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Accused Dodger Stadium Attacker's Photo Alibi

5/25/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of brutally beating a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium in March has photos which he says prove he was not even there the day of the attack.

Giovanni Ramirez has given his lawyer pictures of a group of people who went to see the game on March 31.  The photos show Ramirez' ex-girlfriend and other friends at the park next to the stadium, but he is nowhere to be seen.  Ramirez' point -- if he was there, the pictures would prove it. 

Ramirez claims he was babysitting at his ex-girlfriend's apartment when the attack on Bryan Stow occurred.

We asked Ramirez' lawyer, Chip Matthews, why his client would hang with his ex-girlfriend.  Matthews says they remained close after the break-up.

Ramirez has not been charged and police will put him in a lineup today. 

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No Avatar


He was taking the pictures!!!!

1247 days ago


So was he wearing red that day? Cuz if you look at the reflection in the sunglasses there is a dude with a gray and red shirt on.

1247 days ago

Tim S.    

Maybe he was at work that night. (Oh, wait)
Maybe he was volunteering at the homeless shelter. (Umm)
Maybe he was at church. (Uhhh)
Maybe he was at school trying to better himself. (That won't fly)
Maybe he was helping the elderly. (I give up)

Lawyer talking to the POS. Here's what we will do. I'll release some pictures of your hommies and our defense will be " If he's not in the pic you must acquit."

Good luck with that.

1247 days ago


Simple. Find out where these gangsters were sitting. Find out who bought the tickets, how many tickets where purchased. When they find out where these poeple were sitting they can find out who purchased tickets sitting near them as well. Run the names of all these poeple, see who have light colored sedans registered to them or family members. Then let the dominoes fall.

1247 days ago


@ Tim S.

"If he's not in the pic, then he did not kick!"

1247 days ago

Tim S.    


Very nice.

1247 days ago


When the victim is high profile and white the police are under pressure by the media to solve the case quickly. In this case, it's become a national story and it looks bad for the Dodgers if this stays in the news too long.

I would not be at all surprised if they just grabbed any ex-convict and decided to charge him. Instead of putting an innocent man on trial (and scapegoating the jury if he's acquitted) the police should continue to work on the case and explain to the public that cases can take months, or longer, to solve.

Do they have proof? Do they have video of him at the game? There are security cameras somewhere in the stadium, right? If he's guilty, they should at least have video of him somewhere on the premises. Also, wouldn't the victim have the attacker's DNA on him?

Everybody is innocent until proven guilty.

1247 days ago


Oh here are some carefully selected pictures that I am not in. Thus it proves I was not there. What a F'n crackhead.

1247 days ago


This proves nothing! Maybe they tossed out the pics of him. Why are you posting this shiat TMZ? These creeps are getting a 10 year old to lie for him.

Ghetto gangbanger mentality.

1247 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

If it was a digital camera... They just deleted the photo's of him before handing it over to his lawyer.

1247 days ago


Re: "Oh here are some carefully selected pictures that I am not in. Thus it proves I was not there."

It's up to the police to prove that he's guilty. It's not up to the accused to prove his innocence.

Did they drive to the game? There are security cameras on the freeway and at some red lights on various streets. Do they have video of him in the car heading to the game? Although just proving he was at the game isn't enough. They have to prove that he did it.

1247 days ago


"...pictures of a group of people..."


OK, now provide the entire sequence of the images from before arriving at Dodgers Stadium until returning home --- not just a select three of them.

1247 days ago


He must be guilty or he wouldn't have been arrested.

1247 days ago

What the heck    

Didn't the news say that there were 4 people in the getaway car, 2 guys, a woman, and a kid? For all we know, he, his friend, and the kid picked up the ex-girlfriend after the game. They don't have to prove he was at the game for the crime. It was after the game at the parking lot that counts.

1247 days ago


You guys sure are playing a dangerous game. Do you read the news? Do yo have any idea how many people have been released from prison after being found to be innocent? The state has to prove he was there. The defense is simply offering proof that he wasnt. Sounds pretty smart to me. There are police officers who lie. Who make things up. Who embellish stories. This guy has had previous trouble with the law. That does not mean he is guilty of this.

1247 days ago
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