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Danielle Staub Raked in $25,000 for Strip Sesh

5/20/2011 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Danielle Staub was paid $25,000 up front to strip for Scores in NYC -- but the deal went sour real quick after she allegedly reneged on her contract ... and now, she's getting sued for $375,000.


According to the lawsuit -- filed in April -- Danielle got $25,000 to appear in a full nude strip video back in November ... the same video TMZ posted stills from earlier this week.

According to the suit, it was all part of an exclusive 3-year contract -- which also required the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star to do voice work ... and even appear in a live video chat session on

But Danielle allegedly bailed on their deal out of nowhere ... cutting off all contact with Scores after shooting the video -- and now, the company is suing her for $375,000 ... claiming breach of contract.

An exec at Scores tells us, they haven't heard a peep from Danielle since they filed the lawsuit -- but now that the pictures have leaked ... she's breaking her silence for publicity.

The exec adds, Danielle "has no shot of winning this lawsuit. It is a crystal clear breach of contract"


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She is nasty and I feel sorry for her kids. Her excuses are pathetic and she will lose this suit. She is one crazy wh**e

1218 days ago


What I have obsrved that all these women like Danielle Staub they walk around and look like they are ready to get laid. But when push comes to shove they are all talk and no action. The same goes for her on doing "Strip Act". All she did was take the money and run. Well not she's not going to be running to far. Danielle Staub is pathetic all she is trying to do is relive her youth which will never come back. She's a bitch with a lot miles on her your can even see the tred on her.

1218 days ago


She should get some kind of award for being the most stomach-turning reality star ever. And that's saying something.

1218 days ago


What do you expect from reality 'stars' . . if people wouldn't watch / support these d u m b a s s reality shows . . maybe all these airheads seeking their 15 minutes of fame would go away.

1218 days ago


Man, what a pig she is. I saw her "film" and couldn't believe a skinny chick could have so many rolls. To top it off, doesn't she have two young daughters? Jeesh. That's just a damn shame. I'm sure they'll both be swinging off of poles some bar in Bayonne by the time they're 18.

1218 days ago



Remember: The apple doesn't fall far from the dirty-pig-ho-skank.

1218 days ago

melissa from dallas    

I agree with Artie Help. Her daughters are soo sweet and understanding of all her drama. And sooo normal. This is what they have see when they google their mother. What a shame.
She may dress in expensive clothing, drive a Range Rover, be thin and have some big fake boobies, but it doesn't mean she's "hot". She's trashy. TRASHY!!! She should spend less money trying to come across as looking young and bank some of that cash while it's still flowing in. The gravy train is about stop for this old bag.

1218 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Anyone have a legit link to her sex tape? She's kind of cougarish to me...

1218 days ago


Why would anyone wanna see this skank naked? She's nothing but a silicone depository and she is one of the homeliest people on the planet. She thinks she's gorgeous, but even a blind person can see, she put the UGH in ugly

1218 days ago


How desperate! She is so gross! Nobody wants to see that boney old Grinch looking whooo'er! TMZ really doesn't need to put the stars over her nipples, they probably look just like beef jerky anyway! BRB I must go puke now!

1218 days ago


What a mess! She just can not stay out of the courts. Do you like reality tv and news? check out

1218 days ago

CA Girl    

She is whom she is. Clearly. So the larger question is: WHO CARES?

1218 days ago


Nasty - just so so nasty.

1218 days ago


From the looks of her SHE should be paying to be looked at by anyone! She's one fugly old hag. My heart goes out to her kids.

1218 days ago



1218 days ago
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