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Over 'Jersey Shore'

5/19/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials running a study abroad program in Italy are FURIOUS over rumblings that one of their students partied ON CAMERA with the "Jersey Shore" crew ... and now the school has issued an ultimatum -- stay away from the guidos or be expelled from the program!

The University of Florida sent out an email to students participating in their study abroad program in Italy -- which states "any student who does agree to participate in the filming of the show, or who signs a waiver or legal agreement of any sort with MTV, will be dismissed from the program immediately."

TMZ obtained the email -- warning the students that any action deemed potentially embarrassing to the school "will not be tolerated."

The school has also threatened to contact the student's parental units to inform them why the school would be kicking them to the curb.

Funny, we thought the U of F mascot was the Gator ... not the Rat.

UPDATE: The UF is now changing their tune ... TMZ spoke with Janine Sikes, UF Director of Public Affairs, who tells us, "Generally speaking, students may participate in activities outside their Study Abroad program as long as they meet the academic and living requirements of that program."

Sikes explained ... the university acknowledges that a school administrator DID send the original email to students ... but now states, "This is a reversal of the UF administrator’s position."


No Avatar


but it's University of Florida not Harvard!

1255 days ago


My God....they just arrive in another country and they're already ruining people? KEEP THEM, WE DON'T WANT THEM BACK.

1255 days ago


Yes, we are the Gator Nation and have that clean cut all American imaage to protect. We do not go to other countries and embarass this great Nation of ours. Go Gators! We are not Harvard students - we are Gators!!

1255 days ago


I'm still trying to figure out why they still call it "Jersey Shore" when it's now in Italy.

1255 days ago


Sally sweetie got news for you that clean cut all American image is really tarnished in the rest of the world ! Not embarass your Nation ...what rock are you living under ? Your way too late for that BS.
Maybe being kept under the thumb like this is why you dont know that ?

1255 days ago


It's a public university, they can't enforce it, besides they're taping now and it won't be on for months!

They're not breaking any laws and the "age of consent" (14) "prostitution" (18) and "legal drinking age" (none) "purchase alcohol" (16) - they sent these kids to a country with much lower moral standards - they don't have a valid reason to expell, especially if the student is paying!

1255 days ago


what, you dont think they party on campus.

1255 days ago


Wow, the reputation of ANYTHING American is already tarnished to the rest of the world. There's no saving it, so just let the students party.

1255 days ago


I can't stop laughing at the idea of anyone having any kind of pride in Florida. Much less some mediocre university there.

College kids, party it up. And when those moralist pricks kick you out, go apply to a real university.

1255 days ago


Wow, let's just make it better for the U.S. and Italy can keep them.
Atleast it wasn't a ivy league school, other then that who cares!
It's not like U of F is some prestigious university, f-ck outta here.

1255 days ago

She's baaaack    

Aside from the $$ I still can't imagine why anyone would want to hang with these crass, stupid, great unwashed throwbacks to the 80s. I can only imagine the stench of them after a night of dancing, loaded with sweat and grease.

1255 days ago

I am glad a school cares enough for their students to keep them out of this "reality show" mess. Jersey Shore is one of probably 5 shows on television right now that is nothing more than a stereotype feeding, life demeaning disaster for American Culture. This show promotes nothing but womanizing and violence. This show makes you believe that if your obnoxious, dumb and slutty or workout and dip your head in the BP oil spill, you can be a star. I would love to see how kids ruin their future for 2 minutes of air-time. Why would you want to be known as someone who has fooled around with that crew? Get your education, you'll be better off. Not everyone is marketable. MTV should be ashamed that this show came from them. MTV needs to seriously re-evaluate what they have been subjecting to young people.

1255 days ago

Ms. Reese    

UF is starting to look like FU!!!

1255 days ago


I couldn't agree more with the comments about hating Jersey Shore. They are nothing but garbage. It's sad that it's these kinds of people that are looked at for what is "in". I find nothing attractive about any of them, nor do I see them as worthwhile human beings. As far as I'm concerned, if they stayed in Italy forever and MTV cancelled their show, I wouldn't shed a tear. Just plain trash.

1255 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Wow. Was Freedom ever real? Or was that just some propaganda they started to feed us in elementary school?

Drinking when you are of age is not illegal. Hanging out with the Jersey Shore fools is not illegal. Being on a dumb reality show is not illegal.

1255 days ago
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