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Botox Mom -- I Can PROVE My Story Was Scripted!

5/19/2011 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sheena Upton ... aka Kerry Campbell ... aka Botox Mom ... tells TMZ she has undeniable proof that her story was scripted ... including photos that appeared to show Sheena injecting her 8-year-old daughter.


For the very first time since the scandal broke, Sheena is telling her side of the story -- explaining to TMZ how she first got in touch with the U.K. newspaper The Sun through a close family friend and was under the impression she was only doing a simple story about a spa day with her kid.

But Sheena says during the photo session -- producers asked her to pose with a medical syringe and "act like I was just holding it up."

She says she had no idea the story was going to be about Botox -- and claims she doesn't even know what Botox is.

After the photo session, Sheena says things began to spiral out of control -- and she received detailed scripts instructing her how to carry on the lie in front of television cameras.

Sheena says she still has the scripts.

Stay tuned for more video.


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I do not believer her cuz Radaronline said she already did time in jail for lying.

1253 days ago


The story wasn't published in The Sun, it was originally published in Closer. She needs to get her story straight. As for the 'scripts', how hard would it be for her to transcribe now what she said then? Let's see the letterhead, if the script is legit.

1253 days ago


Even if I did believe her - it doesn't change the fact that she helped perpetuate the lie (even after she lost custody) and used her child for fame and money.

That' quite enough for me, even if there was no Botox.

1253 days ago


She doesn't know what botox is? That dent in her forehead could use some.

1253 days ago


She's saying she doesn't know what Botox is? I'm not watching that video - does her nose get longer as the lies get more outrageous?

1253 days ago


ARE YOU FRIGGIN" kidding me?

ME thinks this broad doth protest too much.

Sorry, NOT buy this. WHY, as a mother, would you be photographed looking like you are injecting your kid with SOMETHING? This is just laugable.

Whether she did OR DID NOT, she used her daughter in ALL those picks to either prove what she was doing or perpetuate the lie. FAIL!!!!!

1253 days ago


Can you say..back peddle??? Wow lady, what kinda of fools do you take people for?

You have never heard of Botox now "what is it?" You dumped yourself in boiling water, made a huge fool of yourself.

If it was scripted, what good do you think you were doing yourself by making such "false" statments??

I wax my 8 year old, and personally give her shots of botox, cuz I get it from a reliable source?? All for $200.00, you must really be hard up for pageant dress money!!!

1253 days ago


So, what she's saying is "I didn't abuse my child for a worldwide audience. I just pretended to abuse my child for a worldwide audience so everyone would notice me." Yeah, that's better.

1253 days ago


Where did she get this $200 business? The magazine writer said she was paid $800, and GMA acknowledged paying money to her photo broker for access to photographs. Harvey, I think you're backing the wrong horse in this one.

1253 days ago


first she said for normal pictures? YA NEEDLES TO YOUR KID DOME IS NORMAL... second you can see her trying to think and not say something wrong....SHE IS LYING and with the way she looks I can see why she has self esteem issues that she has now laid on your child.

1253 days ago


I'm pretty sure the judge overseeing the case will have a pretty sharp BS meter and see right through her.

1253 days ago


Of course she made it all up after she found out the world HATES HER now and she had her child removed! Sorry, but I am NOT buying the BS story and like someone else still used your kid for $ lady. That is bad enough.

1253 days ago


Her story made vague sense until she said "I don't know what Botox is..." Yeah, sure lady. Do you know what jail cells are?

1253 days ago


I think she's a scam artist who didn't realize this would blow up in her face. It was her relative who contacted the writer in the first place. No magazine would be interested in a nothing story about a wannabe pageant kid who isn't in pageants. What she sold was a story about injecting her child with poison, never realizing how much trouble it would get her in, and having no idea about just how hot the media glare would be.

C'mon, TMZ. Interview the writer so we can hear the other side of the tale.

1253 days ago


They should still prosecute her for being retarded

1253 days ago
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