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Conrad Murray Goes Dumbo

5/23/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With his manslaughter trial pushed to September, Dr. Conrad Murray enjoyed some downtime at the happiest place on Earth and rode a Dumbo ride at Disneyland yesterday.


He's living the life.



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Ja, I guess you right after all !!!

1219 days ago


Good night Ohwell !!!!!!!!

1219 days ago


Is Beautiful.

I'm Out Of Here.

1219 days ago

get it right    

fordtocarr 4 hours ago

To all you people who are mad..angry that Murray is having a good time...whatever he does after doing this to Michael.
As mad as you mad as millions of people in the world are about this, tell me how NO ONE has lashed out at Murray. How no one hit him..or worse? How does he feel safe? How come he actually IS SAFE? There are millions of Michael Jackson fans worldwide. Why is it this man is out there and not afraid or dead? It is because we don't see it, but he is protected. It is because him being in the public is set up. They are photo ops. There is no way he could be out in public otherwise.

Think how pissed you are!!! Someone who can't handle it surely would've just lashed out at him. Tell me the same photo guy keeps finding him, but no pissed fan has? This is all set up or he'd be a dead man.


For sure, I can't be the only one that notices that it's ALWAYS, and ONLY TMZ that's "running into Murray".

The diabolical irony of using the back drop of Disney Land this time around is hardly lost - definitely defines a very old new low, but yanno... had ta break him outta that old azz worn out "ran into him in/at the L.A. MALL", right... remember? ... when breaking him outta there the last time (to land him back there again the next week. LOL) landed him right at the front door of TMZ in NYC fumbling with that parking meter "visiting family".

"Yeah! Right behind you is the door to our new office! I'm sure Harvey would love to see you..." ... Murray's laaammeee azzed "Where?!" = newsflash to him.

Damn, Harvey. Can't make up my mind between which sucks worse: To be you ... or, to be him.

N-a-s-t-a-a-a-y .... "CHA CHANG".

1219 days ago


Strauss-Kahn sexual assault - 1.000.000
Murray killing the KOP - 75.000

whats up America?

1219 days ago


Dumbo? How appropriate.

1219 days ago


I wish the media wouldn't give him any attention other than what is related to the trial. I find it in very bad taste the story of him enjoying himself with his child at Disneyland, since that was Michael's favorite place.

1219 days ago


We will love you Michael, you and the Jackson´´s forever

from Germany - God bless you all !!!

Murray - shame you !!!


1219 days ago


Happiest place on Earth is where someones loved ones are. That picture does look like an arranged photo shoot, sorta "leave me alone to have fun". Good for the doc. that he has the money and time to hang out at Disney.
I was also wondering how Perl Jr finds the time to write that type of books and doesn't earn much from it. Most people use their time to make a living.
Anyway after hearing the news about Missouri this song popped up in my mind

It is pretty bad there and I am better off heading to the red cross pages. They usually have updates and take action quickly.

Have a nice day, guys.

1219 days ago


oh how wonderful he gets to enjoy his life going to places like Disneyland having fun, knowing that he took a life of a guy who loved Disneyland. He cant go there anymore because of you.He can no longer have fun with his kids cause of you.He is dead cause of you. I'm glad your happy tho :) sike

1219 days ago


Too bad Captain EO couldn't have come to blast this jackass out of Tomorrowland! Riding Dumbo is so fitting of him.

1219 days ago


Why do they keep doing stories on him?

1219 days ago


This pic is the funniest! Dr. Murray can go to Disneyland and have a good time because he knows the King of Pop (Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson)gave himself that fatal dose - Murray has his guilt in connection with MJ (should not have worked for MJ in the first place and trying to be the friend of a hard-core drug addict) - BUT, Murray KNOWS he did not give MJ that fatal dose so he can at least salvage what is left of his life. Murray is paying one of the prices of working for MJ: He will never have another fun moment in peace because all of his pleasures in life will be constantly scrutinized. Great Pic!

1218 days ago
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