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NBA Star J.R. Smith

Busted ...

for Illegal Scootering

5/29/2011 9:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

J.R. Smith is not going to gain any street cred from this arrest -- he was popped in Miami this weekend for operating a scooter without a valid driver's license. THUG LIFE!!!!

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Smith, who has played the last five seasons with the Denver Nuggets, was not taken to jail for the offense. We're told Smith signed a notice to appear -- he'll get his court date later.

South Beach beware -- Smith was released on his own recognizance.

No word on what happened to the scooter.

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wasted days and wasted nights    

He'd have gotten a pat on the back from the green police.

1210 days ago


At least, he's saving gas. Motor scooters get like 40 to 80 miles per gallon. Though too bad, he wasn't thinking when he decided to get all those tats.

1210 days ago


If blacks want to change the system they need to do it through business and politics. Acting tough just makes you look stupid. You think rich people are intimidated by tattoo's ? They laugh at you

1210 days ago


joe bodego 15 minutes ago

White Cops, black human. The whites are always going to do the worst thing. There is no end to the white men of this world and their chronic hatred of us blacks. Gosh, there slipped another white guy with crack and cocaine while these cops are writing up a ticket to this guy on a scooter. Who looses here??

1. Hey racist, who said they were white cops?

2. Way to stereotype a whole race of people just because of your predisposed biases, racist!

3. Sounds like you're the one with "chronic hatred" based solely on skin color!

4. So, cops should ignore someone that is driving a motorcycle on public roads without a license? And if the truth be known, which you don't want to hear it, there are 3 times more blacks and latinos living in prison than in college dorms. And nearly all of the crimes perpetrated against black people is from other black people. But, you, the racist, don't want to listen to facts.

5. This is how you suppose to spell "loses".

1210 days ago


What does this have to do with being a thug. This speaks to the true ignorance and subtle bias in american white society. If this happened to tommy lee or travis barker would TMZ be refering to "thug life" or "street cred".

1210 days ago


Wow TMZ expected more but why should I. A black man with tatoos is a thug. Maybe you are race bating between this the obama getting sex for killing bin laden and a couple of other things. I think you've got a stupid person working the or a closet bigot.

1210 days ago


cops should be worried about the big stuff, scooter- come on be real.

1210 days ago


My God is everyone on this thread to stupid to get the joke. ITS NOT "THUG' TO GET CHARGED FOR RIDING A SCOOTER. Its sarcasm, dummies. People on this site are usually alot sharper.

1210 days ago


I live in South Beach and every Memorial Weekend, the music festival is held here. Every scooter in the city is rented out, and it's pretty common sight to see groups of a half dozen or more hip hop fans flying by on their rented scooters. Cops are more than eager to pull someone over for not coming to a complete stop, something most scooter riders make a habit of. I't not a racial thing, but more of a budget thing. The city needs revenue, and tourist on scooters are east targets. J.R. probably didn't come to a stop and got pulled over, and was ticketed for an expired license at the same time.

1210 days ago

payam nassirpour    

That's pretty weired.

1210 days ago



1210 days ago

I start my day with TMZ    

Obviously, you don't know JR that well. He's got tats....so what. I mean, call him a thug for riding a scooter without a license, big effing deal. Seriously, people like to bitch about successful people just to bitch. This guy gives back way more than you can imagine to his community. I have seen him spend countless hours and money with the Make A Wish Foundation of Colorado and give kids who are dying to much HOPE. He's a good guy, I mean ****, I drove my parents car under the age of 16 out in the country....doesnt mean I'm a thug.

1210 days ago


People- I don't think TMZ is actually calling the guy a thug, they are basically point out how ludacris this charge is in the grand scheme of things. Think about it...LOL

1210 days ago


I'll take a thug like that....how dare u TMZ, that scooter crap is ridiculous almost everyone in Vegas got rid of theirs when the cops started doing the same stuff, it was even on the news. Lots of kids lost their Christmas gifts that year.

1209 days ago


Hey TMZ where is the report button for YOUR comments?

1209 days ago
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