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SF Giants Fan's Family to Sue Dodgers Over Attack

5/24/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of the SF Giants fan who was brutally attacked at Dodger Stadium is gearing up to file a lawsuit  against the Dodgers ... claiming the fam needs roughly $45 to $50 million in order to give Bryan Stow a good quality of life.


According to reports, Stow's family will claim in the lawsuit that it took stadium personnel 15 minutes to respond once they were notified about the attack.

Of course, Stow suffered brain damage at the hands of two attackers -- and is currently listed in critical condition.

Stow's family is not asking for a specific dollar amount in the lawsuit ... but they claim it will take between $45 and $50 MILLION to provide the level of medical care necessary to ensure Stow has a good quality of life.

The suit is expected to be filed sometime today.

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Well the dodgers are responsible for that. if you people didnt realize medical bills are expensive and im glad they catch that fool cause i would spit at that suspect for what he did.

1185 days ago


Millions because he got beat up .. OMG welcome to LA ! now let me sue the city because they dnt have enough cop for LA and i have 4 people n my family that died ( that were not gang member and are hard working ) were is my pain n stuff huh ?? i can understand medical bill but damn people get a little greedy when there is money involved

1185 days ago


Whatever. Why not sue those that beat him? Because they probably have no money, no assets and are no doubt expecting the stadium to settle. How about suing the crowd while you are it? All these drones going on about being the "Dodgers fault" miss one important distinction.....the dodgers didn't beat him. The finger points to those that did. Oh...the Land of The Lawsuit. No wonder America is FUBAR

1185 days ago


Good. The family deserves every penny. A 15 minute response time is ridiculous.

1185 days ago


Good. They should sue. The Dodger's organization knows that this stadium is a gang infested venue. They never beefed up security and I am sure a lot of really horrible things have gone down there. $45 to $50 million is nothing considering this man will probably need severe intensive care for the rest of his life. I have a father who suffered brain damage and it is unreal what he has gone through medically. He will NEVER be the same. He can never drive again, cook, clean, smile, he barely walks, talks, has no emotion, and many other horrible complications. I hope they win this lawsuit.

1185 days ago


Al Davis should take note of this. The Raiders attract a worse crowd than the Dodgers, so much so that Al can't move his luxury boxes to reputable businesses.

1185 days ago


its not the Dodgers Fault... but as always there are people who are only out for the big $$$$$$$$$..

1185 days ago


The Dodgers are broke. Why do you think MLB is taking them over.

1185 days ago


I love people who say they should get something....and blaming it on a rivalry. I have a daughter that has a very rare eye condition and I/insurance pay for everything. Should I try and blame the Dr or the hospital? Life is not easy and things happen - is there always someone to blame? NO. Until you are actually in a position to understand - STFU. I feel bad for this guy, but how in the world are the owners ($) responsible? Really?

1185 days ago


I would like to know if I got mugged and beaten up on a poorly lit street if the city could be held liable for my damages. I can picture this happening all over the city of angels. I think this case will set a very important precedent. The Stow family, without a doubt, have a beef, but who's the responsible party? Time will tell!

1185 days ago


SweatDog 3 hours ago
I will pose a question to this board and try and give a grown up answer... some years back, a escalator malfunctioned at a Colorado Rockies baseball game. In the accident, a women lost part of her leg. She of course sued the escalator manufacturer and the Rockies, who owned the location of the escalator and maintained it and won a huge settlement. Keep in mind both her and Bryan Stow and their families will be dealing with the medical and emotional damage for life. Do you feel that's justified and do you feel there is any difference between maintaining a parking lot and an escalator?

I would say the difference is that one injury was caused by a malfunctioning machine while the other was caused by criminalistic individuals.

1185 days ago


Whats "I bleed Dodger Blue" Tommy "never missed a meal" La Sorda got to say about all of this? His beloved Dodgers owners and fans are garbage?---will he agree to that? What does he say about the Dodgers having to shell out 50mil---will it put them out of business, and they'll have to move out of state? Tommy, why have you remained silent on this matter? You saw the garbage that has been attending games and their behaviour going unchecked for years...its clearly the Mexican element that has ruined it for everyone--Mexican gangbangers--not white, not black, not asian, but mexican gangbangers...clean it up or move it to a Northern State. Start racial profiling at Dodger Stadium and put an end to it...you look like a mexican gangbanger, you get escorted out, or better yet, not let in, in the first place...get a dress code and behaviour code and strictly enforce both....otherwise, take your life in your "dodger blue bloods" hand everytime you go there.

Pay the poor guy and his family---they're not looking to "cash in", its expensive to care for someone in that condition...and Tommy, lose some weight and start telling the truth about whats going on at Dodger Stadium...ok ese?

1185 days ago


"Hey Jo...what a brainless fart you are...The Dodgers did not send those Jerks to beat down the man...that was the choice of the two that did the beating..NOT DODGER STADIUM...so why should they pay for his care and upkeep....People everyday get beat down and killed on Public Streets...does that make the crime the citys fault...No and no way will a City pay up...same here with Bryan Stoew....Parents are suing and suing the wrong people....they went after money...Now I hope they dont catch the other guy and woman! and you blaming the stadium is more pathetic than that greed the Stowe Family has. We all take our chances when we go out...Bryan took his and lost!"

You are a prime example of the terrible school systems located in the LA county. Obviously the parents of Stow would NOT have a case to sue the county, however, they have a case to sue the dodgers organization FOR NEGLIGNCE! You f*n dummy.

Ex: Person goes to disneyland. Person takes kids. Kids go on a ride. They fall off because the handle was not properly fastened. Person SUES FOR NEGLIGENCE. Oh, let's say the medical response team takes 20 mins to arrive. In those 20 minutes kid is bleeding profusely and losing pints and pints of blood. Kid dies. Proper response time is within 5 minutes.


USE YOUR BRAIN and THINK before you write/talk

1185 days ago


Apples and oranges Jo. If Bryan's injury were caused by a broken railing, yeah, you could hold the Dodger organization responsible. But his injury was a result of a criminal act, not the same thing at all.

If the kid at Disneyland dies because he/she was hit by a car in the parking lot, who is at fault?

1184 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

how'd the family even manage to grab some big time lawyer to take the case???! usually, even the pettiest attorneys are too busy diggin in their nose, to even listen to their phones ring. seems like this incident was all figured out from the get-go. loonies.

1184 days ago
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