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NBA Fines Joakim Noah

$50k for Gay Slur

5/23/2011 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The NBA has fined Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah $50,000 for targeting a fan with a homophobic slur during last night's playoff game against the Miami Heat.

The fine is exactly HALF the amount the league fined Kobe Bryant when he hurled the same word at a referee during a game earlier in the season.

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& obe got all da money n da world

1251 days ago

World Record    

It has gotten to the point that nobody can say anything without somebody crying like little babies,maybe the fan was a little ***got, or a little bitch. cant say crap withouy crap coming back

1251 days ago


Chad less than a minute ago

It is based off percentage of salary not how offensive you find the word "*** ggot" you f-a-gg-ots.


I don't find the word offensive, but if they are going to fine for it, they should get the same fine.

But really they should not fine anyone for their words.

1251 days ago


Maybe he's tired of showing his ass in those shorts, and then having his team mates pat his ass in the locker room. Sounds like the defense mechanism called projection!

1251 days ago


Who gives a damn. He said a word that offends 'gays' and it costs him $50,000.00? What bull****.
If it bothers the 'gay community' that much go back to figure skating. Big time sports should NOT be sucking up to the 'gay community.'

1251 days ago


Kills me. The gay folk prance around half naked on floats at least once a year in every major city in North America flaunting their sexuality in front of whoever happens to be on the streets including children yet claim big offense to the use of one word they call themselves all the time. I find that offensive but are they getting fined for insulting my sense of propriety? Hypocrtitical twits. If you want to be gay, fine be gay, I don't care but remember it's a two way street. If you proudly offend me don't get your knickers in a knot when I offend you. PS If it was straight folk on these floats acting in this manner in front of my kids I'd be as equally offended. It's about time gay people identified with more than their sex lives. Makes them seem oh so shallow.

1251 days ago


BOOO!! Shame on the NBA...EXTRA hating on Kobe. Whats amazes me is that referree are used to been cursed out ( and their moms) not only by players but also by ALL the fans..Now Noah curses at the FANS that paid to be there and he only pays half while on the PLAYOFFS?? SHAME on the NBA!!

1251 days ago


Great. Now if we can start fining every gay man that uses this word 100 times a day we will have something!

1251 days ago


Not enough! He should have received the same as Kobe's. I am sure that the reason he is being fined half of what Kobe received is because salary is less than Kobe's. The easy fix on this issue is Noah should work off the difference between the two fines, by doing a certain amount of community service. The community service can be done locally in Chicago for an outreach program for the youth through GLAAD or some other program that helps out the gay youth in Chicago. I m happy the use of this word is becoming an issue. I am guilty of using this slur myself, and I need to work hard on not using it. The more of an issue we make about this word being said the easier it is to stomp out this word.

1251 days ago


seems like there is a group that gets offended by everything.no wonder this country is in the ****ter.

1251 days ago


Really a word hurt the fans feelings. Have any of you even attended a proffessional sports venue. the fans are ridiculous not a place to take children if you are worried about "words" hurting your feelings

1251 days ago


He only got fined 50K cause Noah only makes 3 million and Kobe makes 20 million. The truth is Kobe got fined too much, the NBA set too high of a precedent. With all the HD and close ups on the bench these days, you might be seeing more players making these mistakes..

1251 days ago

BB in CA    

***got is an offensive slang used as a disparaging term for gays (who do not "choose" to be gay). There seems to be an offensive slang for everyone/group but this one is still hanging around while the others are almost never used anymore. No one wants to hear it ESPECIALLY the ref or you're going to pay! Good deal.

1251 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Well you use poor judgement and you have to pay up. I actually do believe him when he says that is was not meant as a gay slur but at a general insult but that does not justify it. That general insult in itself insinuates that being gay somehow makes you an inferior man. The fact is there have been plenty of gay men who are cops, firemen, athletes or war heroes. Just as there are plenty of straight men who are women beaters, thieves, cheats or other inferior men. And when you use that term in a derogatory fashion you are just showing off your own petty ignorance. Making excuses for that behavior sends a clear message to the youth. Now i do not normally agree with most politically correct arguments because it just seems like everyone is too sensitive, but this is not one of them. Because That term has its roots in hatred and it does not just offend a group, it leads to actual violence and death. Seriously if you want to insult someone just call them an *******.

1251 days ago


Oh, I would like to ask, in the light of all the posts on TMZ in the past twenty four hours.

How many gay men, or lesbians have been arrested for beatings and cheatings?

I also ask, why is all us HETEROSEXUALS are hearing about personal phone calls from a baby's momma, are hearing that athlete's are using derogartoy statements and why AREN"T gave "FAMOUS" couples splitting up due to these ideals? Gotta love, Rosie split from her Partner but there was "NO" gossip surrounding that.

1251 days ago
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