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Arnold Hires Attorney, Hammers Out Divorce Deets

6/1/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger is pulling out a big gun for his inevitable divorce battle with Maria Shriver ... officially hiring attorney Bob Kaufman -- who's already tackling some touchy issues of the split. 

Sources tell TMZ ... Kaufman's already been in touch with Maria's attorney, Laura Wasser -- and we're told they are "moving forward" with divorce negotiations.

Kaufman and Wasser have gone head-to-head on other high profile celebrity splits -- and both specialize in something Arnold and Maria value right now ... keeping divorce settlements hush hush.


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1179 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@middleagedcrazy: Don't excite yourself, you old dear, just because some people see through the "Ms Shriver is a victim" story you are pushing. At your age, you're liable to get a stroke or something. :(

1179 days ago


Hope Maria comes out ahead in this one!!!

1179 days ago


Tsk, tsk. Ageism as well?

1179 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@middleagedcrazy: whatever you say...however you try to discredit.

My regards to "Ms Shriver" (snort)...pip pip! :)

1179 days ago


Okay, I'll bite -- what the heck is 'pippip'?

1179 days ago


Bob Kaufman...aka Phil Jackson??

1179 days ago


Glad the divorce is happening.

Good luck Maria!

1179 days ago


Phil that was hilarious!!

1179 days ago


Keep your eyes on the Judge. Does anyone here think the judge in the Sheen case has even Once, considered the "Best interests of the children"?

No. No matter what you think of the parents, keep your eyes on the judge. Details at

There's so much to learn and mostly that media seldom gets it right. Including focusing on the correct issues.

1179 days ago


Look at them, they both look like angry jackals, they will get what is coming to them , namely an airing of the dirty family laundry, all for the world to see.

1179 days ago


Too bad for them.

Did anyone see the funny article about Arnold's other children???

1179 days ago


Maria's a Kennedy. She has and has always had more than Arnold. She owes him nothing. She gave him her Kennedy credibility. Without that he would have had zero chance at a political career. And he gave her the Hollywood access that her forefather Kennedys enjoyed (banging starlets two at a time.) Though unlike her uncles, her style seems less vulgar and more along the lunch-with-Bono star closeness.
Either way, he still has a 13 year old to support. Uh... make that a couple of 13 year olds. But Maria will also get child support. For private schools, exclusive summer camps, ivy league universities, Frederic Fekkai haircuts, that first Beemer lease, and all that orthodonture to close the tooth-gap.

1179 days ago


@Sociopaths are Sad You never quit do you.You used the same old tired BS comment on the other thread .It appears you don't like Maria so she is not a victim but it is her fault because she is a Kennedy and privileged her husband banged the maid that produced a child but the maid is the misunderstood victim.If Mildred had been the maid in another household the wife would have put her foot up her ass and kick her out along with Arnold. Don't blame the press or anyone else they made their bed now let them lie in it.Let Mildred hide and make Arnold pay.

1179 days ago


By all means let us submit to ancestor worship/hatred before someone files for divorce. Were your ancestors 'good' -- okay you can file. Were your ancestors 'bad' -- nope you must have been bad yourself.

I can hear the tumbrels now -- parading those 'bad' people away down the streets of Malibu and Beverly Hills. Would the beach be a good place for the public scourging or executions?


1179 days ago
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