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Lampanelli's GIANT $50K Check

Suck it, Hate Church

5/26/2011 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli just donated $50,000 to the good people at Gay Men's Health Crisis -- sticking it to the hate-mongering homophobes of Westboro Baptist Church -- and we got footage of the GIANT CHECK.

TMZ broke the story ... Lisa challenged the hate church head on last week -- claiming for every rotten bastard from the WBC who showed up to protest her show in Topeka, Kansas ... she would donate $1,000 to a gay charity.

Lisa couldn't decide exactly how many protesters showed up -- the number was somewhere between 44 and 48 -- so she called it an even 50 ... and put her money where her mouth was yesterday in NYC, donating $50,000 to GMHC in the form of a giant novelty check.

Hate on that.


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Why does it matter where she donates?! If she did to the people in Joplin then someone will say 'why not the flood victims?'and so on. That's not really the point here. Why don't you open your purse and donate a significant amount of money? Why are so many people haters. That is what this 'church' (called that for tax purposes only...really a cult)wants. The more hate they generate the happier they are. They are trash. I wish more celebrities would do what she did. A lot of people could benefit from their hate.

1247 days ago


Kevin, why is her donation to an organization helping gay men with health issues any less honorable than donating to a veteran's organization?

So long as people are willing to give to others in need, why judge?

1247 days ago


Bill, too bad your parents thought a condom was a big waste of money.

1247 days ago


The people who go around protesting funerals & gay rallies are s*** & they deserve to die. Gay people should be able to get married & yadayadayada... but at the same time they shouldn't be so up in your face about their gayness. Nobody wants to see that gross ****. Lesbians are fine, but nobody wants to see gay guys kissing in public or on T.V... go ahead & get married, just keep that **** behind closed doors!

1247 days ago


This has got to be the most ignorant thing I have ever seen. So what? This does not hurt those jerkwads one bit. Now, if she would have punched those protesters that might have some effect. However, this is not money out of their pockets and gives them some press.

1247 days ago


Great Job! This is a great to show this "church/hate group"!!!

1247 days ago


There's a group in Missouri that counter-protests the WBC this way. Very cool!

1247 days ago


Very nice! : ))

1247 days ago


Thank you Lisa!!! You are my # 1 Bitch !!! **** you WBC !!

1247 days ago


@ Kevin: Because long before you, and most of the world, knew anything about WBC they were protesting Gay funerals, parades and gatherings.
They use their hate for gays to piss off the rest of America by protesting military funerals, you wouldn't be paying them any attention had they not started doing that. Their insane theory is that [their] god hates ***s and the military are fighting for the freedom of gays.

Everything they protest against is because it supports the gay agenda. I think Phelps is in the closet and hates who he truly is and lashes out at others because of it.

1246 days ago


Wow, nice censoring there, tmz.

1246 days ago


To MMA420G00N:
You are ridiculous! Sound like a big homophobe to me!! Lesbians are fine?? You are just as bad as WBC!

And yes, WBC does hate everyone! I have driven by their "church" and the sign out front said "GOD HATES YOU!" They are sick. And all they want is attention. People need to just ignore their nonsense.

As for what Lisa did, good for her. And the people who keep posting about Joplin .... it is very tragic, but there have been NUMEROUS tornadoes and other events that have cause MANY people to lose everything. It's her money, she can do what she wants with it. Soooo many people judge waaaay too much!!!

1246 days ago


@Kevin: Maybe the fact that their official website is GodHates***

1246 days ago

stan James    

Good for her.

but somewhere there has to be some gay or mil veteran without much longer to live due to eg cancer, and who doesn't have a family.

Who could get rid of the WBC in just a couple minutes.

And whoever did it should get the medal of honor. These freaks dont deserve to even be put in a cage in a zoo nd fed. Unless its to the lions.

1245 days ago


Everybody they protest should do this ( or someone should for them) If they knew they would be giving money every time they protest to the groups they hate it would make them loose their voice and finally hopefully get them to shut up.) Lisa is awesome and I hope other stars pick this up.

1243 days ago
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