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Arnold Dropped $65,000 on Baby Mama's House

5/20/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a $65,000 down payment on a house for his ex-housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena -- less than a year before he admitted to fathering her child ... TMZ has learned.


According to loan documents obtained by TMZ, Arnold made the "gift" payments in two installments from his own personal bank account -- one for $5,000 in April 2010 ... and one for $60,000 in May 2010.

According to the docs, the money was used to secure a loan for Patty's house in Bakersfield, CA -- where she currently lives with Arnold's 13-year-old love child.

The purchase price of the house was $268,000 -- so Arnold's down payment covered nearly a quarter of the total cost.

It's unclear if Maria was aware of the transaction at the time.


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Virtual Insanity    

So? He knocked her up. He very well should *gift* her with a home for their child. As much as I dislike him and as much as I disrespect both of Arnold and his mistress for the affair, I do give him credit for not shirking his responsibility to his son.

1217 days ago


Wondering why everyone is saying Maria should have known because the kid looks like Arnie. My boss has seen my kids maybe twice over 10 years. It's not like I drag them to work with me.

1217 days ago


I don't know about 65k being all the child would be entitled to.Agree the money Arnold has paid is a get lost payoff,but the courts will look atit as no fault of the childs on how he was conceived. Maria has retained a high profile attorney probably for several reasons,divorce,spouse and child support and to protect any of Arnolds assets for their children they have together.

1217 days ago


Chica whore was looking for a pay day from a/any famous over sexed male who couldn't keep his pants zipped up.

1217 days ago


It can be expensive to think with your peter.

1217 days ago


Someone on another website made this comment, and, as a man, I happen to agree with it 100%:

"Why did Arnold cheat? Because men are genetically programmed to be attracted to women who look after them and their children. It's in our genes. That's why it's not surprising when a guy ****s the woman who is cooking and cleaning for him and looking after his kids instead of the woman who is an anorexic socialite who spends her time at fundraisers, doing photo shoots, and giving interviews with Oprah. It's the same reason guys can't help ogle the cute waitress bringing him his food, instead of his wife/girlfriend who is shoveling food into her mouth."

1217 days ago


TMZ HELLO? Did you notice the 6 was written in? It was only for 5,000! Look closer guys...

1217 days ago


LOL....Mildred thinks she'll be getting millions out of this! She'll most likely be deported to Guatemala if she is undo***ented! Immigration should be in court when she asks for CHILD SUPPORT!!
To think STUPIDITY ran California for 2 terms in a row!! No wonder California is in the MESS it's in!!! Ms. Mistress should have asked for a house in Malibu, not Bakersfield!!! LOL

1217 days ago

No comment    

Did she claim the 'Gift' money with the IRS? Wouldn't she have to show where the money came from? Doesn't the IRS require notification of any 'gift' over $10,000.00 in order to track money laundering? Did she claim the secret financial support over the years with the IRS?

1217 days ago


I think it's time to give Arnold a bit of a break here. He made a terrible mistake. I think this woman needs to take a big share of the blame too. Arnold has paid her well and allowed her to continue her job for over 10 years. She's got a nice home and I bet she's set for life. I think this woman wanted to get pregnant so she could get a big pay day. She set him up and he was weak and stupid. I'm sure she wasn't that ugly 15 years ago?

1217 days ago


What! The gift letter is dated 5/2011 NOT 2010! What's up here folks? Where did this letter come from?

1217 days ago

No comment    

Hey TMZ - photoshop Fatty Patty's hair onto Arnold. I think they could pass for brother and sister.

1217 days ago


I swear some people don't think. Don't y'all know that paying for the house in full would've put up more than a few red flags??? It's a lot easier to make a gift of a down payment than an entire house. Some of you must be morons to think that he's "getting off cheap". He's obviously been paying her under the table for YEARS. Everything has to look kosher on the surface to keep the wife off his back but you better believe that hefty child support payments are being made behind the scenes.

@ Boo 53 minutes ago--"He wasn't married to the maid, the illegitimate child is not equal to the legitimate ones".

BULLSH*T. ANY COURT in the country will see to it that the illegitimate child is provided for in the same manner. It is never the child's fault.

1217 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Marilyn: Oh, he made more than a terrible mistake. And Arnold has NOT "paid her well". That's a pathetic amount of money he paid her - he is responsible for paying MUCH MORE in child support. But I bet this poor maid didn't force the issue. Because, like Monica Lewinsky, she thought she would end up with him in the long term. That if she just bided her time and was sweet enough, he would eventually leave Maria for her. She needs to realize ASAP that there is no time like the present...and get what is coming to her and her child. She needs to CLEAN HIM OUT. And doormat Maria needs to CLEAN HIM OUT as well. And all the other baby mamas need to CLEAN HIM OUT as well.

If those women were smart, they would get on that money train ASAP and make sure they get their share. Because, the fact is, NO ONE respects a doormat. No one respects a doormat wife. No one respects a doormat maid. No one respects a doormat baby mama. Arnold has the most love for HIMSELF. He doesn't even love his children all that much.

That's why I hate women. Instead of standing up for themselves and fighting the real culprit - the person who helped put them in that situation - AHNOLD (although they are partly to blame for their own problems)...instead...they try and destroy other women. The victim (Patty) attacking the victim (Maria)...though I don't think Maria is such a victim...but that's another story.

1217 days ago


WHAT? He is a liar, cheater, and a CHEAP ASS BASTARD!

1217 days ago
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