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Botox Mom -- New Photos -- So Who's Lying Now?

5/20/2011 3:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained new photos of Botox Mom -- aka Sheena Upton -- holding a needle up against her daughter's lip, and the reporter who broke the story claims it proves Upton is a liar.

TMZ just obtained the photos from reporter Alley Einstein.  It's unclear from the picture you're looking at if the needle broke the skin. 

Einstein says she personally saw Upton inject her daughter's lip with a filler.  Einstein also says she saw Upton inject other areas of her daughter's face with liquid from a bottle labeled "Botox."

Sheena -- who says the reporter made up the story and she NEVER injected her daughter -- claims doctors at UCLA back her story because they found no evidence of Botox in her daughter's system.

So we gotta ask ...


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TMZ this story is so old! You really should get ready for the next overpaid actor busted for coke while screwing the wifeys friends sister....dim the light!

1218 days ago


This "Mother" needs to go to jail. She is yanking CPS around, and lying to them. She is trying to backtrack, since most people are furious at her. As for the genius that said she needed a prescription for that, she was suppose to be a nurse, and even if she wasn't how many botox parties have you heard of especially in California?

1218 days ago


Ring Arnie Kline and ask him for his opinion.

1218 days ago


TMZ always 'obtaines new photos' It's the same photos, just re-arranged. The old photo is now the newly obtained photo.

1218 days ago


This woman no matter the outcome is wrong. Either way she exploited her own flesh and blood for money and that is what it all comes down to. To treat your child in that way, to have all this NEGATIVE attention thrown to you and your child are enough reasons for the child to be taken away from her. After examining the picture well the bottom lip has a blood hole and two puffs. I do not understand how the cameramen, any prof. on that set would not stop this and call the proper authorities.

1218 days ago


I don't know what to make of these pics?? I mean they could just be prop needles like they use on t.v or in the movies. There's no actual proof that the needles went in, as I can't see any blood on the cloth or on the girls face.

I think a lot of those pics are staged just like the stupid mother has already admitted too. And I sincerely doubt that CPS would do nothing if they were called about alleged child abuse.

1218 days ago


The story's false.Botox is last season, everyone does Dysport now. haha

Plus the markings don't make any sense. I've never seen them placed like that before and I work at a medspa.

1218 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This bitch should be sued by The Sun and this other woman, Alley, for defamation. She does not deserve to have her child. Very unfit and immature.

1218 days ago


There is something wrong with these one of the pics it shows as if the needle is in the girls lip but at that angle and the length of the needle it would clearly be pertruding on the other side...and for those of you who say the girl clearly looks as if in pain so she must be getting the injections, obviously don't have can look sick or hurt at the drop of a dime...ever heard of "playing hooky"?

1218 days ago


A crazy turn of events..
Way to Go Harvey and TMZ, You had the "smoking gun" literally handed to you.
She is soo busted, and this story will be a monster.
And you guys, got the "scoop"

Great job from the start, you guys deserve it. Ill be watching.

1218 days ago


She is a liar. It's sad that she is using her child for money. What a piece of white trash

1218 days ago


It looks very much like she DID inject her daughter. Even if she didn't, putting her daughter through what she did and to make her lie is still abuse. It's just disgusting that she used her daughter in that way to get fast cash. I literally have an upset stomach after looking at all the photo's real or not.

1218 days ago


obviously 100% fake... the pictures that show her "injecting" the botox... if you look closely, you don't see the actually needle itself.....if she stuck it ALL the way in, it would have either hit the cheek bone or went through an penetrated her mouth area...

all a crock of crap! please stop posting this garbage and promoting this idiocy!

1218 days ago

sue kuykendall    

I have to give insulin via injection daily to my dog that has diabetes. It is the same needle. Note that there is no liquid of any sort in the needle. You can tell by the black inner part of the needle at the bottom. When you draw liquid the black part goes up.

1218 days ago


The Mom is clearly lying. She realized her planned backfire by the CPS investigating, and hope by saying is was Hoax, that CPS will stop before they takes her daughter away . IMO, The daughters should be remove and never return back to her. I would never used my daughter or my son to gain money especially is something that might harm him/her.

1218 days ago
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