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Maria Shriver -- Divorce On!

5/26/2011 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver met with her divorce lawyer today in Beverly Hills and all systems are go to end her marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger ... TMZ has learned.


Shriver met with attorney Laura Wasser at the swanky Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills -- where Shriver is staying -- for a morning meeting.

Meanwhile, we're told Schwarzenegger has met with another high-powered Bev Hills divorce lawyer of his own, Bob Kaufman.  Although we do not know if Arnold has formally retained Kaufman.

As TMZ first reported, Shriver has been meeting with her financial person for several months now trying to sort out money issues before filing the divorce petition.

It's a little tricky, because the money guy works for both Maria and Arnold and is very close to both of them.

A Wasser/Kaufman combo is significant, because both have worked on other high profile cases and have figured out how to handle these situations in a discreet, semi-private manner. 

Although no divorce petition has been filed -- were told it's just a matter of time.

UPDATE, July 1, 2011: Maria Shriver filed for divorce against Arnold...



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He is UGLY looks like an ape. Why did she ever marry him anyway he is gross.

1155 days ago

Ray Darrah    

Good For you Arnold. She's doing you a favor.

1154 days ago


i never trust him i did not lik his smile ..i am so sorry maris

1154 days ago


All the attorneys I've heard talking on TV that are experienced in divorce litigation such as Arnold and Marie's all agree that Maria will get half of his assets and more than likely will be done behind closed doors. I don't think Marie is going to come out and trash Arnold and give personal tidbits about their marriage. She's going to protect her children from anymore than whats already out there and not feed into it.Also, she wouldn't want to make it so Arnold wouldn't be able to work again that would hurt her and the children in the pocketbook. Tiger's wife didn't go public and sure he gave her whatever she wanted in the divorce.

1154 days ago


hmmmm...It looks like Maria has all the power to deside what to do with Arnold. Arnold should have been honest from the start.
He wont be back at all...

1154 days ago


GiGi has retained Gloria Allred as her attorney. Gigi was already paid off during Arnold's campaign for Gov $20,000 to keep silent. The affair was years ago .Gloria Allred must be really bottom feeding if this is all she can get to come forward.

1154 days ago

Brenda Muhvich    

Maria you deserve to be happy I wouldn't have but up with it as long as you did I wish you much happiest

1153 days ago


Maria...I'd park my boots under your bed anytime, Ma'am!

1153 days ago


LET ME START MY POST BY SAYING "MOST MEN ARE MORONS!" They are selfish, insecure, constantly need their egos stroked, are immature, and only care about themselves. These characteristics make them horrible in bed as well. You see, to be a good lover, you have to be willing to take your time to satisfy your woman. Otherwise, you got a man who gives you two pumps and a wiggle and its over. ANY MAN WHO CHEATS IS A LOSER, AND THE BEST PART OF HIM RAN DOWN HIS DADDY'S LEG. MARIA WHILE IT WILL NOT MEND YOUR BROKEN HEART, TAKING HIM FOR AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FINANCIALLY WILL GIVE YOU MUCH POWER. GET YOUR 1/2 OF ALL HIS ASSETS AS ACCORDING TO CALIF. LAW, THEN GET MORE FOR YOUR KIDS. DO NOT EVER FORGIVE HIM, AND NEVER BLAME YOURSELF. HE IS AN ANIMAL AND YOU ARE A LADY. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, AND PURE OF HEART. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN AS YOU GO THROUGH THIS PROCESS. Arnold go get lost somewhere, and take the horsefaced tramp with you as well as the bastard you conceived. Maria has always been too good for you, and it will be proven as all your friends desert you. But don't worry, you and horseface can always play dominoes and drink beer in da hood!!

1153 days ago

Jeri Burch    

She has not aged well---but she needs to cut her hair shorter,get a good make-over and make a new life for herself---without dear Arnold. I never did think much of him.

1152 days ago


Everyone is talking about how bad Maria looks---maybe she has gone through a lot of stress --long before this story broke.I admire her and respect her and hope she makes herself a new life.He is a deplorable human being.

1152 days ago


Feeling very sorry for this situation,for Maria and children of course,but for arnold too because he seems to be a good person ,of course he had a weakness but everybody can make a stupid mistake,nobody s perfect.

1151 days ago


Arnold he is a pig as well as the maid, both deserved to go to jail and not continuing destroyingthe lives of others.

1151 days ago

sabre brown    

First off, I always thought Maria was a gracious, thorough reporter and a very smart woman.I think Arnold was one of the most conniving men I've ever heard about and I really didn't care.The man has gotten everything , I think he ever wanted: Mr. Universe,public attention with his physical health support for children in schools;his friendship with the MAJOR kennedy boys; his marriage to a major public Kennedy, his Incredible movie stardom (ever hear of a dialect coach Arnie?), his fortune probably could have saved Ca, with a check;his amazing election (Who voted?)as Governor of Cal;his taking issue that an immigrant can't run for President. I feel sorry for the kids.I hope Maria hides them as best she can(Takes them to the Kennedy compound, maybe with home school.)Still, I think she had to figure all thhis out a long, long, long time ago 9which makes her the better actor in the family,huh? I hope she Takes the man for everything he's got and as much of his future dreams.Then I think they should retire from public life .

1144 days ago


you go get him any man who cheats on a woman needs to get his tail kicked in the courtroom.....take him for everything

1142 days ago
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