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Duggar Family Delivers Relief to Tornado Disaster

5/24/2011 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family from the TLC reality show "19 Kids & Counting" sprang into action just hours after that deadly tornado ripped through Missouri -- packing up supplies and driving through the night to join the rescue effort ... TMZ has learned.

Josh Duggar -- the eldest Duggar child -- tells TMZ the fam spent Sunday night and all day Monday delivering supplies and clearing massive piles of debris to search for survivors in Joplin, MO.

Josh says he and 5 siblings -- John, Jana, Jill, Jessa, Joseph and Dad, Jim Bob -- decided to load up a 3 car caravan late Sunday night when they heard about the disaster in Joplin ... just one hour from their home in Arkansas.

Four of the Duggars are volunteer firefighters ... and Josh says rescue officials immediately put the family's considerable manpower to work -- assigning them to search around the devastated town for any activity -- and hand out supplies at command posts.

Josh tells us the survivors he met were most interested in recovering memories ... saying, "People in Joplin aren't looking for stuff, they're looking for their lives."


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man that chick likes to bang!

1247 days ago


Way to go duggars! We love you and may god continue to bless you all as he has been doing all along. You are all wonderful.

1247 days ago


Im am so happy there ratings are high up there. I would miss this family. I love the way they never ask the media for coverage. But the media always reconizes them from there popularity and zooms right in on them. They do not shy away as they were raised to respect and love one another.
I remember that lady that had all those kids as her choice and having to live off the government to support them all. Its so nice to know the duggars have always supported themselves as well as helping others in need. TMZ keep up the good stories. As we all know the horrible tragic tornado in joplin,Mo is horrific and alot of people are helping but we do appreciate seeing one of our great families of notoriaty helping out. Thanks for spotting them out for us. Love and praying for all in Mo and those that have lost everthing including there lives. Duggar family is a very popular show and just keeps growing. Keep up the great work duggars.

1247 days ago


I am telling you, .. Duggers are good people. Bless them.

1247 days ago


While I dont agree with their beliefs (especially girls having to wear skirts, to the point that they cant go swimming in public while their brothers do), these are people who have, so far, raised their children into good, decent people. That is something mant people cant claim to do with 1/10th the number of kids the Duggars have. They pay for their own, unlike millions of Americans. I do wish Michelle would put her health ahead of her beliefs, after what happened with the last baby. Those children need their mother, she is clearly the rock of the family (like most good mothers). She's no spring chicken, she may be done anyway though. These good people, though their chosen ignorance of proven science drives me nuts, and I wish people would keep their mouths shut. Dont be rude!

1247 days ago


1247 days ago


Love this family!! So proud of them, and how they are teaching their children to be wonderful American citizens. We need more parents and children like this. Just because our society tells us children are a burden, and we are overpopulated does not mean what they are teaching is true. I was looking on youtube just the other day, and in 30 yrs Muslims will have complete control of europe because Europeans are not producing enough children to sustain their countries. Muslims are the fastest growing nation, and they are birthing hundreds of babies almost monthly..I think we need to step back and realize that the lies that we are being told are being said because the American haters know eventually we will lose our country in America as well if we continue to abort babies, and use birth control. This family is really a huge blessing in disguise. I wish there were more families like them!!

1247 days ago


Love the Duggar family and highly respect them. My husband and I wanted several children, I had hoped for four, but was unable to have any. So for those of you complaining, she had four for me!! :)

So thankful for their lives they've shared and their stand for the Lord. Not surprised they jumped at the chance to help in Joplin, MO - that's the heart they have for people. I live near St. Louis, MO and wish I could be there to help, too, but disabled. My prayers are with all those in Joplin.

1247 days ago


No wonder Americas going to hell in a handbasket, more people worried about what others are doing. They should be reflecting on their lives and quit judging others. This families has been a blessing to so many people in their path, yet others find fault in them. Who cares how many children she has, your not supporting them, their not your responsibility to raise. If you want to find fault in the world,I would advice you reflect on your own life. I'm sure, No I guarentee 90% of the people who have made these negative remarks think they have it all together themselves.......GOOD LUCK ON THAT ONE!!!
Thank you Duggar Family for being a blessing to those in need. May the Lord bless you abundantly!!!!

1247 days ago


I'm having a hard time believing that on an article about someone helping out after a disaster, that anyone would consider being derisive towards Michelle Duggar or any of her children. What right do you have to criticize their family for any reason, be it family size, faith, affiliation! How many of you who are criticizing this family loaded up and took off to volunteer as soon as you heard about it? What's more, how many of your children did?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have done a brilliant job raising their children. Each and every one of them is a credit to them and they should be proud of each and every one of the amazing human beings that they've raised. If more Americans emulated the Duggar family, this country, and this world, would be a much better place.

Keep your snarky comments to yourself and be happy that someone is out there trying to lend a compassionate hand since you're too engrossed in tearing other people down to care.

1247 days ago


really over 100 people have lost their lives. 130 are missing and you all are making jokes about how many children this family has. Wow just wow!!

1247 days ago


I mean, really, is it ANY of your business how many children this family has? Do the Duggars have ANY impact on your own life? I'm guessing no. As a previous poster said, do YOU have to support them? NO! They teach their children the values they need to make it in this cruel world. If she gets pregnant again, well then, god bless them. At least they are raising their children the way they see fit.

1247 days ago


The Duggar family is a good family, good hearted and true Christians. Please don't judge or make such rude comments, I'm sure you wouldn't want them making such vial comments about your family choices. They support themselves and live without debt. You have the right not to like them, but not everyone wants to hear such distasteful comments. God Bless the entire Duggar family for making a difference in such a tragic time in the lives of people of Joplin, MO.

1247 days ago


As a resident of Joplin who just lived through one of the scariest moments of her life, I can tell you we'll take all the help we can get. The Duggars are members of the LDS church, and the local "Stake" as they call it was completely flattened. All 8 people inside survived, but my father-in-law was hit in the head by a flying brick. We're about to get hit with another wave this evening. The whole town is petrified.

1247 days ago

Mother Nature    

I see the baggers and the hateful are out in force today. How nice for you.

While you're busy criticizing President Obama, WTF are you doing to help the people of MN and MO?

Quite frankly, I don't care for this family's lifestyle either, but at least they're doing something constructive and helpful for their fellow Americans.

Can you say that? Did you make a donation to the Red Cross?

1247 days ago
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