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Charlie Harper's

Exit From 'Men' --

Dee Plane!!!

6/3/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Harper -- Charlie Sheen's character on "Two and a Half Men" -- will probably get a "French kiss off" from creator Chuck Lorre.  Worry not ... we'll explain.

During the last original episode that aired February 14, Harper and his stalker/neighbor Rose were headed for the airport to catch a flight to Paris.

Sources connected with the production tell TMZ ... it's likely Lorre will use the flight to rid the show of Charlie Harper once and for all.   And get this -- the flight was never intended to be a cliffhanger -- it just happened that was the last episode shot before Charlie Sheen melted down.

Of course, the obvious scenario is a plane crash.  But our sources say that's not going to happen because producers are not going to make the other passengers sacrificial lambs -- even though they don't really exist.

As for what Lorre is planning ... we're told it's not in cement, but Charlie Harper could bid adieu to Malibu and say bonjour to Paris.


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Ben from Baltmore    

They should just kill Charlie's character off. I am glad they got Ashton to replace Charlie. Ashton is happily married to Demi Moore, drug free, not an alcoholic, the near perfect role model. Charlie is a cokehead who is able to stay off the coke just long enough to pass the tests and ****s potentially STD infested over-screwed used up ex-porno whores. Plus, when I took work study in high school, I learned real fast when one of my co-workers at my work study job got fired for bad mouthing the boss on my second day on the job that you shouldn't do it. I learned to zip it when I needed to. Charlie didn't, so he was fired.

1201 days ago


Bring back Charlie. the show s*cks without him. I can't stand Ashton, he is such a loser. Let him go back home to his post-menopausal wife and spend her money.

1201 days ago


Charlie was the only character I COULDN'T stomach on the show so I won't miss him a bit.. gimme more of Jake and Berta... they stole every single show anyway!!!

1201 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I think Charlie will be forcibly abducted by aliens and leave the planet, forever.

1201 days ago


Ben From're a dumb***

1201 days ago


Charlie ends up in a French hospital and dies from AIDS

1201 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

@matt, why is ben a "dumb***", he is only stating his opinion. After all this is what the comment section is for.

1201 days ago


"Of course, the obvious scenario is a plane crash."

Really? That's the obvious scenario? To use a plane crash as a joke on the most watched show in the world?

Who writes this ****? Oh yeah, the TMZ Staff.....

1201 days ago


Bree Olson is starting to talk a bit more about what went on in SVL when Chalie was melting dowm. She gave a long and funny interview to Philly's WMMR Preston & Steve Morning Show in which she makes several interesting points.
1) Charlie was supposed to have gone to the Bahamas for a week to lay low but instead he started calling up radio stations and ranting about Chuck Lorre. This was the start of the public meltdown.
2)She and others advised him to apologize and lay low but instead he went on his media rampage and tour (which she hated).

Here is the podcast link with her portion starting about 45 minutes in:

1201 days ago


Dragon Tatto- As well, I'm simply stating my opinion...he is a dumb***

1201 days ago


i'm surprised they aren't killing off the character with a plane crash.

Seems like they're leaving it open ended just so they have the opportunity to bring back the character at some point.

1201 days ago


I will give Aston a few episodes to see how he manages to replace Charlie Sheen, anything can happen and Charlie wasn't so great lately. Anyway he is not winning!

1201 days ago


I love cyn's idea! Rose holding Charlie in some chalet or cabin! I've watched Two and A Half Men since it started and would love to see a kidnapped Charlie (ok, not see exactly, but see the back of his head)! And, I can't wait for Ashton Kutcher....LOVE HIM!!! :-)

1201 days ago


Okay. So Sheen's character is not going to die and ends up in Paris. Now if he does not production terms...this means there is a glimmer of hope that Charlie Sheen could make guest appearances on Two and a Half Men at any point, making the fanatical remaining Sheen fans blissful and hopeful this occurs and will *keep them watching* in that hope. (Also it might help them out on that surreal lawsuit Sheen has going. The open Endness of working out a deal where Charlie Parker ends up showing back up at the door in a Stereotypical French Beret if they *have to bring him back to not pay for the lawsuit*).

That is pretty genius in my mind from a production standpoint. Throw a "Alive Bone" to Sheen and this character.

Of course I'm not about win/win in this case. Sheen deserves everything that is happening to him. Fine. Don't kill him on the plane. *Kill him in Paris*.

Parody Oliver Stone Doors Shot to Jim Morrison Music. Charlie Sheen body double dies in a bathtub still in his bowling shirt. Rose walks in and see him dead in the bathtub and slides down wall to sad for two seconds the music screeches to a stop and she says "Oh well...better head home" (Tries to stand up and has a hard time. Crawls out of bathroom).

Yea. Death of Charlie Parker to Parody of Oliver Stone's The Doors. Probably would drive Charlie Sheen more batty than what he is.

Use it. Don't use it, Lorre. :)

1201 days ago


Rose sees Charlie for the first time without his make-up and fake teeth and deserts him in Paris screaming all the way home.

1201 days ago
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