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Dodger Assault Suspect Loses Bid for Freedom

6/3/2011 3:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Giovanni Ramirez -- the guy who is suspected of beating a San Francisco Giants' fan to a pulp outside Dodger Stadium -- just lost a big round in his fight to get out of prison.


Ramirez was thrown back in the pokey on May 22 for allegedly violating his parole by being a felon in possession of a firearm or ammo.

Today Ramirez had a hearing before the parole commissioner, who ruled there was not only ample evidence to keep him behind bars, but that he should accept an 11-month sentence for having a gun.  Ramirez rejected the offer, so now he'll stay in prison until he gets a full hearing.

Interestingly, the commissioner had information about the Dodger Stadium attack but dismissed that part of the case.  At first blush, it looks like the commissioner may have felt there wasn't enough evidence to pin the beating on Ramirez.  But we're told authorities presented virtually no evidence about the beating of Giants' fan Bryan Stow because the firearms violation was clear.

Ramirez claims he wasn't at Dodger Stadium on the day of the attack.

Authorities are determining whether to prosecute Ramirez for the Dodger Stadium attack.

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No Avatar

S D M F    

What a loser!
He wants to be a cool gangbanger, good for him. Now he can spend the rest of his life with all the other cool gangbangers, in a 4'X8' prison cell playing butt pirates with his cell mates.

Rid the streets of these little ****roaches!

1200 days ago

Mighty Mike    


Crafty post! The first "A" in your name is obvious in it's meaning.

Mr. Lucky,

He's not getting out anytime soon, so keeping his head up is a waste of neck muscles (but then again, so were his tats). He declined the 11 month prison sentence for the weapons parole viloation, do you think it will be less after a court hearing?

Then you have Nevada knocking on the door for a piece, and all this based on the assumption that the LAPD has NO evidence in this case!!!

Is this thug really innocent? The guilt is mounting and I don't see any teflon.

1200 days ago


This lowlife coward, Giovanni Ramirez, will get his due in prison.

He'll wish it was only be a shankin for what the white supremeists have waiting for him.

Even the other douchebag gangbangers wont have anything to do with him so GIOVANNI RAMIREZ get ready to cry like a little girl.

1200 days ago


man I hate pieces of crap guys like Ramirez, but he aint the guy.
The LAPD knows it but the Beck is being forced to play Villaraidumbasses' game...
They are keeping this guy in prison to prevent him from talking and blowing this thing wide open.
What I find disgusting is that the mayor is acting like putting this guy behind bars makes LA safer!
News to the mayor and every other Angelino who does not leave the small bubble they live in, LA is a breeding ground thugs. A Failed school system, and failed economic system and lack of immigration enforcement has turned LA i a city where trash like Ramirez are the norm not the exception...What a joke, Im out

1200 days ago


"He'll wish it was only be a shankin for what the white supremeists have waiting for him."

**Posted by Simone


Do you mean "Supremacists." First off, learn how to spell and write properly. Secondly, Latinos are not afraid of your so-called "white supremacists." It is the Mexican Mafia that controls the jails.

I'm not defending this guy or his "kind," but stop feeling so superior because of your ethnicity (or skin color), especially when you don't even have a proper grasp of the language you claim to speak.

1200 days ago

Mighty Mike    

My girlfriend thinks I'm a stalker. Well, she isn't my girlfriend, yet.

1200 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

It seems like the Dodger beating case against him is not as strong as the police made it out to be. They just want to find evidence on this guy. What is taking the police so long to charge him with the crime? They had him take two lie detector tests and are looking at video and/or pictures? The case against him looks weak.

And what is up with this guy breaking the law with a ten year old daughter? He needs to grow up and leave that life behind..what a life this guy made for himself.

1199 days ago


People like you need more if life then just judging with no proof! get a life I’m sure your **** stinks like everyone else’s. Look at facts and only facts. The only thing the LAPD has is a sketch and that’s it. To all those people that like to judge all of this will blow up in your face!! Maybe this guy has a bad pass but if he did not commit this crime he should not be punished for it. The LAPD has to stop wasting time and find the real guy that did this to that poor guy!.Remember we are talking about the LAPD.They some how always seem to make a ass of them selfs.

1197 days ago

Mighty Mike    

So I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.... I tried to remember what I was doing 7 weeks ago. Damm, I can't even remember what I did 1 week ago, he's pretty smart.

But he has a reason to remember, it was opening day for the LA Dodgers; fair enough. But wait, he isn't even a Dodgers fan according to family and friends!!! Is that the Dodgers' logo tattooed on his neck?....jus sayin'.

I'm a huge baseball fan and I have no idea what I was doing or where I was on opening day. Stupid me.

How much did the toupee' cost??? Sorry, that was out of line.

1196 days ago

Tom Papers    

" It is the Mexican Mafia that controls the jails. "

Wow you really proud ???

Too bad gv violated his parole.

PS Good guys don't live in PRISON

" a mind is a terrible thing to waste "

1194 days ago


What a little bitch. Look at him. Now he will be someones bitch in prison!

1193 days ago


What a little bitch. Look at him. Now he will be someones bitch in prison!

1193 days ago

Mighty Mike    

Anyone know where I can score one of those "killer", "Free Gio" T-Shirts? ...so to speak.

1183 days ago

laura padilla    


1182 days ago

laura padilla    

all these cowards need to shut the hell up!!!

1181 days ago
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