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SF Giants Fan's Family to Sue Dodgers Over Attack

5/24/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of the SF Giants fan who was brutally attacked at Dodger Stadium is gearing up to file a lawsuit  against the Dodgers ... claiming the fam needs roughly $45 to $50 million in order to give Bryan Stow a good quality of life.


According to reports, Stow's family will claim in the lawsuit that it took stadium personnel 15 minutes to respond once they were notified about the attack.

Of course, Stow suffered brain damage at the hands of two attackers -- and is currently listed in critical condition.

Stow's family is not asking for a specific dollar amount in the lawsuit ... but they claim it will take between $45 and $50 MILLION to provide the level of medical care necessary to ensure Stow has a good quality of life.

The suit is expected to be filed sometime today.

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en Todo Momento!!    

and so if i walk through a neighborhood and get the crap beat outta me, i can sue the neighborhood??? give me a break. how are you going to sue the dodgers for this attack? seems ridiculous, if you ask me...(i know, yer not...)

1246 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

fact is:
1) they had security at the staduim; what constitues 'enough' security?? a whole swat team, national guard???! security on bikes is 'additional security'.

2) the stadium is not in a shape that indicated neglect, thus: lighting fixtures are mounted and present; = sufficient. signs showing the way to areas of the ballpark are mounted and present. how do you get lost in a parking lot?

3) the fact that there were at least 2 others accompanying the victim, and that they did not call 911 or do not seem to have assisted the victim in any way seems odd.

1246 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

50 million dollars? c'mon, they're taking advantage of what happened to Mr. Stow to get an early retirement. They should sue the family of this Giovani Ramirez dude- they probably won't because Ramirez lives in an apartment..not a mansion

1246 days ago


It's up to an event organizer to provide a reasonably safe environment to the customers who they sell a ticket to park for the event.
A plane falling out of the sky and killing someone in the park is hard to get sued for.
It's reasonable, though, one should expect to feel safe from an act of violence by another patron of that event.

1246 days ago


Lawyers always go for "deep pockets"=Dodgers. The family would get nada from the actual perps.
I just hope he survives. He's not out of the woods. Even with all that money he may not have quality of life. Very sad.

1246 days ago


@Monty Gordon,
You have no clue what your talking about.
This Family is NOT on welfare and do pretty well for"THESELVES".
Though they are in no way capable in taking care of Bryans medical cost nor future care he will or may need.
His Children have lost they're father as they no him and he will never be able to put them through school let alone hugg or kiss or play any activities.
So what your saying here is "sorry for your luck"
COME ON!!!! Pull your head out of your ass.
The Family is not seeking a dime of this suit. It's all for Bry and his kids.
Now... Ask me how I know this??? He's my wifes brother!

1245 days ago

Ivan Libya    

Any one blaming the Dodgers for this are a bunch of m0r0ns! So any time someone watches a ball game and decides to do something afterwards can blame the game? Think m0r0ns! The only people responsible are the two other m0r0ns who beat him. And 45 to 50 million to care for someone? I hope they don't a single dollar but instead get suited themselves for bringing this baseless case to court!

1213 days ago
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