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Charlie and Brooke

Strike Joint Custody Deal

6/1/2011 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller have hashed out a joint custody agreement ... lawyers for the former couple told an L.A. judge today.


Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Brooke's lawyer, Lori Howe, and Charlie's attorney, Mark Gross, went into the chambers of Judge Hank Goldberg this afternoon and presented hizzoner with the agreement.  We're told Howe and Gross told Judge Goldberg the only thing left to be done is getting Brooke and Charlie's John Hancock.

Sources tell us ... the agreement calls for joint legal and physical custody of twins Bob and Max.  We're told Brooke will get substantially more face time with the kids than Charlie.

The signed agreement will not be filed with the court, in order to keep it completely confidential.  The case has been taken off the court's calendar.


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A monkey would be a better parent to those babies.. I sure feel sorry for the poor kids!!

1238 days ago

Joe the plumber    

With parents like this what could go wrong? Let's think for a moment... hmmm... Jeffrey Dahmer comes to mind!

I know, let's start the kids on pills at age 7, so that by 15 they can be just as pathetic and stupid as daddy!

1238 days ago

Joe the plumber    

I'm so disappointed they didn't include Charlie's coke whores as co-parents! I'm sorry, skank goddesses... they certainly would contribute to the wellbeing of these children!

1238 days ago


Let's see how long this agreement lasts - seems every few weeks there is some 'excitement' with this 'couple' and a new custody battles begins anew.....with all these stress these kids are enduring, it's a wonder these kids aren't/or won't be 'damaged' by these two so called parents.....

1238 days ago


It is only a matter of time before Max and Bob are emancipated from their parents. What a sad childhood they must be living.

1238 days ago


Well, I guess pretty much everyone has the same thing to say! If I had to make a choice I could NOT right now, but..... if Brooke can stop smoking crack she definately has the best chance. She's younger and not as set in her ways - Charlie is a MUCH bigger road to go before he gets straight.... either way I do feel sorry for those children and thank god they are so young!

1238 days ago


The poll question should have included neither which is my vote.

1238 days ago


I actually couldn't vote for either one to be the better parent. They both suck!

1237 days ago


It will only be a matter of time before Max and Bob are emancipated from their crazy parents. What a horrible childhood they must be living.

1237 days ago


Yep im with everyone else, give us that 3rd choice NEITHER!!!! It seems only fair, cus if u think bout it TMZ how would you ever get the correct percentages for the FOR/NOT FOR? If that made sense, but in the end it's like the WHO WOULD YOU RATHER? Give us a 3rd option please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1237 days ago


P.S. Speaking again bout the 3rd choice, the ONLY REASON I voted was to see who had the most percentage, most peeps are choosing BM over CS simply because I believe (in my case) at least BM has PARENTS as backups, CS has noone cept a family who thinks he's crazy (rightfully so) What was I saying again??? Anywho nuff said, I'm pretty sure I don't care really anyway cept bout the babies.

1237 days ago


Joint custody huh? So that means when one is in rehab the other one gets them. Great parents they are.

1237 days ago

Charlie just keep sending us pictures of your wild parties and pornstar girlfriends.

1237 days ago


Who is the better parent?

C) None of the above

1237 days ago


Charlie isn't father of the year, but at least he's trying.

1236 days ago
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