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Ashton, Angus and Cryer

It's Raining 'Men'

5/18/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After the storm they've weathered ... a little rain couldn't stop Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones and their newest castmate Ashton Kutcher from finally appearing TOGETHER at a CBS party in NYC today.

The gang hit Carnegie Hall to celebrate the upcoming season of "Two and a Half Men" ... sans Charlie Sheen

During the party, Ashton posted a photo of the new threesome sporting their celebration faces. 

Still no word on what kind of a role Ashton will play on the show.


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@Roman: Jealous? Are you kidding me? If Ashton K. were the only type of a man available, then I would become a lesbian! He's too girly! He's more feminine than me! (And I'm very feminine btw).

1231 days ago


My guess is he'll be some boy toy to Evelyn. Basically he'll just be playing himself. A play on his real life situation and immaturity. Kind of like Charlie played himself.

1231 days ago


Sandy: So you would rather have Charlie Sheen without a shirt than Ashton Kutcher without a shirt? Kutcher is at least built like a man and not like a drug addict.

1231 days ago


1231 days ago


Kate 9 minutes ago: Shame on Charlie's co-stars, for turning their backs on Charlie too. Hey, if it wasn't for him, YOU wouldn't have made names for yourselves or made all that money!! Charlie is the one who put that show on top, not either of you!!

The castmates did not turn their back on Charlie, he turned his back on torpedoing the show and consequently getting fired/quit. True, his name and presence may have catapulted the show to popularity, but he is not the only character that viewers enjoy...there was more to the show than just him. And like others have said...his character was predictable, one-liners got old fast. Every shows needs a shake-up to stay fresh, and I hope this does it for them.

1231 days ago


And the show must go on.
Good to see Cryer and Angus looking so happy, Ashton? eh., but Charlie was also eh to me.

1231 days ago


YAY......Charlie is gone, tired of his DRAMA!!!

Wishing Two and A Half Men all the BEST! I will be watching!

1231 days ago


At Roman -- you are a guy, so you don't get it. (It has nothing to do with the appearance of someone's chest). Charlie Sheen is a man's man. He is all man. Ashton K. is a girly-man. I can see teeny-boppers maybe being attracted to Ashton, but for a woman, such as myself, who is secure in her womanhood, I'd be all over Sheen! Let me put it another way: if women could get erections, I'd get one for Charlie, but never for Ashton. (Wrong role/t.v. show for Ashton).

1231 days ago


It was already a stupid show, how is it going to be any better with an old child actor, Jon Cryer and someone's who is now famous for Twitter?!?!?

1231 days ago


Sandy: No worries I get it. Ashton is the "modern" man while Charlie is the "classic" man (a man's man). Tastes are different but most women I know think Kutcher is hot (both old an young women). I know what you mean though. I don't like the 6 feet "model type" women either.

1231 days ago


I hope the show is a complete success without Charlie! Serves that idiot right for screwing up a 2 mil/week paycheck.

BTW, what did you guys do with Ksis? Normally, Ksis is out here defending Charlie. Did somebody tie her up and take her to the psych ward? Just curious...

1231 days ago


Angus T. Jones is one ugly .5 man. Used to be a cute little kid.

1231 days ago


Officially Jumping the Shark ... Catch ya on reruns

1231 days ago


Aw, I am kinda sad.

1231 days ago


Maverick: real tough to call Angus T. Jones ugly on the internet. He's on the show because he is funny and I think it's good to have actors on shows because they can act, and not because they look good.

1231 days ago
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