If she was or not an illegal alien when all this happen, will never know. He preach one thing and did the opposite ( is just being a politician or what?) The press will eat this kid alive, we all want to know more, we are feeding the beast and in the same token some dare to excluded the kid. ( so somebody believe he/she is a good person). GET REAL , we are here for the drama, we can care less about anybody else getting hurt, is about feeling great about YOURSELF, not the poor bastard who's live is splash all over the media for you to understand how good and simple your life truly is.

1222 days ago


The real pictures showing the child's face are all over the internet lmao

1222 days ago


I have never been compelled to leave a message before but posting a photograph of this child, regardless that his face is blurred, is so not ok. Even the photographs of the boy's mother walk the line - especially considering you're having to reach back 10 years just to produce them and rely on "neighbor's accounts" of the boy. Please reconsider the exploitation of this child.

1222 days ago


20 years ago a Hispanic Women comes to work for a wealthy white family. Six years into employment as a maid, ends up pregnant with the rich white man, now Governor of California's child . And the rich white people keep her employed as their house maid for another 13 years after she gives birth to the rich, white Governors child.

Does this sound like something that happened here in America, down on the Southern Plantations, in maybe in the 1700-1800's?

1222 days ago


you forget to mention that
this baby mama told Arnold that he is a daddy of her son
when Arnold son was a TODDLER
maybe it was at the time Arnold and Maria wanted to fire her...

strange mother she is
same as Oksana to Sasha
what kind of mother would sale her son to media?
pictures, birth certificate, divorce papers?
what she want to accomplish now?

ohhhh..... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1222 days ago


I feel terrible for this boy. he didn't choose to be the product of this. when his mother got pregnant, I bet all she saw was dollar signs because she knew arnold would make sure his child was well taken care of. please leave this boy alone, he does not deserve to be exploited!

1222 days ago


Oh how the rich think they are sooo entitled, have the same mentality as the Plantation owners of slaves in the 1700's. Except in this case it was a Hispanic maid and a White Austrian Governor and his American Royalty Kennedy/Shriver wife.

1222 days ago
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