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Steve-O BOYCOTTS Charity Event -- I'm Outraged!!

5/31/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Steve-O WALKED OUT of a charity event benefiting the American Diabetes Association this weekend because they served meat for lunch ... claiming, "It's like serving alcohol at an AA meeting."

Steve-O was set to compete in the Celebrity Go Kart Tournament in Gardena, California this weekend -- but once he caught wind of the menu, he BOLTED.

On his way out, Steve O expressed his outrage with a woman named Helen from Children's Hospital -- saying, "I came here because I thought this was about promoting a plant-based diet as diabetes prevention and they're serving MEAT there ... so I'm outta here."

After asking a few kids if they wanted to take his place driving his go-kart in the event ... Steve-O added, "It's kind of an outrage to me ... it's stupid."


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djdeej94 11 minutes ago Perhaps SteveO needs to get a serious GRIPO! What a total vapid idiot he proves to be again and again. Disgusting behavior. He needs to read up on his diabetes diatribes. Diabetes does not equal NO MEAT. He is a JACKASS... and acted like worse at a charity event.. SICKENING


You are the JACKASS! The event was to promote a PLANT BASED DIET. What part of that don't you understand?

If you go to an event that encourages you to not smoke do you expect to see them handing out cigarettes?

It's unreal how many people have absolutely NO reading comprehension skills.

1240 days ago

tony gee    

He is just showing off his ignorance thinking that he can get sympathies from the Diabetic Community.

His analogy of serving alcohol at an AA meting is absurd. I think what he meant to say was "It's like serving sugar to a diabetes patients. I don't know where the hell did he get that information. Stupidus Ignoramus!

1240 days ago


@djr1283 [and your other pseudonyms] Instead of arguing with the folks on this board... why don't you take your message to the world, you'd be rich and famous--maybe not, just another jackazz talking out of his azz

1240 days ago


To Joe on page 1...

There is NO CURE for Type 1 diabetes. My daughter was diagnosed at age 3. Her pancreas doesn't produce insulin. The organ is dead. Anyone who believes that Type 1 diabetes can be reversed with diet is an idiot. It can be controlled however... but meat has no effect on sugar levels in the body. In fact... tons of plant-based foods create HIGHER blood sugars because of the carbohydrates. Corn, carrots, and potatoes... just to name a few. Please take time to get the facts before spouting off ignorance.

And Steve-O... I appreciate what you were trying to do... but I'd appreciate it even more if you also read up on the difference between diet controlled diabetes (Type 2) and Type 1 diabetes.


1240 days ago


A minor correction Me (less than a minute ago).. Steve O claims to have 'thought it was about promoting a plant based diet'

Very different to what the organisers were obviously promoting by their menu!!

1240 days ago


Wow! Who knew I'd ever use the words "impressed" and "Steve-O" in the same sentence!? but I AM impressed. Nice move Steve!

1240 days ago


Joe - you are a complete IDIOT if you believe that! You're a perfect example of an uneducated IDIOT. Get your facts straight before you make anymore uneducated comments. It doesn't surprise me that you would think Steve O sets a good example for someone like yourself. Keep following down that path.

1240 days ago

Clay the don sippin Dom P daily like John.    

I'm outraged that Steve-0 purposely harms himself while people with diabetes can barely sprain an ankle.

1240 days ago


im glad he stood up for what he believes in, if they asked him there to promote something vegetarian than they shouldve backed it.

1240 days ago


Way to do something for the kids, you selfish jerk. Get over your own needs/desires and give back to the community. No, you are too self-important for that. Get over your self, you freakin' sell out. "waaahhhhwahhhh, they are serving meat...don't they know how famous I am...omg...I am walking out".

1240 days ago


Maybe he should learn a little more about diabetes before he opens his mouth. All he did was prove what a JACKASS he really is.

1240 days ago



Celebrity Go Kart Tournament in Gardena, California
The Celebrity Go Kart Tournament will be one of this year's most exciting, fun-filled events! Held at the fantastic K1 Speed Go Kart racing facility in Gardena, CA from 2pm to 7pm, 16 celebrity-led teams will participate in races to raise money for a selected charity such as the American Diabetes Association, The Complete Athlete Foundation for Kids and Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies. Kids will have a great time racing and learning healthy eating and exercise habits while raising funds for great organizations!


Just presenting the FACTS since it appears that Jackazz and his peeps are trying to confuse the issue.... AT NO POINT WAS THERE ANY MENTION OF SOLELY PROMOTING PLANT BASED DIETS, OR ANY REFERENCE TO PLANT BASED DIETS. Drug Addicts/vegetarians are the worst hypocrites.

What's your next move Steve-0? Counter this

1240 days ago


"joe" claimed that , "The doctors want the kids to eat meat so they stay sick and they profit off them."

Really? You seriously believe that? You think doctors don’t have enough patients & actually conspire to make people sick? Pathetic. Every doctor I know of is OVERLY busy and is truly invested in preventive medicine.

Joe, nothing's easier than telling lies and posing as an expert on the Internet because there are ZERO consequences for the liar. But if you could be identified and held legally responsible for your half-assed advice that nobody asked you for in the first place, you'd back off and you know it!

I hate to point out the obvious, but you are not only a MORON, you’re a dangerous idiot, a paranoid conspiracy wackjob with ZERO knowledge of physiology, much less medicine. So STOP TALKING before some easily-led nitwit follows your bull**** advice and you KILL someone with your food-faddist theories. It's great to BE a vegetarian or a vegan, but it's something else altogether to make extreme medical claims based on promoting your choice to others while having no responsibility for or even knowledge of the results. I'm very, very familiar with the goods you're pedaling; I've heard that before, as well as the exact same thing about the Paleo Diet and a couple of other, less extreme plans. NONE of them "CURE diabetes in 30 days"; that's a MASSIVE over-statement. Stop making outrageous claims based on NOTHING, just to promote YOUR values and YOUR agenda.

Also, Steve-O, stop being such a diva. Did they promise you when you booked that gig that they'd not only give you a platform to promote your ideas, but that they'd adopt them on the spot? I suspect that you just didn't want to follow through with what you said you'd do, or else you wanted to generate more publicity by having a tantrum. Either way, you’re still a total Jackass who won't be much in demand because of your infantile behavior. Get over yourself and grow the **** up!

1240 days ago


Now we get all the a-holes posting their quack "cures" for diabetes and cancer. They think they are special and better than everyone else because they are vegans but in reality they have no other redeeming qualities to demonstrate and aren't intelligent enough to realize how unintelligent they are when they follow the advice of idiots. Get a life and leave us normal people alone!

1240 days ago


And the "Worst Analogy Needing Knowledgeable Education and Retraction" (The Golden WANKER) Award goes to... Steve-O! You must be thrilled! You win 15 pounds of ham!

1240 days ago
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