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Ronnie and The Situation

We've Buried The Hatchet

5/25/2011 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good news everyone ... The Situation has found it in his heart to forgive the guy who punched him in the face ... and now, we're told Sitch and Ronnie are back to being friends again.


Multiple sources close to both "Jersey Shore" stars tell us ... the guys had a long talk after the altercation and "worked out their issues."

We're told the whole fight went down in the first place after Ronnie had returned from a night of clubbing with his GF Sammi. Ronnie was pretty heated over an argument he had with Sammi ... and in his rage, "turned his anger towards Mike."

Sources tell us Ronnie began to talk smack to Sitch -- taking personal shots regarding Sitch's family -- and The Sitch eventually snapped.

The two men fought briefly before it was "quickly broken up" -- and Ronnie then blew off some steam by punching a wall and tearing up his knuckles.

But it's all water under the bridge now -- the fellas talked it out and are "fine now."


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Is it just me or does the Situation look an awful lot like Pauly Shore when he pouts? I'm just sayin'...

1256 days ago


this is a filler story - give us more Zsa Zsa

1256 days ago


What happened to MTV's 'Zero Tolerance' policy for physical violence? MTV appears to encourage physical violence as it earns them more money. MTV sold their values in favor of being greedy. MTV found a group of dumb ass, ultra low class kids that they can make lots of money off them, because people can't believe anyone could be as low class as these kids. Add lots of alcohol and the physical violence will soon follow. These kids are very profitable for MTV, as long as MTV doesn't enforce their 'zero tolerance' physical violence policy.

1256 days ago


When you get in a real fight someone gets blooded broken and swollen.They dont end up with rouge makeup on their face. This show is scripted full of BS. Fake as anything on TV.

1256 days ago

Throwback kid    

This was MTV's fault! Ronnie probably was in special ed classes all his life and has only been speaking in full sentences since he was a teenager. Ronnie himself said he never went to college and was terrible in school, hey, it must have been tough for a guy who is probably mildly retarded just to finish high school. Then take into account all the rage he feels from the steroids, the anger he has towards his mother's drinking and the insecurity that is brought out by vixen Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie becomes a powder keg ready to blow. Ronnie doesn't posess the mental coping skills to keep calm and MTV knows this.

1256 days ago


I just assumed Ronnie scraped up his knuckles walking. Don't they drag behind him when he walks?

In the Seattle season if The Real World, the show's producers made Stephen get counseling after he slapped Irene. Nice to know MTV has come so far that they now allow physical violence between roommates with no repercussions.

1256 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

TMZ should state he probably just punched an MTV temporary wall for filming. I doubt he hit a real wall because that would send his ass to jail for destroying property.

1256 days ago


It looks like "the situation" has lost the situation. is it just me or does he look prego?

1256 days ago


so stop fotoshopping u wanksters

1256 days ago


Yup, that's what roids will do to you...

1256 days ago


Oh good. I was worried.

1256 days ago

Fred Garvin    

TMZ photoshopped the red marks on Stitch's face.

1256 days ago


Awww The must have sniffed each others butts, then licked each others balls. How cute the two Homos are friends again

1256 days ago


ronnie loves sitch, rubs abs

1256 days ago


I bet ronnie cried.

1256 days ago
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