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Charlie Harper's

Exit From 'Men' --

Dee Plane!!!

6/3/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Harper -- Charlie Sheen's character on "Two and a Half Men" -- will probably get a "French kiss off" from creator Chuck Lorre.  Worry not ... we'll explain.

During the last original episode that aired February 14, Harper and his stalker/neighbor Rose were headed for the airport to catch a flight to Paris.

Sources connected with the production tell TMZ ... it's likely Lorre will use the flight to rid the show of Charlie Harper once and for all.   And get this -- the flight was never intended to be a cliffhanger -- it just happened that was the last episode shot before Charlie Sheen melted down.

Of course, the obvious scenario is a plane crash.  But our sources say that's not going to happen because producers are not going to make the other passengers sacrificial lambs -- even though they don't really exist.

As for what Lorre is planning ... we're told it's not in cement, but Charlie Harper could bid adieu to Malibu and say bonjour to Paris.


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Poor Melanie loses her job too? I guess no Charlie, no need for a stalker....

1236 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

I hardly seen this show, but the stalker girl is the only one who is somewhat funny on that show, pity she is being let go it seems.
Just saw a pic of Charlie celebrating his remaining prostitute's birthday, and I hardly think that man is sober, he looks terrible and looks like a sexual pervert, scary! Also, his prostitute natalie is only 25 years old and looks like she is in her 40's rather than 25.

1236 days ago

I am Spartacus    

yea the character of Rose pretty much existed because of Charlie so without him she's useless. Face it the show is over. The kid is too old, Cryer can't carry a show himself, Kelso i mean Kutcher can't act & isn't funny, Berta is a minor character so theres really nothing carrying that show anymore.

1236 days ago


Uncle Ashton will rule the roost - Charlie Harper jets off to mend his wounds (forever). Rose returns, let the games begin. Looking forward to whatever comes out of Lorre's creative mind - the man is a proven genius.

1236 days ago


Chuck Lorre if you are reading this....and let's hope you are (because you fed this story to TMZ in order to piss off Charle)listen very carefully. Y-O-U A-R-E AN I-D-I-O-T!
Charlie and his insane escapades were the only reason your show got any viewers at all. Your show is gonna tank and so will you with it. Anyone still connected to the production I would suggest you start looking for a new job before this Titanic of a show sinks and you are left without a paycheck.
Good luck Ashton, Cryer and Angus T. Jones I know it's all fun and games now but this will be Charlie's last laugh. I am just gonna sit, kick back and watch this go down the drain........

1236 days ago


What do you say now Chuckles, it is alway best to keep your mouth shut don't ya think.

1236 days ago


They should change the name of the program to 2 and 3/4 men, kid is growing up, it's a new program and every one would know that the show has moved on. What do you think Mr. Lorre

1236 days ago


Charlie was raptured during the plane flight. He got on the flight, but when it landed all that was in his seat were his silly shorts and bowling shirt.

Annnnnnnnnd.... scene.

1236 days ago


Found with crack up his bottom, serving time in a French prison.

1236 days ago


The show was Charlie, Angus is no longer close having anything funny to say. He always sounds like he's reading from cue cards. Ashton does not know how to act like a mature man, look at his hair and the way he dresses. He always looks like he walked out of a second hand store. His actions are so childish, I don't find him funny at all. What that old cradle robber see's in him is one for the books.

1236 days ago


I always wanted Charlie and Rose to get together for good ... and now it's happening (not as I planned .. but it's happening). The show would be over soon anyways. I'm glad Rose and Charlie go off into the sunset together. That's nice!

1236 days ago


The best scenario should be Rose kidnaps Charlie and keeps him in a secluded cabin. Every once and a while the show goes to the cabin seen (only showing the back of "Charlies" head). This gives Rose some work and it is a scene out of Misery minus the breaking of the feet. It could be actually funny. Are you listening Chuck?

1236 days ago


Good Luck for the show i like Kutscher as an actor but no one is like THE WILD THING CHARLY >>> I MISS HIM

1236 days ago



1236 days ago


And say hello to horrible ass ratings.

1236 days ago
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